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  1. Those games were amazing at the time. My biggest gripe was always with the goalkeepers. The animations on them were the same for at least 10 years. A real shame to see PES fall so far.
  2. Scoring 2 in 6 for Liverpool isn't exactly great is it? It's good but nothing more.
  3. He's won two trophies. The Belgian league and Serie A. He's a great player I just don't think he's as good as Kane and the individual stats agree.
  4. We all know he does want a move though. I just want it all done ASAP.
  5. Sancho has great potential and will probably justify his fee - and may be worth more in the future. Lukaku isn't as good as Kane. He's played over a hundred games more and they are not far off each other on career total goals.
  6. Coutinho went for over £100m. Even Pogba went for nearly £90m.
  7. Who is the last top player with 3 years left on their contract to be sold? And I'm not talking about Iheanacho or Ings... Also the difference between £65m and £90m is quite the range. £50m only buys you a good defender these days.
  8. You mentioned £65-90m earlier. I personally think that he's got to be worth £100m+. £120m sounds fair.
  9. The cup final, the champions league final, the 2nd place league finish. Honestly for someone trying to not sound arsey you aren't doing a great job... I'm not bothered about Kane leaving really. He's always been a great player for spurs and probably deserves a move. I just don't want him to go on the cheap and don't understand him being retconned into being a Danny Ings level player with a Daniel Sturridge level of fragility.
  10. But he did suffer those injuries so the question has been answered... Ings is not as good as Kane. You can't buy the non-injured version of Ings.
  11. What does this mean? Are you disputing the fact that Kane is clearly miles better than the likes of Iheanacho?!?
  12. Those players you have listed are all absolutely miles below the level of Kane.
  13. I think it's worth watching just for Fassbender. Plus it has some gruesome body horror. Obviously it shits all over the alien mythos but it's not like the canon has been well looked after anyway...
  14. These ankle problems are ludicrously overstated - since his Spurs breakthrough he has never played less than 30 games a season and more often nearer 50 (not including England games). He's also won 3 golden boots. He's easily worth over £100m. His main issue at spurs hasn't been getting injured - it's being rushed back from injury.
  15. I've got this ordered - stupidly I ordered it with issue 2 as well so it won't get posted until both are released. Lesson learnt.
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