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  1. One good thing came of this release - I spent yesterday playing crazy taxi 1&2 on the Dreamcast. It's ridiculous how my brain still knows where certain places are.
  2. Exactly this. I think sword and shield are pretty good actually. Plus my son said he wants all 3 games that they showed. I have a feeling Pokémon is here to stay...
  3. He-Man advent calendar!! Pre-ordered today... (£49.99)
  4. Probably get some talk about the card game and various other stuff. Maybe some Pokémon Snap 2 news.
  5. Me too. I'll watch anything with He-Man in. I bloody love it. Got a steady collection of figures building up...
  6. https://www.cnet.com/news/netflix-unleashes-he-man-twice/ This link is about as much info as there is currently available I think - not much. It does worry me that they might dilute/confuse things. On the other hand more He-Man is a good thing in my opinion.
  7. It's worth noting this isn't from the Kevin Smith helmed Revelation series - it's the other MOTU show coming to netflix. This one is believed to be aimed more at kids and is CGI.
  8. Yeah the account itself isn't really that annoying.. it's the quality of the games attached to it.
  9. Yeah that is a total ripoff.
  10. I honestly think this would be one of my top 10 games ever made. An absolutely captivating experience.
  11. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    If bale and Dele don't start the next match we have no hope. FFS.
  12. It seems like a total waste of money. Also the charging feature requires you to put your own usb battery pack in it. The cup holder appears to be for people who like tiny drinks. It's bizarre that people have funded this.
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