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  1. I know it's common knowledge in here but Heave-Ho is bloody fantastic. Couch co-op madness. Well worth it.
  2. Never seen these power suits before! First time in a while the Able's have had something I wanted!
  3. Even though I absolutely rinsed this game I would love a switch port. Daily missions with online leaderboards. Zero chance I know.
  4. Spurs have a confirmed case of covid-19. I'll be astounded if it's not Erik Lamela.
  5. So this isn't being started until 2021 but it's big news for me at least... https://www.cmon.com/news/cmon-announces-masters-of-the-universe-the-board-game
  6. Yeah. All seems very odd. My order which I would've expected today hasn't arrived either... But I guess delays aren't out of the question at the moment. We'll see I guess!
  7. If there was nothing wrong it would only take a simple post to put everyone's mind at rest. Suspect they are gone to be honest. I've got one outstanding order with them but it's only for about £3. The people who have hundreds invested in pre-orders though....
  8. What is the likeliest announcement then? Prime Trilogy?
  9. Anyone have any idea what's going on with Forbidden Planet? Website has been down the past few days and no communication on social media....
  10. Yeah I've been wanting a proper golf game for a while. Hopefully it will run well. Fingers crossed!
  11. Aren't Take Two publishing that new WWE game? (And the golf game)
  12. Yes. We didn't know about Paper Mario until last month (or was it this month?) Nintendo will more than likely have some unannounced stuff up their sleeves.
  13. Stupid question time - if I have some stalls setup with random junk on them then who can pick these items up? Any visitor or best friends only?
  14. There is also a documentary on Netflix called The Power of Grayskull. Worth a watch.
  15. Think I'm going with Strength, Cunning, Weapons and the gloriously vague Top Trumps Rating.
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