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  1. Imma try it on that series 209 robot will report back findings
  2. I got some orange blades somewhere going through the main quest. So fair enough I did not actually pay for them. I am mostly sneaking my way through this game to be honest. I hack and hide. I only use them for fun if I am going through quests below my level. I die rather quickly even with high armor. I am playing on hard and my body is only six (at level 36). I also have one slot of armor which must always empty because: helmets.
  3. I did not know charge shots hit through walls until I saw it on a YouTube video 5 minutes ago. I am 90 hours in. One play through.
  4. One new game breaking bug in the main story introduced with the new patch. Involving a visit to a fixer in Chinatown and a phone call you get a day later. Have a look to make sure you are prepared. I would say probably a little bit after act one. The workaround requires preparation before hitting the bug.
  5. I have been playing streets of rage 4 with my 7 year old girl. We are having a great time. I can help her and sometimes just let her take the last punch on bosses and stuff. She is even staring to learn the tells and moving up and down to avoid hits. She does get a bit wired up so I tend to always keep the sessions short.
  6. this crate is going to do my head in. is there a non-spoilery tip you guys can tell me?
  7. I am now 80 hours in. Maybe I will go to embers at some point. I am just chilling at Judy’s but sadly there is no new dialogue. We are planning to leave the city but something tells me this is not going to end well.
  8. Also, they are blades that come out of your forearms. Not sure what needs selling here. To convince @ZOK you have to say that they’ll break if you use them a dozen times.
  9. Are the katanas coming out of both of your forearms? No? Then night city needs you.
  10. just started downloading a one gig patch. sorry just realised already posted.
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