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  1. this is the sort of game I am thinking about even when I am not playing it. it is fucking amazing. was it not very succesful on the forum or was I just late to the remaster party?
  2. here's one of these internet twats that made them quit the internet.
  3. look at this poor mofo. I wonder sometimes if some of these are meant to be jokes. surely no one died like this right?
  4. holy shit man. a bit harsh this. just look at the love they are all getting on twitter and elsewhere. I think most people hated Ben but that was about it. there is nothing but love for everyone else. they are all fucking incredible people who clearly cared deeply for each other. I am going to really miss them terribly. I was surprised when I joined the forum that there even were enough people here to have a community of fans and a thread that always remained active. I think most people here have nothing but love for what the crew did. they shit on them from time to time, sometimes
  5. Every drink I’ve had today has tasted ‘citrusy’. I guess I have said my peace.
  6. A decade old shirt. Not a single person that I know in real life understood the joke.
  7. Honestly just sitting here sad and nostalgic. Thinking about everything that has changed in these 13 years.
  8. God just reading the thread. Gutted
  9. He’s back on social media.
  10. could you please give us an example so we can strawman it?
  11. boletaria is hopeless and this is where hope is imprisoned? it is still a cheerful place compared with this hellhole I have just been through. I recorded this one because I did it in my first try and you can really get a good sense of how I am problem solving my way through the level. I had never been this far from the bonfire when I saw the door I could tell it would be a boss. you see me hesitate and head back for a moment. then I read a couple of signs for tips. then I collect my balls and decide to press onward. you can almost sense my hands sweating from the controller inputs
  12. I worry they will learn the wrong lesson and kill either single player games, rogue likes, sci-fi games or challenging games.
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