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  1. Think I'm going to sod Zola off and get Butragueno instead. Zola's good and his Finesse shots are amazingly accurate but he just doesn't fit my playstyle. He'll go to get Zanetti and I'll resell baby Carlos, not impressed with him either sadly, will replace with Marcelo.
  2. Pretty sure there were half price packs if you paid with Coins?
  3. Almost agree but will see what BF brings first. Invested in the game now.
  4. Good luck. Wife starting new job too! Hang on.....Your name isn’t Emma is it?
  5. Got Matudi. Finished Elite 3 in Squad Battles, packed IF Rami, nought else.
  6. Not massively impressed with Zola thus far, nor Carlos to be honest. Think I’ll just get Marcelo, sell Carlos and trade in Zola for Zanetti. Thoughts? Tips that might save Zola’s fate?
  7. Regular. I've had to switch to WL rewards Casilias but its massively improved. Really missing Courtois.
  8. I can't believe how shit Neto is as a keeper, its fucking disgusting. In a rage I subbed him for Milinkovic-Savic and he made more saves than Neto did!! Unreal.
  9. Yeah its looking good. Reckon tomorrow night we'll see some great movement.
  10. Prices for Golds are plummeting Ramos is 258k. Courtois 88k, Bale 386k (Obvs players I'm watching) Wondering how much further they will come down???
  11. Typical. 5 mins after paying 695k I see them for 689k... Here comes the landslide...
  12. Going to get Zola. Anyone think Baby Icons (which have hit 700k now btw ) will drop the later this sbc goes? *Just nabbed baby Carlos for 695k, so at least I can use him whilst I wait for the BF prices to kick in then trade for Zola and buy Prime Carlos! Need another one for Zanetti mind... *Bagged Laudrup for 695k. Hindsight eh? What a marvellous thing it is.
  13. Pack rewards have been nerf’d too.
  14. That was a savage thing to watch Steely.

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