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  1. Elite Dangerous

  2. Anyone trying to qualify with the Silver Teams? Its a good crack, no poxy super pacy OP players, just skill and determination! Doubt I'll manage it tbh, got to the third round but its good fun, most I've had with Fifa for a while.
  3. And a tip for the Off the Woodwork, I managed this a few times by getting my Strikers in the box, passing the ball to them with X and tap in the shot aimed at the furthest post immediately hitting Circle so they do like a wonky turn shot and it tends to hit the post.
  4. The stats are unreal on it. I've given him a few goes and hes good, added a Hunter card.
  5. I sold him, so yes you probably will.
  6. Got the Rooney card, looks wicked, shame he doesn't fit in with my current team without a little rejig.
  7. Just played this guy...*Pause* ..... Bale suddenly appears as a LM Beat him 2 nil so all good.
  8. You finally figure that out! Mate got 88 Azpulicuta from a 25k pack.
  9. Move Mbappe to RM and stick in Benzema as Striker? Get shot of Mbappe, Benzema Striker, Bale RM.
  10. Yeah that’ll work once he’s positions changed and the Manager maybe
  11. Elite Dangerous

    Shields nearly at full G5 Thermal, and I now have 3 Heavy and 3 RA Boosters, but might switch one RA for another Heavy. Need to add the 10% power bonus too but out of materials.

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