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  1. Got Semedo, spent 600k though so pointless really. Also can't post JPGs from my phone now. Maybe its all though good pulls Ive been getting?
  2. Done those, just the 8 assists now.
  3. On hold, decided I want that Zieych card and I'm half way through it. Will get them all mind
  4. My second WL and the second shittest lot of players. Not that it matters. I've had good pack luck, but my WL rewards are always always wank.
  5. Yep I'm going liquid for Thursday night
  6. This market is crazy high at the mo, at least the players I'm after are. Kante 90 IF, which was 370k is up at 560k. The only card I want to go up (My Ronny 94) is the only card that isn't!!!
  7. Some good cards in F19. That Pogba went up loads.
  8. Can we get in on some action? Shame its only Pants that likes to spread his tips around.
  9. Thats the rub. I play a 83 rated squad and lose and they fucking love it. Running down the pitch, to the camera or a dab. Cunts.
  10. Perseverance mate, I've opened hundreds.
  11. I wouldn't!! PL NY Upgrade Pack (no idea how many its taken)
  12. I packed 3 tradeable Lloris and an Untradeable one. No Kanes though.
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