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  1. Its either the card upgrades or these upgraded Unknown players that are dropping.
  2. Gonna be some good cards over the weekend, dropping tomorrow night.
  3. Anyone get a decent reward from WL?
  4. Guess its 4312 with Zaha and Belotti up front then!
  5. I’ll check him out ta. Edit - 140k plus for a wingback is a bit more than i can afford at the mo!
  6. Went for this and will switch to 4-2-3-1 in game.
  7. Got him! Cheers guys. Now, I have 200k to get a team to fit him in now
  8. Mard I want to get that Ibra card, and on Futbin, I can see 2 methods, but both require Casilias Flashback keeper. Who did you use?
  9. No probs mate, two great matches with some blinding goals scored. Very pleased about this fluke free kick: Happy to help anyone else with the Objective tonight. Just realised I've probably missed loads so wont be able to get that Dembele card anyway

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