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  1. Yeah know what you mean, like you can feel how it’s dialled down. Restricted almost!
  2. 2 Losses, 2 Wins, 1 Draw = Div 6.
  3. Yes I guess thats the look of him, but he is very much alive, but gets stuck in that state.
  4. I dont think they have dropped yet. I think those All Player packs are a standard thing, as were the 2 x Gold packs on both my accounts.
  5. Should be dropping today! Told my lad, straight home from school and to download it for me
  6. Any other Beastmaster having their Skags just stop moving, not reacting to enemies etc? Has this red mark on his head when it happens?
  7. If it’s supposed to be a normal Gold Rare Pack like the Ultimate Edition offers, I would bloody hope so. Also if they were predetermined I’m sure people would eventually work out they are getting the same as other people and complain. I believe (again, hope!) there are certain types of cards that are randomly chosen from a varied range.
  8. Newest Pitch Notes MASSIVE Icon shake up!! https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/fifa-20/news/pitch-notes-fut20-icons
  9. A simple required password is all it needs, it can't be that hard to force this onto games and systems that allow purchases surely?
  10. Do you think you get them every character? Also, come level 20 mate there'll be tons of loot you prob won't even miss them.
  11. Took me that amount of time to find Ellie. The ship is such a shitty laid out area.
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