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  1. Is there matchmaking in WL or is it just anyone plays anyone? Is it possible for a poor player to get say 25 wins in a week because their opponents are also quite poor (due to matching players of similar ability)?
  2. Not played in the WL yet this FIFA, how many wins is needed for Silver? Is it 11 needed to qualify for the next one? Got the points to register so will probably use them this weekend, don't know how much time I'm gonna have to play though!
  3. Currently using the following two teams(Liga NOS team used for squad battles only, cost less than 10k!)
  4. I'm assuming that CB card is won through the WL? How many wins do you need to get one of those?
  5. I'm pretty sure say a 7-0 win on Professional will net you more points than a 2-1 win on World Class
  6. I agree, what I meant is that if you buy 82 rated Chelsea LB Marcos Alonso, and you don't sell on hype, then you can expect his price to drop slightly (may still make profit as you can probs get him on 6/7 chem). Whereas, if you bought 82 rated Chelsea ST Olivier Giroud, and you don't sell on hype, then his price may rise a bit more as its almost guaranteed he will fit in the formation (I think there is only one formation without a striker(?) - the 4-3-3 [5])
  7. Was there ever a POTM SBC where say players from the same club weren't required? I.e. With Lucas there is a SBC requiring Tottenham players? I guess that's always a safe bet, the only issue being buying players in positions which don't suit the formation. Which can be avoided by only buying GK/CB/ST
  8. I just picked up three Girouds at 2k each
  9. Packed OTW Smolov yesterday. Card looks decent, shame its only worth 11k (I guess nation & league effect that). 6"2 aswell
  10. I'm on Xbox these days so prices are just slightly different I guess (Still have PS just not planning to get FIFA on it). But either way, it seems cheap. But I guess he's not exactly rapid and isn't very strong. I'll have to see how he plays Yeah this was my first thought, pre-ordered the Standard edition from CD Keys so could've been that. I also subscribed to EA Access to play early so it might've been that.
  11. Logged on Web App this morning to find a had a premium jumbo pack waiting (which I wasn't expecting). Packed Martial in it. Bought 87 Icardi for my Serie A side yesterday for 27k which seems dirt cheap (haven't used him yet)
  12. Would they not just skip Lucas' if it was awarded before the game out? Were they waiting for release? do they usually do a SBC for the August winner?
  13. You might be right in fairness, I saw that most others were expecting a Lucas one and went with the majority
  14. Happy to hold out over less than 2k when the risk is minimal
  15. Ta, Steel! Ultimately I'm hoping for a Lucas Moura POTM which requires Brazilians (one of whom is an IF) so wondering how much the price would spike if that dropped.

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