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  1. Bennette98

    Rocket League

    I’m in, roll on March
  2. Bennette98

    Rocket League

    I’ll just take you’re place on the 25th. I’m sure that’s what Beejay and Jamin would prefer
  3. Bennette98

    Rocket League

    Will confirm closer to the date. What’s the cut off date for signup?
  4. Bought 40 Sunderland gold players for 350 each in anticipation of something Sunderland related for the Halloween SBCs as mentioned in this thread. Never sold the players, just flogged them all at 800 each
  5. I’ve got two accounts, one has access to the market and one doesn’t. the account without access has 0 coins - dunno if that’s why it doesn’t have access?
  6. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    Not gonna make it tonight. Apologies for the late notice!
  7. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    I'll be back this week to reclaim my position as ST
  8. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    Good stuff, lads! Played.
  9. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    I'm here. will be a holidaying bastard next week though!
  10. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    Tuesday works for me
  11. Bennette98

    RPL City - Season 38

    What what time are we on tonight?

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