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  1. Trumpets


    One of my favourite games of the whole generation.
  2. Donald pitching his revolutionary new lightgun concept to Windsor Davies on the set of Never the Twain.
  3. Mario's Cement Factory Game and Watch clam shell version, bought at a jumble sale.
  4. Anyone else playing this? I thought it was going to be a bigger release than it turned out to be, but despite the lack of interest it's a brilliant remake of the SNES game, done on a modest budget that makes it feel like a lost JRPG from Square's PS2 golden age. There's a ton of dungeons and towns, it looks great, combat is good, the music is fantastic and best of all once you've completed it you can play it all again with a totally different team of three characters, which changes a number of plot elements as well as the main antagonist. It needs more love. Buy it!
  5. I agree it's a brilliant remake which manages to flesh out the setting, plot and the characters in an intelligent and faithful way. I even enjoyed ticking off all the side quests.
  6. He was, and PSO2 doesn't really count as it's a port of an old game and he's pretty negative about it also anyway. The truth is that he doesn't really like games anymore, but rather than admit that to himself his ego drives him to look for any tiny niggles he can find in a game and massively inflate them as an excuse for why he didn't like it. It isn't him, it's the games.
  7. What exactly have I spoiled about the game?
  8. I know certain key plot points in a game dominated by story. Yikes is all I can say.
  9. Now you've had a tiny taste of the frustration and disappointment you'll feel when you play the game.
  10. He certainly didn't give that impression on the Bombcast. All he did is pick holes in it.
  11. Has Jeff G liked a single game released this year?
  12. I played through the first game and thought it was perfectly fine, but never understood the reverence many people seem to have for it. As such I was happy to read the leaked spoilers and....oof! There will be a lot of this from fans after release:
  13. Mike should be fairly unobjectionable but is annoying in a way that's somehow completely different and more subtle than how Ben is annoying.
  14. Jan has terrible taste in games and his contributions on the Bombcast tend to devolve into him ironically listing Pokemon characters, but he's not that bad, surely...
  15. Yeah, in some ways it's a great experience but the bit where you have to play it is rubbish.
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