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  1. This is/was on sale on PSN so I finally picked it up. The controls aren't as tight as Mario but they're good enough, and you get an air dash which is a bit like the one in Celeste, although it's never used as well as in that game. Overall it's a bit of a curate's egg, with the first world being good, the second and third a bit rubbish with the odd decent level, and then you get the skyhook ability and it suddenly gets much better, with more platforming and less ill-advised crap (like stealth sections). I'd have felt a bit stung at full price but for the ten quid I paid it's not bad. Edit: ...and finished! Ended up as a decent 3D platforming workout, of the sort you hardly ever see on non-Nintendo consoles.
  2. His "I play bad games and I'm slightly ironic about it" schtick has worn pretty thin for me, but otherwise he's fine.
  3. I loved 2 almost as much as 1, but 5 didn't get anywhere near either.
  4. I like how they put a nice old lady in charge of the forced labour camp, and a horribly scarred conspiricy prepper leading the one you would actually want to live in. It forces you to overcome your initial prejudice and think about the morality of both approaches. Also, best 'petrol sloshing around in a plastic jerrycan' sound effect in a game ever.
  5. Final Fantasy XIII nails the atmosphere in all its environments, going from a highway network in the sky to the inside of a futuristic tomb to a frozen crystal lake to a lush forest etc... The gameplay isn't up to much but the feeling of being in a future-fantasy world kept me going all the way through.
  6. Never heard of this until now, looks brilliant.
  7. You don't know what you're missing! There's a riveting half hour on his trip to a destruction derby in the latest Bombcast, followed by some top notch Auto Chess talk. Announcers at sporting events are now called 'Shoutcasters' apparently...
  8. I trudged my way through BS1 because the bleak Nordic setting reminded me of Noggin the Nog, but I never really enjoyed playing it. The combat felt very slow and limited compared to stuff like Disgaea or Tactics Ogre. I own the trilogy though so I may give part 2 a go at some point.
  9. Unless this game was patched out of recognition between release and now, the mediocre reviews make no sense.
  10. Just started playing and I'm quite enjoying it so far. Am I right in saying the initial map area isn't the whole map? If so, roughly how much more map is there?
  11. Alice: Madness Returns hasn't really aged, as it feels as odd to play now as it did when it came out.
  12. Thanks - I've listened to so much of his inane nonsense now that he lives in my head
  13. Jeff - So I've played some Mario Maker 2 and... Ben - Mario Maker...more like....Mario....Faker! Am I right? Jeff - Aw yeah, that guy. Anyway I've been... Ben - Hurr hurr! We all know Luigi is the REAL Mario brother! Should have called it Luigi Maker! Jeff - We're a long way from the Year of Luigi now. anyway... Ben - It would have to be called Luigi Laker though. Mario Maker, Luigi Laker! I wonder which baseball team they both support? Are the Lakers baseball? Hey Jan! Jan! Do you remember the Naruto episode where they played baseball? Who was the guy pitching? With the bandanna? Oh what was his name? Jan - err, I'm not sure who you mean. It probably doesn't matter. Ben - I know but...oh what was his name...he was...oh what was it...Makito or something? Mokitu? Nobito? I can't remember, anyway, sorry. Jeff - Anyway, Mario Maker...
  14. Trumpets

    Gaming grudges

    I grew up on Nintendo consoles (NES then SNES) but I'm developing a grudge against Nintendo games because of how reviewers over score them and how annoying the fandom is.
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