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  1. A Way Out isn't great, but it's a nice solid experience that's constantly entertaining and engaging. This looks like a much, much better use of the approach and like it could be great fun.
  2. I'm done! https://www.instagram.com/p/CLkBOF1nZIS/?igshid=1nlrnv4itu13d
  3. 21/02: Concrete Genie (PS5) Teaches the frankly embarrassing lesson that all you need to do to solve bullying is (a) understand that everyone has their own pain, even those who are nasty bastards and (b) you can all bury the hatchet and be best buddies provided there are magical terror demons everywhere that you get to fight and save them from because you've been imbued with a magic paintbrush. It also helps if your addition to their group makes them an even number so they can play b'ball together. There's a more interesting commentary about the impact ecological disast
  4. Still got some way to go, but getting there. Couple of bits to wash, a round of highlights and finishing the base off and should be done.
  5. 20/02: Kitty Letter (Android) God I am so bored of lockdown now.
  6. "It's a birth mark" "Whaddya mean?" "He was born with it" Didn't realise this was written by Christopher Nolan.
  7. LTTP has been available on every platform since the Wii. I'm not sure what you'd do with it, really, to make it stand out?
  8. 13/02: Ghosts Of Tsushima (PS5) In my top 10 games ever.
  9. Aaaand done. I went the same way as you, Smac. Seemed the most fitting and offered what felt like a little bit of redemption. I was going to do all the collectibles - I've a fair few mystery locations on the map - but...I'm not that bothered. I'm glad I did all the sidequests before the story missions in each area. Loved it.
  10. This is super, super good. You've picked out all the key details, got nice clean lines on it and clearly have solid brush control for that painful, painful edge highlighting. The one - one! - key too I'd give you is thin your paints. It'll get that paint going on either more smoothly.
  11. Not as much of a fan of the northern area. I like the summery/autumnal beauty of the first two areas. It definitely seems smaller, though, so I'm hoping Act 3 is super dramatic and I don't get bogged down by side que....ooh. There's something on that mountain over there.
  12. That looks ace, Bag. I started something.
  13. There have been two areas I've come across where the game warns me "there is an overwhelming number of enemies here", and he took me a few deaths to figure out that was because it was a plot mechanism and you couldn't take it on yet. Until I clocked the infinite spawning enemies coming out of a barracks, I was 100% this:
  14. Just finished Act 2. I am going to kill everyone.
  15. Yeah, I've had some fake a lunge 3 or more times. On the flip side, I can now murder 5 people at a time when I get it right.
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