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  1. Jebs Votes

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    It could be argued that Nintendo changed their mind about Mario Kart, and that they felt that improving on the Super Mario Kart formula would come to a dead-end soon, instead of what we have these days. When they tried to implement the ideas of the reinvented Mario Kart framework with Super Circuit, it didn’t really work. In my eyes, Konami Krazy Racers has always been the better game. I completely agree with you on DKC, though. DKC2 and 3 are much better games, even if the visuals have dated badly.
  2. Well, now I feel like an idiot. I should have been more thorough, and it was a rash decision which I regret now. According to theflow’s twitter, the patch was applied correctly, but the bugs that led to the exploits have not been fixed. So I guess there’s still hope someone will be able to hack 3.69. I hope that by then things have progressed. The hacked Vita experience was disappointing.
  3. I've given up on this and updated to firmware 3.69. The idea of using the Vita as a retro machine is really compelling, but I am disappointed at how much it comes up short in reality. A large part of it for me is the fact that it's such a hassle, especially because I’m on a Mac, and I can’t help but compare the way the Vita has been hacked to the relatively painless way I did it with the PSP. Sure, in hacking terms the PSP hack is an exception in many ways, as it seemed as if Sony was on the back foot from the very beginning when people started looking around. Given how much people were working on it as well, the PSP experience is naturally much more polished. Still, hacking the Vita is really a hassle, and the fact that you can't download the games you've bought on the PSN store a significant deterrent. What's more is that if you do decide to dive in and use the Vita just for emulators and homebrew, everything feels very unpolished and incomplete. You might say that it's still early days, and that people are working on it, but I have to wonder. The talk earlier about AM2R is basically the Vita homebrew situation in a nutshell. The Vita was simply not that popular, and it seems hard to work with; even though it's still early days, the Switch has so much more promise. So what I have is a great handheld with a great screen... And that's it. I'll finish all the Vita games I have/download everything to one memory card, see the Vita through its last Christmas, and keep an eye on the scene for the next year or so. But I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Jebs Votes

    Google Project Stream

  5. Jebs Votes


    What an odd attitude.
  6. How about this? It’s their next original mobile game. Players customize their Arwings and compete in short races. You could have Arwings be controlled by tilting your smartphone, in first- or third-person... Or maybe it could be like a R/C-style race, and any surface could become an original track, using AR technology?
  7. Jebs Votes

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Yes. The economics of Spectrum games and App Store apps are entirely comparable. Do these fabled companies really expect apps to provide them forevermore, or is it really the case that the gold rush is over, and now a lot of developers are trying to find new business models to survive? People in this thread really underestimate how fierce competition is in the app market. Most developers can't expect users to pay for the same app. And if they do manage to get people to subscribe, very few apps survive without constant updates.
  8. Jebs Votes

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    That’s all well and good if you’re Microsoft, but what if you’re a small developer, and that one app is your only product? Would you really take the hit in reviews and also risk the older app cannibalizing the newer app? With all the competition in the app stores, making the move to a subscription model is already quite a big step. Very few developers can expect users to migrate to a subscription model; they’re only hoping they will.
  9. Jebs Votes

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    From the developer's perspective, can't you see the problem when customers think they can pay once and expect to use the app forever? If you expect only minor updates to the app, fair enough, but I would say that most people would expect major updates for free. If you paid for the app and you used it, I'd say you probably got your money's worth. The developer's offer of three months for free is good. And if you're unhappy with it, download another app.
  10. Jebs Votes

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    From Apple's perspective, that's not true, but I know what you mean. Apple's "monopoly" on iOS means that users have very little say about things like these. I'm of two minds about this development, because it's a slightly different point to that of the OP, and also because the games were taken off the App Store because they were having compatibility issues with newer versions of iOS. On iOS, that's the crux of the problem with games, I think: Apple sees games as consumables, and so they don't give too much thought when the time comes to update the games to the newest OS version. There's a different debate here about how much effort a platform holder should put into ensuring backwards compatibility. I personally think it's a bit unfair on app developers to expect to pay once and get all future updates of an app for free, but I can understand that it's different with games. I'm personally not too fussed about Minter's games missing, though.
  11. Jebs Votes

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Since he took them off the App Store, surely that should read, “Jeff Minter and Apple have basically stolen them.”?
  12. Probably a redesign to put Pocket Camp more prominently among the Animal Crossing games.
  13. Jebs Votes

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Along with Mario Sunshine, Stunt Race FX is one game that I would dearly wish Nintendo to update for current technology. Even more so than Sunshine, it feels like a game where Miyamoto and his team had an amazing vision, but were seriously hampered by the technology at the time.
  14. Jebs Votes

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    I can see hi when it’s could annoy people, but I think the limitation kinda works. It’s like window shopping. I agree that they have to update it, but just simply to make it useful. More rare items only available to some regions, rearranging options, and maybe being able to put other things for for sale. Maybe furniture is impossible, but I wouldn’t mind clothes or accessories.
  15. Jebs Votes

    SNES Mini

    I’m not the biggest fan of either game, but it’s a tough choice. Smash is definitely more fun, but Super plays a better game of tennis.

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