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  1. Used all your storage space?
  2. Checked using other profiles and they can play fine. No idea what's going on with mine.
  3. Has anyone on Xbox actually got this working yet? Tried deleting and reinstalling on my Series X but I can only get as far as connecting to their servers and the game just quits to the dash.
  4. I only found some of the bosses hard; the rest certainly isn't apart from the lack of a map.
  5. Well this wasn't a great start for IOI. Firstly some Xbox owners can't even play (myself included) and secondly PC gamers are being charged stupid money on Steam. EDIT: And now the subreddit is down.
  6. Keep an eye on this thread for the '3 months Game Pass Ultimate for £xx' posts. Currently you can get 3 months for £19.49.
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