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  1. I never knew Halo was always about pushing photo realism.
  2. But the Series X version is just the Xbox One version at the moment.
  3. I can look at 2 different weather apps and they'll both say different things!
  4. Wouldn't it have been quicker just to restart the game?
  5. Seagate confirms FireCuda 530 is PlayStation 5 ready 500GB $199 500GB (with heatsink) $239 1TB $349 1TB (with heatsink) $399 2TB $729 2TB (with heatsink) $819 4TB $1,429 4TB (with heatsink) $1,499 And people thought the Series Expansion card was expensive!
  6. I'm pretty sure a company like MS know better than him.
  7. Who? EDIT: Sony guy, explains a lot.
  8. Why do you think the Series S isn't next-gen?
  9. Followed the invert guide but it's still not working for the outside view camera.
  10. Someone posted it earlier - you have to change the drone camera controls.
  11. Taking off from my local airport, flying around the town, and then flying home was totally surreal.
  12. It's £180 on Amazon right now!
  13. And done. Enjoyed it overall but didn't like the boss fights - had to get my son to do 2 of the final ones otherwise I'd never had finished. I normally clear all the missing bits but due to the lack of a map I won't be bothering.
  14. Yes. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/gta-5-will-leave-xbox-game-pass-soon/
  15. I can only see airport and aircraft updates.
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