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  1. Hahaha, there's no way we're getting better trade deals.
  2. Just as I can move the camera in 3rd person mode but you'll still have a better view of your surroundings in 3rd person mode.
  3. No matter how wide the FOV is in VR you still can't see what's to the very left and right and certainly what's behind you.
  4. The white box area is roughly the field of view after the transition to 1st person to show that you'll lose all that info by moving the camera into Agent 47's head.
  5. I can't see it working very well gameplay wise as you're going to lose a huge amount of spacial awareness (as illustrated below) which is necessary for this type of game.
  6. Only finishing the game removes the fog.
  7. That's a very welcome addition because the vibration wasn't very helpful to be honest.
  8. WTF are you on about? By that logic there shouldn't even be a Wii U store.
  9. Is this true? If it is that's an absolutely disgusting move by Nintendo.
  10. Come on Nintendo this should be Pikmin 1-3 HD remasters!
  11. Hitcher

    Xbox Game Pass

    And they get the whole game not just a part of it.
  12. Have you hidden it by mistake?
  13. You're confusing it with Horizon Zero Dawn.
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