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  1. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    Well is meant be challenging difficulty level.
  2. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    Cover and crowd control are your friends. I like to use the flame turret and the odd grenade to stop them in their tracks.
  3. Hitcher

    The Division 2

    Not trying to boast but I find them manageable - have you played since the update Thursday as they nerfed the NPCs?
  4. This is Sony you're talking about so it'll be the laziest option.
  5. Hitcher

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    That's fucking ridiculous!
  6. Hitcher

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Why would you even doubt this?
  7. So has there been any clarification on what 'supports ray tracing' actually means yet because current gen consoles can support it if they're programmed to? And if it is actual hardware ray tracing it's not going to come cheap.
  8. Hitcher

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    I think a lot of textures used were of a higher quality than you could actually see at the lower resolutions.
  9. 'Has raytracing' and 'Supports 8K resolution' are mutually exclusive.
  10. Hitcher

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    WTF! If it had been a unit and 2 separate controllers maybe but that's hideous. And how are you meant to play as a single player?

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