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  1. Best New Music of 2018

    This new Max Richter soundtrack is up there with his best, the film itself is pretty good too:
  2. Best New Music of 2017

  3. Best New Music of 2017

    Been into this album the past couple of days:
  4. 01 - Wooden Wand - Clipper Ship 02 - Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference 03 - Pausal - Avifaunal 04 - Michael Chapman - 50 05 - Various Artists - Agrim Agadez: Musique Guitare De La Rebublique Du Niger 06 - Slowdive - Slowdive 07 - Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Bay Head 08 - Kara Lis Coverdale - Grafts 09 - Chuck Prophet - Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins 10 - The Weather Station - The Weather Station
  5. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Wow! Yes!
  6. Guess the film from the screenshot

  7. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Ep 4 "My ganglia are still unconvinced" I'm finding the Klingons frustrating. They take ages to speak, but they look really cool.
  8. Internet Radio

    I've been into WFMU for ages. It has tons of great shows and more importantly, the DJ's pick the music (new and old stuff) https://wfmu.org/ the app is great: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.wfmu.radio&hl=en_GB Might be worth checking out Radio Garden - a interactive website live tuner (?), I'm sure you'll find something : radio.garden/
  9. Guess the film from the screenshot

    The Mask?
  10. Guess the film from the screenshot

    Vanilla Sky?
  11. Best New Music of 2017

    The new Kamasi Washington EP is finially out and its really good : http://y-t-r.co/harmonyofdifference
  12. Guess the film from the screenshot


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