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  1. Elite Dangerous

    Is this reasonably easy to get in to? I’m pretty rubbish at aerial combat games but like the idea of trading and mining.
  2. Fortnite

    It says I have a 45min queue on Xbox.....what?
  3. Xbox One Console Thread

    This is exactly where I am at the moment with PS4. Thankfully I have a level headed wife that’s stopped me selling it more than once recently. I’m almost exclusively Xbox just now with a bit of switch.
  4. Fortnite

    I just cannot win gunfights in this game, I’m usually finishing top 25 but lose 9/10 gun battles. What makes it worse is I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.
  5. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I can be on as a sub if needed.
  6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    I'm after a copy if anyone is selling theirs, PS4 or Xbox please. There's a horse joke in here somewhere but considering my down votes for an earlier post i'll leave the humour out.
  7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    It's an entertainment medium, not a history simulator. Do you not watch a movie because it sexualises women? Did you not watch Django unchained because of some of the unsavoury moments in it. Or do you not watch any movie that had Weinstein's involvement in it? Obviously racism, sexism, homophobia and generally all forms of discrimination are bad....but i reckon you could pick almost any game or movie and someone could find something to get offended about in it. I just like playing games as they were intended, and not have to think about any potential ulterior motives behind it.
  8. Destiny 2

    Crimson Days is awesome. Even matchmaking with a random as your team mate has worked for me. Some really tight, tense games and hero moments Scout / Burst Sidearm is my loadout of choice just now. The game is flinging Bright and Crimson engrams at me now too, weirdly hardly any exotics though. RNG gods not smiling at me i suppose.
  9. Destiny 2

    Well i'm still enjoying playing, both on PS4 and PC. For those that doubt that its possible to get people back playing, take The Division as an example. It's had a huge resurgence of players due to the changes it made (and partly due to the D2 backlash). Bungie tried to change too many things too quickly with D2. What people wanted was D1.5. They changed things that either didn't need changing, or didn't communicate why they were being changed. On the flip side, imaging the uproar if all Bungie did was release D2 as just more story missions and new crucible maps, and changed nothing. People would be shouting "theres not enough content, its just more of the same".
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Just bought Puyo Tetris and Street Fighter in the sale....please tell me they’re worth £50. Almost bought the top down racer that’s on sale too.
  11. Destiny 2

    Awesome, his PSN is Norrie-Helen, i'm sure you will have played with him at some point during D1. I'll get him to reapply tonight, we will be on doing some strikes.
  12. Destiny 2

    I'm back on the PS4 now (and PC). I'm looking to get the raid done too. Who is in charge of the renegades clan? I have someone looking to join but he's not active in the forum although he has played with most of us in the past.
  13. PS4 Eater of Worlds

    I’ve not finished the raid on PS4 yet, only PC. Happy to join in if there’s space
  14. Destiny 2

    I do miss firing up D1 and jumping in to strikes or patrols will fellow mukkers. I met some great guys playing that game and it showed the best of the social side of gaming. Dance party’s after opening the strike chest were always awesome. Even pvp was relatively free from the griefing that happens in other games. You have a good point about snipers / shottys, I don’t miss them because I never used them so I’m not really in a position to say if it’s better without them now.
  15. Destiny 2

    Yeah that would be pretty good actually On another note, i had to make a new discord. Whats the RLLMUK destiny group?

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