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  1. I know. But 4 of the 5 codes they sent me didn’t work. I used the “I thought they were legit”, line to MS to try to get them to sort it which they did. I emailed cdkeys in the first instance and got no response, surprisingly enough.
  2. I bought five 3 month gamepass ultimate codes from Cdkeys for about a tenner each to piggy back them. The best thing? Only one of the feckin’ codes worked, the other 4 gave an error message. *seanr* I went cap in hand to Microsoft and grovelled. Told them it was my own silly fault for trying to save a few quid. I explained that I thought cd keys were a legitimate seller. They totally understood and honoured the 12 months, they also threw in an extra month which was groovy. I dont know what what my point is. I suppose it’s get cdkeys to rip you off, then go on MS chat and plead ignorance in the hope they honour it. Note. In case you’re thinking of pulling a fast one. Microsoft made me send them proof of purchase, the old codes, and Paypal receipts etc.
  3. jimmbob

    Gears 5

    I'm also going to be playing this in pauper-vision. I thought I was the only one for a minute.
  4. jimmbob

    Gears 5

    Friday 6th. General release being Tuesday 10th.
  5. Similarly imagine all the gamertags that will be following people into old age. "Come and sit next to Granddad for a game of CoD". *Logs in as M0mB@ngER69*
  6. Great first impressions with this. The dash board took some getting used to, but the controller is still the best in the business as far I'm concerned. The gamepass thing is insane. I also grabbed a copy of Castlevania LoS for nowt, which was nice as I missed it the first time around. Oh, and it was fantastic to be reunited with most of my 360 arcade games. Anyway there's too many games to play, so many in fact I don't know where to start so will probably just spend all my game time planning what I'm going to play before realising time is getting on and I need to go to bed. What a nice dilemma to have. I started Titanfall 2, which had an update of something stupid like 28G. Once I got into it though I had a hoot.
  7. jimmbob

    Titanfall 2

    As usual I'm at the forefront of every new gaming release. Anyway, I grabbed this for about a tenner the other day, I've not tried MP yet, but the single player is really great fun isn't it? I'm only two levels in but so far it has a great variety of enemies, the weapons have a tremendous "weight", the robot thing is quite personable, and generally it's just a hoot. Very much enjoying it.
  8. jimmbob


    Oh yeah, good call.
  9. jimmbob


    Holy tits 7empest is fucking tremendous.
  10. I have an Xbox one winging it's way to me as we speak. I've not really been up to date with Xbox going's on this Gen, but thought now was the time to jump in. I've got Gamepass ultimate, which according to my little phone app gives me access to ALL THE GAMES! Which is nice. I don't know much else about it really other than the dashboard is meant to be interesting. Feel free to add me, if that's still a thing. My tag is jimmbob.
  11. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    @JollyThat would make sense. Sunshine was excellent, it's biggest problem was that it was the first proper sequel to 64.
  12. jimmbob

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't see this on the website.
  13. You're a fair way in, the story really starts to ramp up now.
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