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  1. HL2 is a 10 today, let alone when it was released 37 years ago.
  2. Well I downloaded the Resistance beta (Xbox) and couldn’t get a game at all. It wouldn’t load anything other than an error message. The intro vid was good though. It seems you play either a trapped teen or Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget. I may try again later tonight if any one fancies giving it a go. (jimmbob)
  3. Nah wait for it to drop. They need to learn that they can’t keep diluting the Half Life universe like this, I mean Christ, the last one only came out 13 years ago. Hit them in the wallet, it’s the only way they’ll pay attention.
  4. They’ve apparently sold out of acoustic copies. Only digital available at the moment unfortunately.
  5. The demo of this is brilliant. The aiming seems rather sensitive though. Maybe that’s the point. Either way Big Nemmy wasn’t the most nimble of cats in the original, this time he’s like Sonic the bastard Hedgehog! I love it, and I dread meeting the huge swine at every turn. Just like the RE2 remake I imagine I will love playing the game and hate playing it (due to constant nervousness) in equal measure.
  6. Damn I wish I could play this. I don’t have a gaming PC. Nor can I afford one. The Half Life series is my all time favourite, I’m loving reading the impressions in here though, it looks fantastic. Hopefully after the lockdown I will have some spare cash to get all rigged up. *Narrator* “He won’t”. Some of the videos are amazing, the way it all just works, it’s Valve all over, just fantastic stuff. My point is, I’m delighted those that are playing this are enjoying it, and I’m genuinely loving reading your impressions. But simultaneously go fuck yourselves.
  7. jimmbob

    Illustration Club

    I did this the other day. First one of 2020. Couldn’t find anything I wanted to draw tbh...
  8. How did Garth from Wayne's World get so knowledgeable about SSDs?
  9. Holy balls this looks fantastic. My only wish would be that I could play it. *Cries in poverty*
  10. Three is probably the biggest chapter. Some are as short as 30 minutes, some are hours. The game opens up after chapter three, so if you’re enjoying it now you’re in for a treat. Keep on keeping on.
  11. Looking forward to this now. I just hope I can get over the fact that Cloud looks like Heather Mills.
  12. A real chance to own a piece of history. A Sony console with a decent controller...
  13. jimmbob

    Titanfall 2

    TitanFall 2 is a belter of a game and only about 40p or something, I recommend to everyone if they've not played it.
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