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  1. I bought the original Resi 2 from a friend in college, at the tender age of 17. (1998). It cost me a fiver because Gavin was a massive pot-head, which I knew and took advantage of. I showed him the readies, he brushed his curtains from his pimply visage and took the deal. Stupid bastard! He hadn't even made roaches from the inserts, it was immaculate. I took it home and played it pretty much all night while my girlfriend sat on the bed. She fell asleep and I carried on playing, not understanding why she wasn't as into it as I was. I was also a stupid bastard. It all worked out in the end though. The last time we spoke I found out she's a very successful psychologist in Liverpool, she's still classically beautiful and she's married to a great guy who may or may not be a doctor. And I still have that copy of Resident Evil 2, in mint condition.
  2. I'm avoiding the demo like Las Plagas.
  3. jimmbob

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    So just at the beginning really.
  4. jimmbob

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Tarry Town is a great quest. When I first started it I thought it'd be, well not great, but I was grinning like a loon throughout. There's loads of genuinely funny quests and characters hidden away. I think someone already mentioned the whole don't ask, don't tell Gerudo town stuff.
  5. Welp. There's another one. Is 3ds the only way to play this now if I don't have an N64? I sold my n64 copy years ago to @skittles (aka the cobra I believe) in the games radar days. It had been on the pile of shame for too long so I got rid. :'(
  6. I can can see what you mean. But as anyone who's co-opped a Souls game with me will attest, I am notoriously terrible at boss fights. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed it so much!
  7. Yes, but, I've played other Metroid games before and figured there would be another boss after Ridley. So once I'd decked him I went map scouring with all the upgrades, something I wouldn't have done had I not played the others. I also thought that this one was particularly hard in the early stages. I had to google how to find Kraid for instance and he's the first proper boss! My favourite boss was Crocomire as he was hilarious in death! The boss that caused me the most trouble was Phantoon, I felt very underlevelled facing him. Maybe that's the point? Either way he's the reason I went on a mad collectathon for upgrades.
  8. Finished it. It was a hoot from start to finish. Not sure what to try next, perhaps Secret of Mana as I never really gave it a fair shot the first time around.
  9. jimmbob

    Bros: After the screaming stops

    He was ace in Blade 2 to be fair.
  10. Blood Money is absolutely fantastic. It's got everything from chicken suits to rigged barbecues, I love it.
  11. I'm up at around 7:15. My eldest daughter is nearly 10, and my youngest is 2, I've been walking around in a sort of half mania for around a decade now. You soon get used to it. It's more a case of making time, it doesn't always work, in fact more often than not it doesn't. I might have all the pieces in place, the wife's in bed, the kids are asleep, the budgie is quiet. I then stick my game on and promptly fall asleep. The Switch is great though, if my Mrs wants to watch something, she does (Which is fine, she's with the hobgoblins most of the day, I wont begrudge her watching a feature length Taggart!), but now I can grab half an hour of something if the mood takes me, without being totally unsociable.
  12. Father of 3 here. I have to limit my game time to evenings after the tribe have gone to bed. It's then a crossed fingers job hoping they don't wake up wanting something. Between around 10:30pm and 12:30am are the golden 2 hours for me at the moment. I also have a Switch which is great at the weekend when I can scuttle off to a quiet part of the house and try to grab a half hour of Mario or whatever, this is essentially me sneaking upstairs and hiding in my own house. Saturday's I tend to stay up until 2:30am playing stuff then wake up on Sunday filled with more regret than usual.
  13. jimmbob

    Mysterious Ubisoft Video

    Assassin's Creed - Heathrow.

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