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  1. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Thanks for that both. I grabbed Lux Obscura as I enjoyed the demo, but I figure that's not going to last too long. Celeste eh? Intriguing, I will take a look. My reason for not getting a long game is that I don't really want to be playing it constantly. "Apparently", I should spend time with the family.
  2. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I'm wanting to take a (one!) game on holiday with me. I'm thinking either Axiom Verge or Golf Story. Is there anything that's considered a forum darling that I should be considering before I grab one of those two?
  3. Nintendo Switch

    This changes everything. While playing undocked I've been resting the Switch on a shoe box. Now I can clamp it to a shoe box! Cheers for the recommendation.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I played this for 80 hours or so then got distracted by other games. I recently went back to it and it's still just as marvellous I've got one divine beast left, but I can't be arsed to take the winged git down. It's just too much fun, it pretty much does everything right. Collectibles - They're fun. See that massive thing in the distance? Just climb, fly, bounce, or surf over to it mate. There will be something there. I'm also pretty certain you could screen shot anywhere, print it out and hang it as an art. No point to this post but if you haven't played it, get on it.
  5. The Last Guardian

    Finally played this to completion. I'm quite interested in how much they paid the Marquis De Sade estate for the control scheme. A lovely game game all told, though without the charm of the giant chicken dog I wouldn't be giving it such praise. It could have been better, but it was still great.
  6. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    Cheers. I detest this sort of shit.
  7. PlayStation VR

    I notice Farpoint and the Aim controller is a pretty good price on Amazon at the moment. Is this worth picking up? With Bravo on the way I'm hoping the peripheral will get some love and not just be sat in a drawer somewhere with the rest of the light-guns and bongos of console past.
  8. Your dream game

  9. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I've ordered it. It's going to be wonderful. Remember that viral advert that did the rounds when this was first released? Christ I'm old.
  10. "Another source has told Kotaku that the end goal for Bandai Namco is to release the entire Dark Souls series on Switch, in the fullness of time." Be still my quivering loins!
  11. The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    It really does. It seems the difficulty of the first game has put a lot of people off. I'd hope that the fact the price has plummeted will bring a few new players to it. the team who made it really listened to people's complaints and have handled it brilliantly IMO. If anything I imagine purists of the 1st game wouldn't like it as much as it's a bit too user friendly!
  12. The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    I've finished this now. All round it was decent, they certainly fixed all the complaints from the first one and added some excellent ideas. The last 3 levels or so were completely bonkers!
  13. *Heavy Breathing*
  14. The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    I've not come across anything particularly insta-kill. There's certainly no "So unfair!", moments anyway.
  15. The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    It's been mentioned before but the gun play in this is fantastic once you start upgrading. I've found a tactical shotgun that is insanely good for pretty much any enemy. I sort-of-kind-of miss the jankiness of the first game, but they've really raised the bar with the sequel. There are loads of Resident Evil 4 nods in this too. Particularly in chapter 10.

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