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  1. This was fantastic and very compelling but I had never heard of this case prior to watching nor do I normally watch these true crime things as I tend to find them too exploitative.
  2. ChewMagma

    The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    Wait I *have* watched Civil War and Age of Ultron I'm just saying other people don't need to because they are not very good films. Whoo boy this *is* serious business.
  3. ChewMagma

    The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    I'm getting murdered in this thread lol
  4. Oh yeah I'd forgotten about that
  5. Are there no plans for a Mark Ruffalo Hulk film at all then? Good Hulk series are few and far between, but I loved Planet Hulk and as much as I enjoyed Thor Ragnorak, it was a real shame that they relegated Planet Hulk essentially to a minor subplot/bit of window dressing for that film because if you were going to do a Hulk film that would be the one. I guess now it is off the cards unless they start filling in back story with prequel films, which I assume is unlikely.
  6. ChewMagma

    The official rllmuk MCU ranking

    I dunno the only films I genuinely rate are: Avengers Assemble Winter Soldier Thor Ragnorak Guardians of the Galaxy Thor 2 Then if you are really into it I guess watch: Infinity War <- when part 2 comes out maybe both films taken as a whole will be a bit more essential - I think they are doing a riff on my favourite event series of the last little while in recent-ish Marvel history i.e. Infinity -> Secret Wars so I'm hopeful Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Iron Man 3 Thor maybe Just read wiki synopses of Civil War and Age of Ultron. You can ditch the rest. Full disclosure I haven't seen Doctor Strange, Black Panther, or Spiderman and Black Panther is probably the only one I will bother with. Doctor Strange I assume is garbage because he is annoying as shit in the ensemble films. I have never been a fan of Spiderman, although he was quite entertaining in small doses in Infinity War. I tried to like the Kelly Sue Deconnick reboot of Captain Marvel which I assume the film is largely going to be based on, but she is a really, really, really dull character. Ant Man and the Wasp is going to be trash let's be honest. Her out of Lost is useless, she will never be able to carry that film. And they are terrible characters anyway.
  7. Thor 2 was great, people are nuts
  8. Evil Genius is absolutely amazing. Watch asap. Flint Town was decent, but definitely felt like Cops just with a hip, moody soundtrack at times. Also I'm not a huge anime guy, but One Punch Man is a must watch.
  9. ChewMagma

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo

    Bit of a plug but something that might be of interest, a new podcast retrospective of Animal Crossing. Starring your pal @ChewMagma as the time capsule guest in ep 1:
  10. ChewMagma

    Monster Hunter: World

    It is a good question though: if I've mained LS, what is a fun next weapon to try? I was thinking something ranged, maybe LBG or a Bow? I did get a good rarity 8 Taroth GS by the looks of my inventory, but I'm thinking GS is not *that* different to LS?
  11. ChewMagma

    Monster Hunter: World

    I'm nearly at 200 hrs on this. I never, ever, play games for this long. The last was 150 hrs clocked on Animal Crossing several years ago. Just 4 badges left. I've barely used anything but the Longsword. There are a couple of decorations I'd like but I've got basically everything I want and more to spare. And I still can't stop playing. It is extremely repetitive and yet every hunt is just a little bit different, just satisfying enough in slightly different ways to keep me going. And if I start getting into other weapons God knows how many hours I could put into this.
  12. ChewMagma

    Nintendo Switch

  13. ChewMagma

    Nintendo Switch

    No love for Monster Hunter?? I haven't touched my Switch for 2 months. I blitzed Mario + Rabbids, Splatoon 2, BotW, Odyssey, thinking to myself "I will never need another console" but then Kirby got mediocre reviews, I'm not interested in Labo, mainly because I do not need loads of cardboard toys cluttering up my flat despite thinking it is a really cool, innovative idea, and I know it is blasphemy round here but I'm not interested in 99.9% of indie titles - I can wile away a couple of hours on something like Gungeon or Golf Story but quickly lose interest. I'm not going to pay top dollar particularly when most of those titles are already sitting unplayed on my Steam. But you know that is fine, Nintendo remain my favourite console maker, I have always picked up their consoles for the first party titles and accepted that there can be long gaps in the release schedule. I will be fully back on board when Smash, Prime 4, Animal Crossing, a mainline Fire Emblem game etc etc releases. And the thing with Nintendo is you have cast-iron confidence that they will deliver the goods, more so than any other publisher. Still they really need to bring a Switch Monster Hunter game to the West...
  14. ChewMagma

    Monster Hunter: World

    Already got my Megaman gear. I am sickeningly addicted to this game. 165+ hours and I've barely even used anything except the longsword so far. That is longer than I have played any game ever apart Champ Manager 97/98 and maybe Civ.
  15. ChewMagma

    Monster Hunter: World

    Ah don't get me wrong I have had more than my fair share of embarrassing carts, but Bazel seems like a monster that has been particularly designed to induce them.

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