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  1. Odyssey is great, it is the strangest, most inventive aesthetically, BUT there is something not quite there overall, maybe a certain lack of tightness in the level design, maybe falls a little short in terms of fully exploiting the hat capturing concept. Mario Galaxy was incredible, I don't think you can really find fault with it, it was the next one after Mario 64 that really felt like a leap forward. Galaxy 2 did not grab me in the same way, but maybe because I'd already had my fill of that concept from the first one. Mario 64 will always be king however. The pure joy of controlling Mario has not dated and it set the template for all the rest. And it was the first game I bought a console specifically to play. Unmatched.
  2. Mark E Smith RIP

  3. Mark E Smith RIP

  4. This thread is so depressing. Why be mad? Not everything has to be for you, it is ok, let it go. Plus the "lol how much for cardboard?!?" drive-by post has been done a hundred times so far itt, give it a rest. I think it is pretty fucking cool, but I probably won't buy it because I have enough toot in my flat. The concept is great though - more power to Nintendo.
  5. Best Game Names Ever

    Tetris The Grandmaster 3 Terror-Instinct
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Never in doubt
  7. I've been playing the crap out of this for the last couple of weeks and there is so much to praise about it, but I have to pick out a few things that really stand out for me and interacting together really make this a GOAT contender: 1. The verticality of the environment coupled with the ability to climb everywhere and the paraglider mean exploration is in itself an absolute joy. And virtually every tough ascent or side excursion results in finding *something* worthwhile even if it is just a Korok seed puzzle or an amazing vista. 2. The cohesiveness and design of the world that simultaneously evoke the lonely, epic, empty quality of the worlds of Shadow of the Colossus or Metal Gear Solid 5, but still gives you tons to do. How they squared these two things is really mind-blowing. 3. The durability of the weapons - at first as the kind of player who really likes to hoard equipment I really hated it as it just seemed to induce analysis paralysis. But what I have come to realise is that it actually has the benefit of meaning that practically all the treasure is exciting to find or useful in some way. Even deep into it now, unlike similar games, I am yet to hit the point where all the loot is basically just trash because I already have the ideal gear setup. There is always more stuff worth finding.# I could gush for hours about this game, but I will leave it at that!
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    This was a bad film and you are a bad person if you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!
  9. Splatoon 2

    Clam Blitz is just a very faffy mode with lots of little things to consider compared to the other modes whose rules are more intuitive. Still feel like a high percentage of players don't really get the rules fully as of yet.
  10. Splatoon 2

    There is a ranked battle system with fairly balanced matchmaking you can play if you like a challenge, but if not, the regular battle mode is very accessible for kids I would think. The beauty of the game (why I like it as well!) is that the real goal with variations is to cover territory with paint rather than just to splat your opponents so you can always contribute even if you don't have tons of skill. There are a large variety of weapons as well which vary in complexity and let you find a play style that suits your preference and skillset. The only tricky thing about the game are the motion controls for aiming, which took me at least a few hours play to get fully comfortable with.
  11. Splatoon 2

    1. It has a single player campaign but you will want to play online as that is the meat of the game. However the online environment lacks any toxicity because there are no voice comms - players can only communicate with a couple of emotes. It is free for the moment but I believe Nintendo are planning on charging to play online at some point fairly soon. 2. No 3. See question 1
  12. Splatoon 2

    Loving this, add me up SW-3025-0483-4726
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Got mine yesterday with Mario+Rabbids - what a beautiful bit of kit!

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