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  1. If there are any fans of the Asstown AC podcast, I'm going to be guesting on their Twitch stream tonight 8pm (anyone familiar with the podcast may know me better as Mayor Sailor from Big Tuna):
  2. Ok fair's fair episode 6 was pretty good and then episode 7 was the best so far and starting to feel like it is going in a better direction overall. The characters are mostly either growing on me or at least irritating me less.
  3. A friend of mine talked me into joining their team for what was billed as a "casual" Splatoon 2 tournament that they were helping to organise. In the run-up we barely had any time to practice, but "it's fine, it is just a bit of fun anyway." On the day, turns out the other teams are all composed of S+ ranked veterans with thousands of hours in the game, including one US team who had won multiple actual tournaments. Over the course of a couple of hours we got utterly annihilated, failing to win a single match and I'd be pleased if I could count the number of splats in a game on more than one hand. It was just embarrassing really and reminded me why I no longer play competitively online.
  4. I have never had any issues using Dettol to strip paint and it is pretty easy to buy anywhere.
  5. Ok cool seems simple enough, thanks.
  6. Ok this is probably a really tedious question that has been answered many times already, but if I am getting a new switch but want to give my old switch to my wife and make it her primary console, transfer all my data and user to the new console, but retain her data etc on the old machine, get an online family account for both of us, and ensure we can both play Animal Crossing with our own villages, is there a guide or post or something people can point me to, particularly that highlights any potential gotchas? Concerned I will do something in the wrong order, cock it all up unwittingly, then it will just be "please understand" etc.
  7. If I get Barricade, I forgo the demon form+heavy blade myself and get the damage using Body Slam+ only (you really need an Entrench as well though so you can rapidly scale up your block). You are still vulnerable if you have no way to fetch Barricade or it fails to come out earlier.
  8. Finally defeated the Corrupt Heart for the first time with an Ironclad Barricade deck after 195+ hours. I have to say going for the Heart sort of spoils the game a bit - it feels like there really is only a subset of decks that can do the job and if the card RNG is against you you might as well start over. The Silent for example it feels like you really need to go with a poison deck but if you don't see a couple of Catalysts you're fucked. Back to grinding ascension levels now and it is much more enjoyable.
  9. No you do a proper critique you clown. I'm not your personal tv reviewer.
  10. Yes and that episode was also completely tonally off compared to the rest of TNG. Sorry I have specific parameters for what I want from a Star Trek show, essentially a mostly episodic with slow-paced arcs reprise of golden era TNG with the best bits of DS9 and Voyager combined with the ambitious story-telling of TOS, albeit with the benefits of improved script-writing and a better cast that come from the show existing during the golden age of television. Is that too much to ask?? I'm firmly in the curmudgeon camp of feeling that everything post-Abrams is just not Star Trek even if it is occasionally entertaining.
  11. Maybe I should rephrase that: someone got gratuitously decapitated in a tv episode of Star Trek and the camera lovingly lingered over the gore. It did not feel right to me and encapsulated a trend in contemporary Star Trek shows for replacing thoughtful approaches to resolving violence with empty action and spectacle.
  12. Really not sold on this, episode 4 was pretty bad. So much crap: - People in the future swear now? - No you aren't allowed to call him 'JL'. - Every time Raffi in fact appears in a scene it is appalling. - In general Raffi as a character makes no sense, you live in a post-scarcity utopia, sure for social reasons your career could get screwed up somehow, but if you choose to live in a caravan in the desert getting pissed, that is your own choice, the Replicator is right there. Lazy, lazy writing. - All the EMHs, why? - Sock sliding - That terrible fucking Romulan beard. - Since when did Jean-Luc Picard know how to interact with children? - Patrick Stewart in general is phoning it in or maybe it is the writing, but there seems to be a huge gap between Jean-Luc Picard, the character we all remember, and Patrick Stewart, the actor playing the character Jean-Luc Picard in 2020. - Why is Tilly in this now? - Even the SoN reveal was a meh, "oh great she is another bad-ass in a leather jacket now, ok." - Do they have universal translators now or are they broken or wtf? - All the Romulan stuff is basically trash. - Someone got decapitated by a sword in an episode of Star Trek. Fuck. Off. JJ Abrams has got a lot to answer for. And a general point about television that really makes me feel like an old man shouting at clouds, but I will say it anyway: Star Trek's format has always made it the perfect show for well-written episodic television - will we ever get a return to this or is the era of episodic television completely over now? Writers can really shove their shitty story arcs imo. People thinking this will get 3 seasons to get going like TNG did are on another planet, not anymore, not in 2020.
  13. That's the spirit. My wife travels a lot so it will be nice for her to have the spare one (probably). Also I have an Animal Crossing 3DS so this completes the set or something.
  14. Fuck I've just pre-ordered the limited edition console, even tho I already have a switch. I can't justify this to myself...or can I?
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