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  1. Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    Finding it really hard to read some of the attacks on this game (bayo 1), think I am dodging to avoid attacks to early. Can dodge attacks easy just not activate witch time. Just had to fight glory think it is and get owned every single time
  2. Nintendo Switch

    People seem to think we will be getting another direct in the next 2 weeks.
  3. Dark Souls Remastered

    I am sure in the press Release they said all versions would be $40.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I think we will get more announcements or something big before February 4th. They then can run a Super Bowl advert just like last year.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Yep I have been enjoying it but GTA would be awesome just been able to explore the world anywhere. LA Noire's World you can not really explore much
  6. Nintendo Switch

    yes it don't sound promising I really hope its all true though. would be a awesome year for switch. I worry what they have for 2018
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone seen this https://www.gameseek.co.uk/video-gaming-news/article/3486/ Apparently a rumour of some of the games that will be announced at the direct.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    yep it did lol Thanks. Classic I.T turn it on and off again
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Just got doom and trying to get past the eula seems to not let me press continue. I press the box to confirm then it does nothing and wont let me navigate to press continue
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone who plays Fifa on the switch, do you find that the ball never goes to the player you want it to. It does not feel as fluid and good as Fifa did on Xbox one.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    what dock is this, I had one of amazon which did not work great been looking for a different one
  12. Nintendo Switch

    think it will be about the 4th time I bought it but it such a good game to play and to play handheld it pretty awesome. but £50 is bit much will look around and probably end up paying £50
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone found a cheaper place for doom and skyrim yet. Cheapest I found doom is £41 and skyrim is £50 everywhere
  14. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    lol hopefully the send it today or tomorrow and it will turn up early. first time I am using simplygames
  15. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Simply Games just charged me for this seems a bit early unless they send it me today.

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