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  1. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Ryan Porter’s new album, Force for Good, is out today, looking forward to having a listen later. Another new release to check out is the debut by Joel Ross who plays the vibraphone, called KingMaker. This is the opening track -
  2. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    This is so good
  3. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    This is a fun track The opening track from Brad Mehldau's new album, just incredible.
  4. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    Can answer my own question, found a private tracker that has a big archive of BBC shows. If anyone's interested, feel free to drop a PM.
  5. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    I’m loving this show, thanks for the recommendation. Is there somewhere I can listen to older episodes? iPlayer only has the last four to stream.
  6. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    That's exactly where I started, I've seen the diagram below linked a few times. As for Kind of Blue, it's hard for me to articulate how much of an impact that album has made, it's just sublime from start to finish. I live in Los Angeles, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to get to see Kamasi sooner or later. His albums have been on heavy rotation for the last couple of weeks. Added it to my wishlist, thanks. I read a few other people mention it's a bit one sided in places, I'll keep that in mind. What's the story with Wynton Marsalis? I enjoy his enthusiasm in the documentary.
  7. Hardly. The writing has gone off a cliff compared to earlier seasons.
  8. I live in the States, so maybe they aren't available in the UK, yet?
  9. TurningMonster

    The Jazz Thread

    What websites do you guys recommend for discovering new music and just reading about the scene in general? I've just started getting in to jazz and I'm hungry to learn more. Currently watching the Ken Burns jazz documentary and I picked up the Miles Davis autobiography, which has been a pretty wild read so far. It's kind of crazy, it's this whole genre which completely passed me by and now I can't get enough of it. Also, has anyone found either Spotify or Apple Music better than the other? I guess I'm thinking in terms of curated playlists and learning your tastes, specifically. Been enjoying this track -
  10. The Leftovers is in my top 3 shows, alongside Six Feet Under and The Wire. Hopefully this will be good.
  11. This show took such a big dive when Iannucci left but it was still watchable, this latest season however is pretty terrible. I guess everyone wanted more Jonah, which isn't the only issue I have with the show, but it's changed the tone from something believable to being way over the top. The writing has also become lazy with just taking the last two year's news cycle and rehashing it. There's still some laughs every episode (Kent introducing himself to the kid in her bedroom was brilliant) but it's not a patch on what it was.
  12. I have, I would say they taste less like meat compared to Impossible, but for some reason I prefer them. Might be because they’re less dry?
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