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  1. @SeanR well that was fascinating! Having said that it leaves me completely bamboozled at Mr Cheok's tweet, because I'm not Jewish and obviously no expert in Jewish lineage but "Leif Opperman" sounds like a pretty Jewish name to me - so why the "Nazi" comment? Also Mr Opperman's analysis and evaluation of the unfolding events was spot on (as was his take down of Levy). I've just Google'd the good man and he's also a big-wig and super egghead from the Frauenhofer Institute (them of the MP3 invention), so quite why this Cheok bloke chose to deride and defame him over a charlatan and crank such as Levy is well suspect. In fact, suspect enough to suggest someone hacked his twitter account? Or do academics get this spiteful, this quickly? All good fun though!
  2. gunrock

    The future of emulation

    I think we're years away from PS2 generation FPGA implementations. I don't think there's enough LEs (programmable logic gates) available in affordable FPGA chips that their manufacturers will sell small volumes of, like for the MiST. The reason that the MiSTer is affordable is because it's a developer board deeply subsidised by Intel (I think I read the volume price of the FPGA part is almost as much as the complete board). Also the complexity of the PS2 in particular is an order or three above the 16 bit machines currently implemented - (in fact, the difficulty getting SI'D emulation right in C64 shows you how hard it is). The SNES, megadrive, Amiga and ST are still not near perfect yet but the Analogue Super NT shows it can be done. I'd never say impossible but were a long way out, IMO.
  3. gunrock

    Currently playing...

    @PengTiki yeah, I currently playing my 8 year old save of PSP Final Fantasy Tactics (War of the Lions). Grinding all my characters up to lvl 99 before running down the endgame.
  4. gunrock

    PlayStation VR

    Yeah, I had the survey over the summer. Told them it was too hot to have a sweaty session of Superhot VR whilst wearing the equivalent of a recently used potty on me bonce.
  5. I'm not a backer - but that looks fantastic!
  6. gunrock

    Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    @MikeBeaver so if you're a non-professional soldering iron wielder, but maybe have done a couple of three wire modchips here and there: is it doable?
  7. gunrock

    Best portable emulation device

    2nd hand Open Pandora if you can find one. PS1 emulation is amazing.
  8. But I'm guessing if they can produce a representative number (that can be used as evidence of a real attempt to deliver), they can claim various things (hacking, court cases, ex-directors, inflation etc) as reasons why the others couldn't be made and delivered and then they'll liquidate the PLC leaving all their debts unpaid and resurface later for their next scam, much like double glazing company directors did throught the 80s and 90s.
  9. gunrock

    Currently playing...

    @Vimster that is why Sleeping Dogs is such a revelation. Same team, based upon a revamped engine that originates from the True Crime series. Like night and day.
  10. I tell you what still works (if you want a longer, more considered game), is Agent USA on C64. For a quick 2 player competition, Rocketball on C64 still has what it takes.
  11. Boulderdash I or III (original gfx - none of that space gfx crud) for me.
  12. gunrock

    PlayStation VR

    "Really great watching Eastenders together, isn't it?"
  13. gunrock

    The C64 Mini

    Wasn't sneering @Lorfarius, just saying that it seems expensive for what it is. I have a MiST FPGA and it has a few flaws (Vga output being the worst) but the C64 core on that is great, as is the Amiga 1200 emulation.
  14. gunrock

    The C64 Mini

    From what I have heard it's just an ARM soc on a board running an emulator. The aesthetic is nice and all, but for that price a MiST FPGA/Mistica FPGA 16 which runs many more systems and supports USB keyboard and original and USB joysticks/controllers. Failing that, a Pi 3 in a C64 3d printed case - much cheaper than both.
  15. @Lorfarius an FPU is only good for programs that use a lot of floating-point (that's real numbers, mate, i.e 1234.5678, 3.14 etc.) calculations and have to be written to take advantage of it, like ray-tracing software, for example. Didn't watch the video, but unless they were demo-ing Mac software like Poser, Bryce or something mathematical heavy, I doubt the FPU was being used.

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