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  1. I'm with Colonel Panic on this - so out of control. I don't even want to count it up.... Gamecube ODE... check. However, I went a bit 8bit crazy... it all started when I picked up a Memotech MTX512 in October (bit of a dream find, I always lusted after one and it was reasonably priced around - 100 quid), it had no PSU so I had to build one (parts were quite expensive, so probably as much as the machine itself). Didn't have any manuals, so two manuals and a book, 50 quid. Then I needed a mass storage device, to make the most of the system, 60 quid. It sparked
  2. If you know what site the solution was on, you use the wayback machine?
  3. I always liked (especially once I got an accelerator) 4D Sports Boxing on the Amiga. It was agonisingly slow, even with a 68040, you might call it sluggish, but I liked it's ponderous lurching, the grimacing of the cpu player when you nailed him in the breadbasket. It was great!
  4. Coala on Amiga. A combat helicopter game. I spent hours playing this on my Amiga 1500 and then Amiga 4000.
  5. Piece of piss. I bought an SX64 style C64c case from PixelWizard (plus Ultimate 64 keyboard standoffs), a 2nd hand keyboard and SID6581 chip (not needed unless you really want one) from Ebay. Whole thing put together in less than 20 mins. Then you have to flash the Basic, Kernal and Charset roms from USB stick by following the on screen prompts. Takes 1 minute tops. I built my own dual colour LED for power/disk activity but if that's a faff, buy one from pixelwizard, too. TL;dr - so long as you can use a screwdriver to screw in about 7 or 8 screws, you're so
  6. @CamelI have an Ultimate 64 and I can confirm, it's all kinds of amaze.
  7. @Rex Grossman No, I generally prefer physical books, magazines, games etc. I'm probably a dinosaur in that regard. I will read fiction on a kindle but programming references I prefer physical books. I will read a digital newspaper but prefer a physical magazine - probably because my phone screen is too small, I don't have a tablet and my laptop is a pseudo-gamer laptop (it was cheap) not something I would read on, in bed.
  8. That's very nice of you to offer, thanks. I live in Denmark but only I pick up 3 or 4 issues a year, depending on content. I'd probably subscribe, if I had more free time to read (or I was commuting) and also if it was easier to get the magazine from their distributors.
  9. Just in case anyone wondered, my single issue purchases that I made in mid-September, turned up eventually.... in mid-December and they weren't the issues I ordered, in fact, they were two of the same issue . Sad to say, won't be buying the magazine again until I'm in the UK and can pick it up off the shelf. Sorry @strider, the mag is great but the distribution folks are pants.
  10. Got this on PS4 for Xmas 2019 and just started it this Xmas. Really enjoying it. I've never played the Fallout games but I'm guessing this is similar in mechanics, if not setting. Looks lovely on PS4 pro (even at 1080p), hell, I've played about 25% of it via PSTV at 720p or less and it still looks great.
  11. Refurbishing my recently purchased Memotech MTX 512 and attempting to build a PSU for it.
  12. I use a Acekard 2i. In fact, my wife, mine and the twins all have Acekard 2i. Avoid R4 and clones, unless they are cloned Acekards.
  13. This ^ Tried to order some back issues (pretty recent ones) on September 8th, still haven't received anything despite multiple complaints and an email from someone supposedly responsible, promising them "soon" (he didn't even know what I ordered even though I explained it and provided the order number). Fucking useless.
  14. The expensive Terraonion one supposedly works with VA0 dreamcasts.
  15. Thanks, managed to get an order in. Edit: Friday 30th and it's arrived! 200DKK fee though!
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