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  1. Nearly £30 a month to lease a PC that you only have remote access to? No thanks, you could buy a pc on finance with a better cpu and gpu than you’re getting from shadow, granted you don’t get free upgrades but with £30 a month you could future proof yourself for the full duration of your finance agreement. Not sure what the benefit is here.
  2. gooner4life

    Too many games... anyone else struggle to get 'into' a game?

    Exactly what @Qazimod said, I can count on 1 hand the amount of games excluding games I already owned that I’ve played for more than an hour from ps+ and GWG and I had ps+ from day 1. i add them to my library, but only download the odd one if it looks like it might have something special about it, but the truth is the indie games generally leave me cold, they’ve all been done to death and normally it’s just something that’s excruciatingly difficult/frustrating to play which get the most hype, but endlessly repeating a level until I can beat it isn’t for me anymore. They are value adds to a multiplayer subscription service and I expect nothing more than that to be honest.
  3. I reinstalled 17 and 18, played a couple games of 17, won comfortably, must only be kids playing now, played 1 game on 18 and I’m matched with TiagoBone who got Top100 multiple times on 17 and 18, but I beat him 3-2. Both games are infinitely better than 19.
  4. gooner4life

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    £17.99 for the starter pack in Smyths
  5. Well I’ve won as the sword carrier a few times now, but I’ve also won vs the sword carrier, and just again now.
  6. Looks amazing, such good games in them days, before micro transactions and games just turned into fruit machines designed to get you to spend virtual or real money.
  7. Yeah I deleted that shit immediately, doesn’t let you play online friendlies or anything so you can only play myclub but need to spend money to compete so it’s gone. No thank you Konami. God I wish Sega would remake Sega Worldwide Soccer
  8. PES 2019 lite is now on the ps store by the way, it lets you play the PES equivalent of FUT for free.
  9. I’m going to reinstall Fifa 17, it had its faults but there wasn’t a really easy way to score, it’s the best of a bad bunch really
  10. I played one rivals game earlier, absolutely battered the guy, but it was only 1-0 in the 84th minute and he scored 2 first time finesse shots with Ronaldo with his back to my goal, I scored twice from both kick offs and deleted the game.
  11. gooner4life

    Battlefield V

    DICE are EA’s technical experts, they should tell EA it isn’t fit for purpose.
  12. gooner4life

    Battlefield V

    @Luseth was spot on, my criticism of Frostbite is from Fifa, it’s unresponsive, has terrible collision detection, terrible physics, and it’s getting worse with every iteration, as DICE are the engine developers I believe they are doing a terrible job, but looking at peoples complaints of battlefield the same issues ring true, poor response to input, auto aim changing the response of player controlled characters, same on Fifa with cpu assists taking control away from the player, it’s obviously a problem inherent with the game engine so why should dice get a pass because you like a handful of games they’ve put out? They need to fix their shit especially when it’s impacting bigger games and communities than battlefield.
  13. I know 2 guys who were prolific top 100 players and actually qualified for regionals on several occasions over 17 and 18, and for that matter got verification and now get to play qualifiers for events on 19 who have quit the game, they can’t take it serious, they get no fun out of it win or lose. I think it’s downhill for EA from here, I hope FIFA actually take the licence from them and somebody fresh gets a chance to make a go of it.
  14. gooner4life

    Battlefield V

    The problem is frostbite. dice need to be shut down and EA need to move on.

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