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  1. As long as @AlfromSleep gets about £15 and I get millions.
  2. Al 4-3 Gooner well played Al, your keeper was on fire but the win was deserved, you kept going and were much more efficient with your chances. Cheers for the games all, very enjoyable little tourney.
  3. Mitch vs Gooner 2-0 me, well played mate unlucky not to have been ahead at half time really.
  4. Pants vs Gooner 1-1 gg mate I won 5-4 on pens
  5. I’m ready whenever people are ready to play, I had my back tooth pulled out this morning and it broke so I’ve got a bit of tooth and roots left in the gum and I’m in agony and painkillered up so go easy on me.
  6. gooner4life

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - None More Black

    Had some brilliant games on Blackout tonight with @sjvinnie @mackenie And @Theholyhogg perennial runners up, or top 4 at least. Highlights were definitely wiping a squad with the gas coming in, Hogg going down and me trying to revive him only to get downed by the gas and then Mackenie running in to revive us and getting downed as well. and a second place where I wiped an entire squad 1 by 1 as they all came into the building I was in and tried to loot the same dead body only to get shot in the back, me and Vinnie ended up out of ammo and dead to a squad with the high ground above us. cheers for the games lads, definitely got the potential for some wins on it.
  7. £70 back in the early access phase, packed Sane, Mane, Gabriel Jesus & Lacazette multiple times, but my squad is all pretty much untradeable, only Mbappe, Handanovic, Matuidi and Manolas are tradeable.
  8. gooner4life

    PS4 Pro

    Yeah looks setup correct, and no the usb dongle has to be in the ps4.
  9. My current squad, having Douglas Costa untradeable on that cl card is very annoying as his finishing is so poor.
  10. gooner4life

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - None More Black

    COD’s back baby!! I have on several occasions fallen off the map from trying to wall run though
  11. gooner4life

    The random discussion thread

    I’ve got red dead pre ordered @MardiganX think @sjvinnie is picking it up as well.
  12. Division Rivals 4 - 1645 skill rating hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

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