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  1. The random discussion thread

    You’re in the wrong place here @dave7g try the PES thread in discussion or @Pockets might be able to help, he’s a regular PES’er for what it’s worth, slow menus was my experience on 17 so I didn’t buy 18.
  2. I've got an untradeable OTW Salah and IF Sane from my Monthly rewards, but it's still going to cost about 450k to do both of them, so i think i'll stick with my OTW tbh.
  3. I sold Zaha mate, he was extinct because his cap was at 150k, I sold him @167k
  4. Opened my second TOTW pack from my WL rewards and can’t really grumble, got Zaha and Douglas Costa, only Naldo is selling for more than Zaha, all in I’ve made 477k after tax from an elite 1 finish.
  5. Ffs I can’t be arsed playing squad battles
  6. PS4 Pro

    The dashboard sets the fan of my PS4 Pro off to hair dryer mode, I hate to think about what God of War would do.
  7. Sell immediately he will be half the price tomorrow!
  8. No, but you get the EA TOTS which is comprised of the best TOTS cards in each position from the major leagues, that's the one most of the packs get bought on as it includes the likes of Ronaldo and Messi and Premier League players. I'll be getting either Sanchez or 2 high rated cards for SBC's.
  9. PS4 Pro

    I've had to turn off Super Sampling on my PS4 Pro because it's hair-dryer loud at times with it on.
  10. I only watched one, your passing is far too reliant on RNG, first time passes, sloppily directed, better opposition would rip you apart. If your friend is very good at Fifa, he should have told you to slow your game down, consider your passes better, to defend with your midfielders and not to let the ball turnover by snapping at shots as soon as you get a sight of goal.
  11. Won't be happy if there is no campaign, I want something to fill the void between BLOPS and BLOPS2's campaigns, something a little more grounded in reality.
  12. Actually don’t do it, there will be high rated tots players going for near discard from Dutch leagues etc, so do it then.
  13. I would do it personally.
  14. Gullit is the best card on the game, i'd do it.

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