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  1. Not really noticeable, tackling was fucked originally, not any better or worse post patch.
  2. gooner4life


    Well you're forgetting the fact that Aubameyang plays as the left forward, he's clearly going for a 4231 formation so Laca, with Auba, Ozil, Pepe behind him
  3. gooner4life


    Nelson and Saka, I've been saying since we signed Pepe that Reiss will have to re-invent himself as an inverted winger on the left, cutting in on his right foot.
  4. I do not understand selling Lukaku at all unless you guys have some sort of last minute madness signing, but who?
  5. gooner4life


    Lo Celso found his level at Betis, he's a PSG reject, will struggle with the physicality of the Premier League, 55Mil is way overpriced for him. Pocohontas loves his argentinian players, but the truth is, they always struggle to settle over here.
  6. gooner4life


    Chelsea literally dangled Luiz to us last summer around deadline day and distracted us in our search for a centre back, then they presented him with a new contract. It's probably the same story this year, I hope it is, he's a clown.
  7. I mean't when are they stopping it on 19? I'm pretty sure they'd closed Fut Champs by this time on 18.
  8. Went 14-2 this weekend. Only managed to play 3 games yesterday. When does champs end?
  9. Ridiculously broken, they auto aim and fire if you're driving it solo.
  10. Done Pogba, cost me 50k plus loads of TOTS i got from the packs while doing him.
  11. gooner4life

    PES 2020

    The demo for this is awful, who actually signs off on these running animations.
  12. I want to do Pogba but I dont want to sit and go through so many SBC's.
  13. My TOTW Lacazette and Aspas haven’t gone up in price
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