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  1. I hit gold 3 on my 20th game. Since lost the 21st and 22nd, having a break now to sleep as I’m working tonight, probably won’t finish but getting good results with my squad, Maldini has made a big difference, certainly in the first 20.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I don’t mind hearing the fan spin up every now and then, but it’s so loud and constant that even if it was under my AV Unit it would still be distracting, as it is I have my consoles and gaming monitor on a desk so I don’t hog the TV and it’s unbearable really.
  3. The tweet says it all, I never believed a team could get someone into top 100 until I played this Guy this morning, he was absolutely terrible but for the first half his team just refused to be tackled, Gullit was an absolute bulldozer, TOTY Ronaldo scored 3 from outside the box, I switched formation to 4222 and started bombarding him, scored 2, he couldn’t handle the passing and movement and he switched to PTB 5atb and starts time wasting from the 60th minute.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    My c chassis PS4 was silent, my launch PS4 sounded like a hair dryer, my PS4 Pro also sounds like a hair dryer if it’s super sampling or plugged into my 4K TV. its not good enough really when the X is silent.
  5. It normally would but I’d already googled his gamer tag and saw he’s a pro and top 100 regular so I took it as a compliment
  6. I got beat 4-2 in a very close game (by the stats and chances) by a Pro Fifa player who plays for Fenerbahce and he added me as a friend, he started time wasting on the 70th minute and scored his 4th in 90+1 as I was ultra attacking with everyone forward, he added me as a friend after for some games.
  7. rllmuk FC

    I’d be up for it, maybe start a new thread.
  8. i’m not sure if I can tell a difference, I seem to win/lose the same ratio of games as I was before. I think the people complaining are the ones who relied on kick off goals to keep them in games.
  9. Well you could have been sat on my shoulder last night advising me.
  10. After buying Maldini I decided to gamble the rest of my coins and my luck was decent so decided to go for it as it was 2 for the price of 1.
  11. I spent 600k coins and then 4500 Fifa points
  12. Or you could use them to put toward Larsson
  13. Had some big pulls tonight in the 2 for 1 lightning rounds.. IF Firminho, De Gea, Godin twice, Insigne, Valencia, Mkhitaryan, Azpilicueta, IF Carvalho, IF Zielinski, MOTM Lamela and Abraham, Pique, Hamsik, IF Lecomte, IF Puch, IF Morys, Sokratis, Pepe, Carrasco, loads of 84’s and 83’s

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