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  1. Yeah it's 1000 files in total, they will have to increase it at some point.
  2. There is a maximum of 1000 saves for the cloud.
  3. Avengers is on PS Now, only the PS4 version but it looks pretty incredible to be honest, really enjoying the story so far.
  4. Ha, did me and my mate play you dude? you made a meal of the celebration when you scored the opener so we decided to do the dance when we scored our goals.
  5. I made a couple of changes, chucked a load of fodder into Vidal including Kante, then bought Ronaldo and stuck figo RM to chem it all. it’s amazing, big difference to playing with Gabriel Jesus or timo Werner alongside Mbappe lol
  6. Moments Henry instead of butra?
  7. Bluetooth or wired headset? a google seems to show a handful of results at varying times over the last couple of years about crackly audio on fortnite on switch, but it doesnt seem like it's a systemic issue. Have you tried checking the port for lint or other debris? blow hard into it, see if the crackling is worse if you spin the headphone jack while it's connected. Doesnt seem like Fortnite has any other audio options, on PC you can turn the audio quality down, i assume switch doesnt have an equivalent setting?
  8. It's still the best game I've played in the last 3 years.
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