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  1. Why is this a thing now? it's always been the case that you buy the controllers for the console you're playing on.
  2. 99 Ronaldo was basically at the end of TOTS and 93 Eusebio was after 25 prime icon packs!!
  3. Fuck you @hannay your luck is better than anybody I know
  4. What do you mean? they are about the thinnest TV's you can get, unless you mean compact as in smaller diagonal? in which case they do OLED Monitors for PC's that are around 22/24" upwards. I'm using an LG B8 OLED but I game on it infrequently as it's in the living room and I dont want to hijack the TV for my Hobby or to only play when everyone goes to bed, it's glorious though.
  5. Can't be accused of manipulative messaging if you're not telling people anything at all
  6. I don't care if the PS5 is using an intel celeron and onboard graphics as long as it's exclusive games dont look like Halo infinite
  7. 25 prime icon upgrades later... holy shit
  8. What happens if my GP Ultimate sub lapses? I presume it reverts to a normal Xbox Live Silver account? then if I buy Gold can i upgrade for a quid again?
  9. gooner4life


    lineal champions we know what we are.
  10. NBA 2K20 is free on PS+ and they inevitably have an Ultimate Team alike mode. I've played it for 2 hours and played 1 game online. Already bought Michael fucking Jordan and packed Kobe Bryant. FUT is a complete scam by comparison. There is websites full of Locker Codes to get free packs and chances at getting things like Kobe, if any of you are playing it give this link a look. https://www.nba2k.io/nba-2k20-locker-codes/
  11. 100% it also means I've had incredible value for this machine I bought him when he was 10, it's now nearly 6 years old, still going strong, Modern Warfare runs with everything on full except RTX at 1080p at 60fps still, the only thing that changed is the GPU and CPU Cooler, combined it cost less than £200 to upgrade them. It probably wont perform in newer games due to the increased CPU capability of the PS5/XSX but i'll get another year or 2 out of it i think.
  12. I've got his hand me down! i7 4770 with a GTX 1060 6gb, it's fine for me, runs everything at 1080p just fine.
  13. My son's rig I got him last august was £2720 but that was absolute top end at the time and still is pretty much i9 9900k, 2080 Ti, 16gb ram, 970 Evo Plus NVME, after he got that in August, I ended up buying him a 240hz Monitor at Christmas for £429, he already had a £200 Keyboard from his old rig and a £70 mouse. it's not a cheap hobby if you're chasing the top specs, but you can absolutely build something around a grand that will last 5 years and run everything at 1080p at least at 60fps i think.
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