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  1. @Pants McSkill why did you only have 2 CB's back though? that's why people do it because it's effective when people lose patience and throw more players forward.
  2. Allan is the greatest midfielder on fifa20 @Mitchell
  3. yeah as @Baring said, the reason they done it is the game was simply too hard for the newer players or those of us with Dad thumbs. Smurfing is not cool, i've had a lot of fun so far because I'm around players who don't build over me and shotgun me in the face immediately.
  4. Fortnite is in it's best state since season 4 right now. It so badly needed this refresh, the only criticism i'd have at the moment is too many RPG's spawn, other than that the loot pool is so much better than what we had on Season X. Took me a couple of days to get my victory umbrella for this season, but I won a solo and then got a squad win in my next game, so i've got every seasons umbrella, the streak is still on
  5. Flick the right stick forward (direction you’re running) and left or right of it so if you were running up just flick the right stick up and left
  6. I can only assume it’s because they have a better connection, those games always feel like you’re a step behind the other player
  7. I'm having trouble attacking with the 4222, it's great when you come up against someone who's trying to play football, but the deep block/counter attack is killing me, i have no space inevitably lose the ball with a stray pass in the final third and then get countered. What instructions are people using? get in behind on both strikers doesn't work, I'm trying false 9 on Dybala and get in behind on Ronaldo, but might try false 9 on Dybala and Ronaldo.
  8. You will get some sort of code to redeem. I’d use them on fut drafts or wait until some decent promo packs land.
  9. Messi is great when you can dribble but Ronaldo will be in more end game teams. 6 goals and 1 assist in 3 games for Ronaldo, Messi never came close to those numbers, although I was using him as a sub.
  10. Sold Messi, well... sold everything, my prem team was average, the defenders are all shit... bought this...
  11. That was because of the Juve players being required for an SBC.
  12. Dybala and Dunk for me this week.
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