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  1. Indeed! I had the Manta Ray (before moving onto more racy things) and wish I'd kept it.
  2. Doh! I totally forgot about Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushmia!
  3. I’ve been very much considering it! In fact as Nintendo have ignored the ‘generations’ with their hardware now it can have it’s own list.
  4. Sorry, as @jonamok mentioned it is very much on my strong recommendation list for others. In fact I’d recommend the Definitive Edition of the first one too as that was technically a PS4/XBone game. Fantastic games!
  5. With the next generation of consoles just edging over the horizon my thoughts have turned to wrapping up some unfinished business with the current gen. It got me thinking about what titles I really admired/would recommend, and also made me think about games that I either need to go back to finish, pick-up off that ever growing pile of shame, jump on when they get released, or going through that "meant to play" list. Here are my lists as they stand... A-list (really really want to play) Shadow of the Colossus (bought it today!) Braid (360 but backwards compatible) God of War Spider-Man Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Cyberpunk 2077 (if there is a sniff that this is getting a launch day next gen version then I may wait) Zelda: Breath of the Wild (only because I don't have a Switch...yet) B-list (would like to get on to if I can) Red Dead Redemption 2 Sekiro The Last Guardian SOMA Sunset Overdrive MGS V: Phantom Pain Alien: Isolation Ori and the Will of the Wisps (once it's out) C-list (if I didn't have a 3yo child, house renovation and a job) Monster Hunter World Horizon: Zero Dawn Doom Pillars of Eternity Divinity: Original Sin II Dark Souls III Until Dawn My recommendations Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Dishonoured 2 Rocket League Bloodborne The Witness Elite Dangerous Driveclub Hitman The Division Ori and the Blind Forest Firewatch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Inside Titanfall 2 (single player) What Remains of Edith Finch I have probably forgotten loads and some may change. It does however feel like an awful lot to get through! Thinking about it has made me appreciate the level of great content we've had this time around. What do your current generation bucket lists look like?
  6. Finally got round to playing this last night in one sitting. I really enjoyed it, I thought the storytelling and atmosphere was excellent, the ways they played with the FPS interactions and styles to support that narrative was very well conceived and ultimately I very much enjoyed exploring the haunting tales of the Finch family. It didn't capture me quite as much as Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (still the high water mark for me) but it's a really strong runner up along with the likes of Firewatch, Gone Home and Ethan Carter. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who has an interest in this type of 'game'. I'm not really going to get into the game vs not a game argument. It ultimately doesn't really serve any purpose as it's just a label and will be totally subjective depending on the perception someone has of what a 'game' entails... much like the 'is snooker a sport' conversation. What I would say is as someone who has found a little space in my heart for these "interactive narrative experiences built using game engines and run on computers/consoles" (catchy? - read: walking simulators) I treat them - and indeed judge them - as their own fuzzy niche between a games/films/books. I agree with some of the comments about the comparison with The Unfinished Swan... I thought that was an absolutely lovely and surprising piece of work that, for me, should definitely fit "puzzle game" (alongside things like The Witness) rather than the above (even though it was very narratively driven). Either way though, Giant Sparrow have an 100% record on making amazing titles so far so I can't wait for their next creation!
  7. Help... just seen Spider-Man in the PS4 sale and it (along with God of War) are on my list of PS4 exclusives I want to play before the next gen trundles along. However... In my games drawer I also have an unopened copy of Sunset Overdrive sitting there that I bought during a rush of Xbox exclusive purchasing when I got the XBOne as a second console which I'd earmarked as my "next game" to play. What do you think... will playing Spider-Man cheapen the SO experience to the point it's not worth spending time on? Would it be better to play through SO first and then move onto Spider-Man? Or should I just accept that SO is going to pass me by and jump straight to Spider-Man? Help this time-starved gamer Dad utilise his precious gaming time wisely!
  8. Yeah definitely up for a game sometime! You'll have to excuse my slow play though as I don't know my own cards yet, let alone the people I'm playing against.
  9. Interesting... this might be the Switch for me! I've heard lots of good things about the original (and have considered buying it) but I would only ever be using it handheld on my train commute so couldn't care less about dropping the TV support. Price is a little too keen for me to jump immediately but with a cheeky deal I might make the move.
  10. Does anyone here play with their decks online at http://thecrucible.online ? You have to register your decks on your main Keyforge account, but can then import them (only Call of the Archons ones for now) into the online crucible to play with there. I had a go last night with a random and it seemed pretty good.
  11. I bought my set above from Chaos Cards! The AOA decks are on offer at £6.95 at the moment too so that lot was £32 posted
  12. Sadly in the same boat. I very much enjoyed my 70 odd hours to WT5 but I just don't care about grinding the endgame with so much of it in flux/unbalance/broken. The PvP stuff really isn't in a good shape and was my main driver to pursuing rewards through other modes. I have a feeling I may be 'done' with Div 2 for some time. However like has been mentioned... once the equivalent of 1.8 drops I'll be ready and willing to give it another try. I have however just made a jump into Rainbow Six: Siege... only a couple of hours into my journey so far - and a very different type of game - but the hooks are already set pretty deep.
  13. Just received my first stack of stuff to give this a try One of my mates has been raving about it and entered a couple of tourneys recently so thought I'd give it a whirl.
  14. Did just over an hour last night with a mate and some matchmaking in some PvE scenarios so I could try out some different operators and get used to the play/pace. Really enjoyed it! Nice to have a lethal shooter to play again, it creates such a different feel to the CoD style Live/Die/Repeat tempo. You are totally right about the ears, I played with full cup headphones up nice and loud and it really helped.
  15. Feeling a bit late to the party... but I just picked this up this afternoon Been on the "mean to play" list for ages and saw it on offer so here we are. Any tips for a total beginner? (I used to play original Counterstrike back in the day if that helps at all?)
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