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  1. I seem to remember DS9 having some 12 rated episodes. The one that comes to mind for me was the one where Garak turns serial killer and hangs the bodies of O'Brien's engineering crew on the promenade of that deserted sister station to DS9. On the topic of Picard, it is better than Discovery, but it isn't living up to my vaulted expectations. I know Patrick Stewart is old but he definitely feels off his game, this episode even more so. This rag tag crew isn't growing on me as yet either, they feel too cobbled together and angsty, especially mystery pilot man.
  2. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Started Wandersong, it's a nice quirky 2d game with some lovely simple graphics.
  3. I get the feeling it was done to highlight how different this "Space Legolas" is to the usual Trek characters we get (he prefers blades to disruptors etc). It was a little showy but it didn't bother me to much. At least they got the Romulan blood colour right! Also, I am glad Picard chastised him for doing it rather than saying "well done my boy, that is exactly why I wanted you along, nice efficient head removal when needed". Felt much more in character for Picard to be angry about it.
  4. Yep, the whole expanse thing in Season 3 is great I am glad this series is getting some love on here, so underrated. I restarted my TNG rewatch, towards the end of Series 4 and the Drumhead. Such a great episode with Picard dealing with another dick Admiral who thinks there is some kind of conspiracy on the Enterpirse D. His speech in the end is awesome.
  5. Perhaps he just aged quickly after Nemesis, the trauma of losing Data etc (I know it's far fetched). Also a quick Google reveals that Picard is around his mid 90's at this stage. The Character has always been older than the actor by 10 years or so, although I don't know if this is established canon.
  6. I enjoyed it this week, will agree that the Borg Cube stuff is naff, as are the two characters it centres around. I did enjoy seeing more old school Romulan bowl cuts and giant pointy shoulder pads and that good old Romulan distrust has also began to creep back in. Also
  7. The Risa episode is pretty bad from memory, isn't that where.. Glad you are enjoying it on the whole though, I feel a rewatch taking place somewhat soon myself.
  8. I never felt that TNG transitioned well from TV to Movie, certainly not as well as the original trek cast did anyway. The only TNG movie that worked on the big screen for me was First Contact. I think the Borg threat helped elevate it enough (plus we get to see the Defiant actually fighting against the Borg, although she does get nearly destroyed). Generations is ok, Insurrection is an overblown TV movie and Nemesis just felt oddly out of place with the rest (almost like a TNG comic book story including the villan).
  9. Jg15

    Abandoned Games

    For me it was coming off of the back of a Yakuza Kiwami playthrough of god knows how many hours (in a failed attempt to Platinum) and straight into this one. Again I fully immersed myself into 0, put a good number of hours in doing everything, before hitting that state of no longer playing for fun but because I felt I had to. That was over 18 months ago and I am now bloody considering playing it all again when it hits Xbox on Gamepass in the near future!
  10. It's a frickin pain that you have to do this though, why can't they just sort out whatever licensing and be done with it.
  11. Mackie's Haggis crisps are my new favourite find. Found them cheap in B&M's near me a while back and subsequently chugged the lot whilst watching an episode of Viking's the other night. I am not a Haggis conisseuir btw, but these taste sublime with a nice satisfying thickness to the crisp (don't think I have tried this brand before but assume the thickness is the same with other flavours).
  12. Wind up, surely? I rate Sisko as one of my fave Captains alongside Picard, the two are completely different from each other with Sisko being a far more emotional and complex character. I also don't believe anyone who watched Season 4's The Vistor and didn't come away misty eyed, such a well played episode with Brooks, Lofton and Tony Todd as older Jake. Part of the dynamic I liked about Sisko, the fact that he was a single parent and his relationship with his son.
  13. Just wait until Season 3 (or was it 4) where they spruce up the opening a little. Edit - 'Ear it is...
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