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  1. The first book is a bit dull but I would suggest the Aftermath books which do provide some context as to what becomes of the Empire post Jedi and also sows the seeds for Rise quite well (which proves that there was a plan of sorts around the Sequel Trilogy, it just got smashed up on the way). Also, look out for the guy who appears in Mando in the Fett armour and a rather sad Jar Jar scene.
  2. It was the one storyline from the old Expanded Universe that I didn't expect the new canon to use.... but they did!
  3. Yakuza features poles that can be found to pick up and use in a fight. No heat actions with them though!
  4. The one time before they ran it I was unlocking achievements on my phone through the Solitare collection, which also worked.
  5. My experiences with QR so far have been pretty solid. Only games I have had issues with were Immortals and Odyssey, both Ubi games and both requiring some kind of background connection to Ubi servers. In the case of Immortals I believe it was genuinely f'ing up Saves so I manually quit the game after every session. Everything else has been fine. Been kicking between Skyrim, Yakuza 0 and Tony Hawks 1&2 (weird selection I know) and its fine. I always make sure to manually save just before switching off though, just in case!
  6. I did three more cabaret sessions tonight after hiring two more girls on the street, am now ready for a battle with club Mars. Haven't found the old lady yet but I did randomly hire the mum of the little girl you keep having to win cuddly toys in the Arcade for. Turns up for work in her mumsy clothes looking so bizzare amongst all the glam women but one of the better workers! Also just finished chapter 8, I think I'm enjoying Majimas story more than Kiryus although both are great.
  7. Is it wrong to be totally addicted to the Cabaret Club mini game in 0? I also need to find more ladies to fill the roster, any good tips?
  8. On the home screen hover over the game tile of the game you want to quit, hit the menu button (the three lines one) and select quit from the menu that pops up.
  9. Defo recommend playing the Gardens Between properly and then using a guide to hoover up remaining achievements after as well (I still need to finish it!).
  10. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yay, have the Medium preinstalled and ready to go for next week, jankyness here we go!
  11. I'm confused. They're giving away Gears 5 which is also on Gamepass which most people will surely be on by now? Not that it's a bad month, haven't played the REmake since the GC.
  12. I do like the opening credits showing the ship having a number of accidents and incidents. Specifically the one where it shows up to a battle between Romulans and Borg, gets shot at and immediately turns and runs made me laugh.
  13. Also worth remembering that the RE7 demo was exclusive to PS4 for a good few months before coming to PC/Xbox so nothing new here.
  14. At least we now know that the SX is piss (made up of several cans of Tennants and bottles of wine) resistant.
  15. I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right. QR is literally a second or two into a game for me (and you are exactly where you left off before, whether thats on a pause screen or the middle of a battle or something). I also cannot imagine that a game, from cold start, takes 2 seconds to load in what with all the Publisher/Developer splash screens bollocks etc or does PS5 have QR as well?
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