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  1. That’s basically what I’m doing. I’ve given up even attempting to build a ‘proper’ island with outside furniture and paths and so on, lacking any imagination, and am just getting my enjoyment from visiting other forumites’ villages to check on their latest masterpieces.
  2. So far I've see three arcade machine variants (Street Fighter clone, vertical shoot'em um, Mahjong) – anyone seen any more of them?
  3. Just wondering, is there a way to start afresh on a new island while keeping the bells, Nook points, catalogue, etc? Tried to change the terrain on mine around a bit, but fucked it up massively. My brain just can’t handle the creativity and imagination required to design an half-decent island, really, so I basically need a new, blank natural island to be content with.
  4. I've noticed that other Nook Miles items have similar colour variations, the Tea Cup Ride, the Lighthouse, Climbing Frame, Parabolic Antenna, etc...
  5. As someone who hasn't had Sky for ages, I had genuinely assumed that Sky One had been renamed Sky Atlantic at some point.
  6. You know what feature I miss most from New Leaf? The model village were you can look through an exact replica of the homes you’ve visited, and (where available) order their furniture stuff from the catalogue. That helped me get my ideal house much quicker then I could’ve done otherwise, but then I suppose in New Horizons curating your house contents is secondary to designing your own village. (I also miss the tropical islands from New Leaf. That was the quick money-making scheme people used back then rather than turnips. I suppose it’d probably be redundant now, but being able to visit islands with exotic flora and fauna that you can’t find in your native island? I’d happily welcome that back if it was reintroduced in a future NH update.)
  7. @michael I hereby express interest in this collective endeavour.
  8. Have to admit, one of my favourite gameplay additions in this AC is making the furniture freely placeable on the village 'overworld', including all the outside installations like lampposts and sandpits and so on. (In New Leaf on the 3DS, you had to get planning permission and pay bells at the town hall, like with the bridges and inclines in New Horizons. That wasn't fun.) I can see plenty of scope to really personalise my village once I can finally get the terraforming completed to my satisfaction. (I also enjoy not being sent on endless fetch quests by the villagers. That was at its worst in the GameCube version, although gradually toned down in the subsequent games. I was positively shocked the other day when Daisy asked me to catch a specific fish for her.)
  9. Yoshi's Story is easily still in my N64 top 10. Accept that it's not the direct sequel to Yoshi's Island that people in 1997 wanted it to be,* and it's definitely some solid 2D platforming fun. There's some real subtleties and depth in the gameplay that have been unfairly overlooked over the years. * a 2D platform game with stylised graphics released on a ROM cartridge in in 1997, well, I can see why Nintendo played it safe with a familiar, well-loved character.
  10. Looking at all the Ghibli films, and Grave of the Fireflies isn’t there... Some may advise against seeing it, of course, but I was aiming to do a chronological order watch-through. edit: ... of the entire Ghibli film library.
  11. Just asking for a relative: where can they buy a brand new full-fat Switch these days? (The regular model hasn’t gone out of production like how the New 3DS was replaced by the New 2DS XL, has it?)
  12. Pokemon Puzzle League was on the Nintendo 64! Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack before it was Yoshi-ified) was on the Super Famicom/Super NES and GameCube, however.
  13. Getting frustrated with the realisation that I don’t really have the creativity or imagination to build my island to look as interesting as I’d like to... All the previous games, the focus has been on home design rather than village design, even in New Leaf. On one level I wouldn’t mind a plain ‘traditional’ Animal Crossing village with animals’ home scattered about, but that is dodging the challenge this time round. And why waste the chance of being able to freely place furniture on the landscape?
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