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  1. Open now with Redd selling fake paintings. place is in quite a state currently.
  2. Thanks for that. got the last piece of art, no idea if it’s real. A nice recipe from Celeste and caught a whale shark while waiting for stars. i just lost connection, don’t know if that was just me?
  3. Thanks zipped as fast as I could
  4. Yeah, I got one completely by accident the other day. Just as stumpyjohn says, below the pier not at the end. i thought it was a new June fish till I looked in the critterpedia
  5. Maybe it gets posted to you the next day
  6. I did the wedding thing this morning, but it wasn’t as good as I thought. I want all my villagers as congregation. And you can do it everyday so I’ve no idea how it’s going to change or what you do with those gems you get. apart from that I’ve spent all day demolishing everything. And it’s going to take about two weeks to get rid of all slopes and move the houses.
  7. This is how my island stands right now, I haven’t actually done very much. but I’m going to rip it apart and redo it all over the next few weeks.
  8. Makoto and c.viper seem to have been rumoured multiple times, leaving me without my mains from both previous entries. I’m not sure I want them now. I bought the upgrade to unlock everything and then didn’t bother playing it since. I think I’d almost rather see them skipped now and hopefully included in sf6 straight away.
  9. They will only have two options, your native fruit, and one other ‘sister’ fruit.
  10. I wouldn’t mind one for my house, what do you want for one?
  11. Got my awesome piano thanks to bimbam for the painting set. You can customise it to a cute version too, so I’ve ordered parts to do that tomorrow as well.
  12. Cool, just sent a friend request, I don’t think you’ll be able to post it until we’ve met in game though.
  13. Yeah if you mean the drinks one, I can send one in pink. If you have a snack machine in any colour except black that would be cool. im also after a painting set, if anybody has one to spare, need it for a recipe I just got for a street piano!
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