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  1. Bloody hell, when did tarantulas come back? they make me jump every time! edit,, oh ages, I haven’t seen one in forever!
  2. If I’d known this wasn’t on tonight I would have made more effort yesterday. Looking forward to the full thing a lot now though, although it’s going to be expensive getting ps+ again too. Out of all the characters I was interested in, the only one I tried was Potemkin, and that was only a few games. Spent most of my time with Giovanna, May and Ky. all of which I wasn’t even looking at before!
  3. I’ve been making a little video of the launch famicom games, so playing Donkey Kong, junior, and Popeye over the weekend. I’m starting to think Popeye is the best of them. Is that sacrilege?
  4. I don’t know too many characters, but a little boy pretending to be a girl beating people up with a yo-yo sounds too good! ive seen a little of raven too, no idea how he plays, but he looks cool.
  5. Jesus Christ this lobby system! It’s awful. why am I teleporting about, not matching with people. It had my poster as sol a few matches ago, even though I’ve been using ky today. I’m totally sold on the game, but I’m not sure I want to waste time right now. I’ll try again tomorrow maybe.
  6. I’m totally just mashing. But it’s all good. i don’t really get this dust button yet. And I don’t think I’ve done a Roman cancel on purpose... 3 buttons together?
  7. I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m in there too!
  8. some more different things from me. First up a little challenge. Can you hold your breath longer than lara croft? And last week, a kinda valentines episode. It wasnt really supposed to be, but i realised the date and made it pretty quick to tie in slightly
  9. Just done the tutorial and had a game online, seems to be working ok now. Literally no idea what I’m doing as this is my first guilty gear.
  10. I’ve got redd here again. theres the armless lady statue which I think is real? plus some paintings I’ve forgotten! open if anybody wants to visit
  11. this is the only thing i'm interested in from that direct, shame its so long away. interest in animal crossing is waning, this would be great to move straight onto. and Toadette better be in it!
  12. Another one I want to try out. they all look so cool, just hope all this stuff isn’t too difficult for a normal person!
  13. got to admit i really liked the first one in the end, and as soon as tails appeared i was looking forward to a sequel. (and i'd still love to seethe first with the original freaky sonic design, for the horror)
  14. Well it’s definitely something different. Here it is! The greatest poem about Tetris that you’ve ever heard!
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