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  1. Been sorting my games out again to clean out and I've had this thought come to mind when thinking about why I wanted to keep A Link to the Past but not Ocarina of time. I think what it comes down to is that I think Ocarina has shown its age in ways that A Link to the Past has not. It's an early 3D game so the graphics suffer from being low-polygon and having those poor N64 textures, it's not much an issue for Mario 64 but for a game like Ocarina it makes the game show visual age. Ocarina also has that terrible 20-frames-per-second frame rate which causes the game to look significantly less fluid in motion than it's 16-bit predecessor. Finally there's the mechanics. Ocarina stood the test of time and remained the blue print for its genre for the next two decades (although that blueprint was itself created by ALTTP). However I think Ocarina might finally be reaching the point where the mechanical design is beginning to rust from age. The item interface in particular had to be reworked for the 3DS remake thanks to how inconvenient pausing the game was. A Link to the Past had that issue too but not only was the player fine to normally hold one item for long periods but it felt much more immediate to switch items. Ocarina still has to change items frequently despite being able to hold multiple items at once which would be fine if pausing to do so wasn't so laggy and slow in comparison. The games despite their dimensions are (unsurprisingly) very similar but I'd argue that A Link to the Past offers a more immediately playable and faster paced experience while Ocarina used technological advancements to offer what was supposed to be at the item a more atmospheric experience which offered the illusion of openness through the third-dimension. This illusion of openness is a double-edged sword in dungeon design too as the dungeons while more puzzling (good) are also more confusing to navigate (not good), this issue of design ended up being resolved by the time Wind Waker came around. I'm not writing this threat to talk down Ocarina of Time but considering the goal is always to try and top what you made before it is curious to see what were supposed to be medium advancing games eventually age out while the games they were designed to beat have remained timeless. A Link to the Past is irreplaceable but ocarina has several games in its own series that you could choose over it. There are a lot of cases where this has also happened (Sonic going from 2D to 3D wasn't exactly smooth) but it is very rare to see a case like Zelda where the games were considered equally good in their time only to fall off later on. At least that's how I feel about it anyway
  2. Dig Dug

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I collected a lot in my teens when carboots were full of old stuff so I got to try and a bit of everything and see what was good. Eventually I started only keeping games I liked before stopping altogether. These days I like playing on original hardware, but only in 60hz and even then I'm very strict with what games and systems I keep now. I own a super famicom with 12 games because I believe the system is worth owning. I don't want to emulate the likes of ALTTP or Super Metroid. The games are timeless and I want to play them on my big CRT. That said some systems I'd rather emulate. The Sega Mega Drive has had so many collections made and the games are so readily available that I don't care for owning the hardware. In short I'm a retro fan who only plays the games I really like in the form I believe to be their best. The Super Famicom hardware and controller are timeless, I'd rather play that over a SNES mini. Likewise the N64 is best played on the original hardware for me.
  3. Dig Dug

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    "I want to fuck a corpse."
  4. Dig Dug

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This game allows for a lot of infinite's when you have team attack off. K Rool down throw into Ridley down B loop is an infinite I remember seeing somewhere.
  5. Finally tried this tonight, after shaking off the rust I won a game on my tenth try. Since then my results have been on the down because I'm trying to learn set ups. This feels like a ploy to get me to buy puyo puyo tetris so I can practice easier. Might just do that tbh. Also after playing some at a meet today it got me thinking. When's BomberMan 99?
  6. Dig Dug

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    That was a good direct. Don't care what anyone else thinks.
  7. Company going through one of their worst periods ever lays people off in their business (non-studio) subsidiaries. Company going through its biggest ever period of growth lays off more than double what the former did years previously in their main studios while also gutting their sub divisions. Do you understand why people are mad at Activision but not Nintendo? The comparison isn't some naive "Aren't Nintendo great" post but more a highlight how people believe a business should be conducting itself. Nintendo went through a bad period, the people at top showed acknowledgement of their failings with an act that showed sincerity, people got laid off but it is acknowledged that the lay-offs could have been far more severe. They did not suffer a reduced growth or even a stall, they were on a legitimate decline.The wider reaction was understandably more "what a shame, but it could have been worse" than what we are seeing with Activision. In the case of Activision there is no incentive for these layoffs other than that their growth might stall over these next few years but even that excuse is to cover up what is really going on and as cover ups go no one is buying it.
  8. What happened with the board cuts was a concern of Nintendo of Japan. Nintendo of Europe, while owned by Nintendo, still operates as its own subsidiary much like Sega of America used to with Sega of Japan and much like how Square Enix Europe (Eidos) does with Square Enix. Europe has always been Nintendo's weakest region, layoffs there during that period would have been unavoidable. Incidentally the UK official Nintendo magazine folded a few months after such was the state of Nintendo in the european market at the time.
  9. This kind of thing really makes the wage cuts for Nintendo board members during the wii u years really stand out. Nintendo heads halved their wages so they wouldn't let people go. Activation heads let people go during good times so they could double theirs.
  10. Dig Dug

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    I think it was also how actions had direct consequences between runs. Didn’t kill Marvin or the gator in A? Gotta deal with them in B. Took the pouch in A? Hope you are good at item management in B. Forgot to register your finger print in A? No bonus room for you and so on.
  11. Dig Dug

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Claire's weapons don't seem great at first but I can't complain about the grenade launcher either one shotting or stun locking lickers.
  12. Dig Dug

    Your retro youtube videos

    Wasn't sure where else to leave this considering some of the games on it aren't even that old but this will do. It gave me something to do. Maybe I'll make more videos in the future.
  13. Dig Dug

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Quite a few of those points are addressed in this video if you have hours to spare. The game going from spin-off to sequel allowed the development team to expand on it quite a bit.
  14. He may have also died before its release but the switch is a natural evolution of the wii u concept and I would be very surprised if he didn't play a role in its creation.
  15. Dig Dug

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Back on this after an RE2 break. I’ve found Ike suits me very well so I’m going to main him for the time being. He’s a stupid character with one of the most degenerate play styles in the game and it’s helping him win a lot. Also because I have a thing for people hating me I’ve started learning Olimar.

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