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  1. One of the road maps will just be a Trello board where fans can move around tickets with images of celebrities. This will be a tiered unlock that will seed them another 1 million dollars, obviously.
  2. I thought Mr X in RE2 Remake was done brilliantly, but a friend of mine was loving the game and just stopped playing when they encountered it. RE2 Remake is just brilliant, one of the games of the generation for me. I've played Leon A, Claire B and Claire A...on Leon B at the moment, playing every now and then. The only thing I'd say is the Police Station chunk is the real star of the game, the latter bits fall off into pretty standard RE fare.
  3. I'm a complete Ace Combat novice, playing on pad, and before trying VR I was using first person HUD view. After being blown away by VR and the head tracking the first person views felt too claustrophobic due to the reduced fidelity of looking around, which I know doesn't make sense since HUD only is pretty much the same. Maybe I just like seeing my plane stall in third person EDIT : Also plane porn I agree with the wingmen comment, so far no feeling of cameraderie or that they do anything at all in the missions...it's all up to Trigger Bounced my plane off the sea recently, that was novel
  4. So I've been playing this on and off but today it really clicked. So there's frustration at the instant fail missions (like old school wing commander) but playing it today and it just got completely Awesome. The mission called First Contact which was my first experience with 'proper weather' and the effect it has on the plane and how superb it all looks in third person when it happens. A later mission flying under cloud cover was brilliantly done too. And with the soundtrack kicking in as well, the music is incredible. And the realisation that early on it's a lot easier if you have the A10 What a game.
  5. I'm more interested in the entertainment factor, it's games!
  6. All of the impressions and photo mode posts here really make it seem like a game that is way way north of the reviews.
  7. And while I'm here, the brutes are the absolute worst thing in halo gunplay, with the elites it was awesome to use energy weapons to disrupt their shields and ballistic / melee to finish them off
  8. This is exactly what I thought when I was watching the footage, the gameplay and interaction with the ai seemed way behind 1, ODST and Reach. They showed a map screen...in a worldwide gameplay reveal for Halo they showed a map screen
  9. Sweet christ it's just pundits like the footy but without any info
  10. Yeah in Souls the parrying just didn't click with me so I never used it at all. In BB you're completely right, the inconsistency was offputting...I'd see videos of folk parrying certain boss attacks when I'd given up on certain regularly attacks just not being interruptible, can't remember if there was visual signposting / tell I was missing. Sekiro I need to go back to...at some stage.
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing when the Twitter lot were moaning about a poor Nintendo Direct (Mini!)...at least games come out globally at the same time mostly and run at full speed, can just buy the local hardware!
  12. Same, videogamesplus.ca used to get all my money for XBOX and GC games back in the day when not only did they come out earlier but were also cheaper due to exchange rates
  13. I agree with all of this but am super sad that it's only Bloodborne that rewards aggression with giving you lost health back in that window after it's dealt The best double handed run I've done in DS has been partially shielded due to bosses doing me in before I could dodge.
  14. Started watching this a few weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and I've been staying clear of reading anything in this thread. Really hooked me, watched it all. I was completely blown away by this, absolutely incredible, unashamedly what it wants to be, not dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator and some of the best TV series I've ever seen. Think it will be a great one to rewatch too.
  15. I was thinking the same
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