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  1. probotector

    BBFC Want to classify Internet Videos

    It’s funny because it’s true! Luckily im on the toilet
  2. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    I think at least suicide squad is something new and I enjoyed it for that. wonder woman was probably the blandest super hero flick I’ve seen. Totally safe and inoffensive.
  3. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    That’s what the press told you as part of its marketing campaign. it was basically a dull captain America remake
  4. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Don't get me wrong. It was a shit film but it hit a nerve with the general population. Internet geeks hate anything popular yet things popular with internet geeks tend to always flop!
  5. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Suicide Squad is remembered and it had a cultural impact. Wonder Woman had some hype and was quickly forgotten. I really enjoyed Batman V Superman, especially the extended cut. Justice League on the other hand is probably the worst film i've seen in a long time!
  6. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Yeah, financially and culturally. Wonder Woman was a hit as well but they threw so much fake praise at it that it couldn't fail...
  7. probotector

    Aladdin - Live Action

    You had me until guy ritchie. i think he’s past his prime now but I don’t think they screw it up too hard as they have the blue prints already.
  8. Can’t wait for season 2, might rewatch it all again for the 5th time. It’s the most alpha move to make!
  9. probotector

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Why would they reset the only hit movie they had from the DCEU? plus they can’t get rid of Harley Quinn, she’s in that other movie as well isn’t she? warners are a cluster fuck!
  10. probotector

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, the social/community stuff can be amazing but there are a lot of toxic gamers out there that make it miserable for some. The community aspect really makes the game, i would have stopped playing a long time ago otherwise
  11. probotector

    Pokemon Go

    In a big city, I think it's easy. You see the same faces all the time, loads of people are on the main fb group as well as discord. You get tons to other smaller groups too. It's like a massive real world RPG. We make our own story lines, beefs, romances, gossip etc! Pogo has it all! Quite a few relationships have started as well!
  12. probotector

    The Man in the High Castle

    Really like the idea of this but I couldnt get into the first season
  13. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    Wall St Journal have got their info from suppliers. They also say although sales are strong, the market expects mega sales spikes from Nintendo and the only way is new hardware...which is true!
  14. probotector

    Pokemon Go

    Sounds like a worse version of birmingham! There is bulling going on which is sad especially among adults. I bully the elite! But I'm a casual elite and proud!

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