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  1. To say they were both equally abusive is unfair. she’s a serial abuser. On topic, Depp is too good for this shoddy franchise.
  2. I kinda like being thought of as some master troll! if only it were true
  3. No trollin yo Justice League was probably the most painful watch ever. The colours were off, probably the worst Batman ever and totally different to the badass in BvS. Worst of all was the marvelification, awful awful quips as bad as any from RDJ. I’m genuinely looking forward to the Snyder cut. The dude has only made one bad film
  4. I loved Batman V Superman. It was a comic on screen. This is why people were so upset. They prefer bland shite from Disney. Its probably the best looking and sounding comic book movie and I’ve seen it multiple times.
  5. I honestly got a bigger laugh out of reading a description of the ruddy scene, if I had seen it blind, it would have been hilarious. We know this happens a lot, we now have it camera! That’s the point! I think the best part is Borat and his daughter doing a 90s rap cover during the credits. The actress playing his daughter has a great voice!
  6. Yeah the colours look like some thought has been put into them rather than Wheaton just cranking up the brightness, vibrancy and Saturation dials up to 100. Snyder always delivers IMO. The dude knows style and how do del Kerry maximum epicness. Just leave your cinematic snobbishness at the door and you’re in for a treat!
  7. it is a 90s Look but now timeless! My fav get up
  8. I think this might actually be the most important film this decade with the controversy it’s making. SBC is the one to defeat the republicants
  9. That’s great! I have a nowtv through a trade!
  10. Is banshee on any streaming services? I never started the last season
  11. Well his dad is Australian and his mum is cockney...? Also, I only found out the other week that Homelander is not only also a kiwi along with Urban but he also played Lucas Hood in the awesome Banshee
  12. The funny thing with the court scene when when I watched it multiple times before this week was that I was surprised how everyone’s head was popping but AOC seemed to miraculously survive. I put it down to plot armour as that scene heavily focused on her apparent reaction/panic
  13. The white genocide scene was great. It’s also great that this show is highlighting the batshit cray that is being peddled in the US mainstream with these nazis in plain sight. Thought the series was a bit slow but the finale was great.
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