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  1. My first Pokemon game since the original game Boy games. Only really got into Pokemon because of Pokemon go but seeing massive issues on the local pogo page about “spoilers” around which Pokemon are in the game. Is this a thing or just “spoiler culture”
  2. Just be careful yarring Disney stuff. You will get a letter from your isp within a day!,
  3. Pretty sure the slim can be had for £150ish? PS5 is going to be a beast. Cerny is in charge still,
  4. I’ve been going through some older photos and practicing with some moody winter edits. Feedback welcome! I’ve also found that on Instagram, when someone asks for feedback, they don’t want help, they just want to be told how awesome their photos are! But I’m happy for constructive feedback!
  5. Holdo is dead? No Rose hopefully. Dreadfully bland and annoying and only there to distract us from Finn being shipped with Rey.
  6. Watched it today and a lot of my thoughts match opinions already placed. Amazingly tense and provoking film. It was fun, uplifting, scarey, thrilling. It was very old fashioned and character, dialog driven rather than action, even then, the action is grounded and simple. One thing missed is all in, loved it
  7. it looks pretty good? He’s timed it just right so that the figures fit in the triangle shadow? I guess we all have our style but I would up the contrast/blacks and whites and maybe exposure down a bit or match the shadow consistency but I guess it’s down to taste and the only taste that matters is that of the creator!
  8. On holiday in Istanbul this week and a great opportunity for some night shots. It’s just amazing how much more interesting a photo becomes once you reduce the temp and the blues and other details pop out of it dull orange!
  9. Outrun? Not a chance. Little to no skill involved in the drifting and bland forgettable tracks. Ridge Racer is the king and hopefully we get another entry next year for the new PlayStation!
  10. just to add even more context to that. I went to most likely another Asda in another part of the country for GTA4 at midnight and it was the same story there. I also remember getting MGS5 from GAME on a random high street. I came back to my car after 10 minutes to find a £35 ticket. No parking on that side of the road before 1pm!
  11. same here Hopefully it’ll be more than just PS4 backwards compatibility as I need some ridge racer
  12. Really enjoying this too. Best part is the quality Manual and poster to bring back that quality 16bit feeling
  13. So many opinions I agree with in here! fire stingray for the reasons given and port town 2 was the best track! twin noritta was amazing in x though!
  14. Some more portraits that I’ve been processing over the week Any constructive feedback is welcome!
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