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  1. Would prefer Netflix. I subbed to YouTube to watch this and actually paid for season 1
  2. Do you think they would kick off if someone made Mario or Nintendo themed AC costumes! Also, had a visitor at Wuhan tonight
  3. I’m really proud of my market area. I’ve been fine tuning it to make sure it’s optimised for epic screenshots! Still fine turning but the Yakuza alley has cost me maybe 200 wood making stalls but now I need to customise them which is going for take a while but I need a break for a few days! These screenshots are from a few days ago but things are progressing
  4. made two visits and tip left. I think I’ll avoid the Wednesday rush in future. Way too much hassle compared to just flying in and doing the deal
  5. I thought you can’t take turnips from a house? Ive unbest friended people I do know never mind people I’ve never met!
  6. Just wondering, do fare flowers grow back I’ve plucked? Surely they would need to dig the whole thing up? j
  7. ive got a full set I think, do you still need them?
  8. Has anyone got any Japanese signs? Also museum/menu signs? I’ve seen people with vertical signs.
  9. Yeah, I’m going to just make my own. I would prefer a trashy run down one as my concept is it’s hidden away from the cutesy market, so you take a wrong turn and suddenly you’re in the wrong ride of town and about to get jacked by one of my villagers
  10. I’m in the process of making a market. It’s gradually expanded. I’ve got a picturesque market area with a pink/white canal side Venice theme going and a wuhan style wet market street food area and now working on a Japanese yakuza backstreet! Just need to source some Japanese signs! I found this with some good ideas though
  11. Sold and made £2m and tip left but it looks like your island has crashed so couldn’t make a 2nd round :p
  12. Thank you!! My prices have been going up all week, now at 52! Make a peak on Friday
  13. haha didn’t see the time! Nice island!
  14. I am expecting big prices tomorrow. Hopefully a PM bonanza rather than AM
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