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  1. Thor Ragnorak was maybe the first Marvel film apart from Guardians to not look like a TV show! It’s also the best Marvel film and I thought Thor was lame before that came out! It really hit the right tone for the character...because Thor is lame
  2. Yeah it’s a great podcast. Am I right in thinking that they’re going through the seasons again one by one and redoing the podcast or are they just reuploading old podcasts on to the new account?
  3. I’ve only ever liked him in the crown tbh. I just seem to have developed a negative view of the guy, I think it may have been that I didn’t like his Dr.
  4. FFS Matt Smith needs to go away He’s also the kids of death for any project
  5. I can see how they tried it. He got busted by the bad politicians and then made his own Aldi Shield but the biggest problem with this series was the flag shaggers and it also being only 6 eps. It just felt rushed yet empty at the same time.
  6. Might give this a go on switch. Love Super R-Type and Delta, the rest being kinda boring, Final being the worst of the lot while Delta is genuinely on the best shooters around. I loaded the video expecting it to look shit but it seems aright and more Delta than Final.
  7. I’ll be honest. I love all the transformers films. The destruction and action is like a live action anime. Micheal Bay is the master. I hope they get rid of Mark Wahlberg though
  8. Yeah, it’s pretty inconsistent. Battle star died after a little push from Kali but Sam gets thrown around full force and takes on Fake Cap in a 3 on one and fights and takes damage to a similar degree as Bucky, a super soldier with 70 years fighting experience and brainwashing
  9. Nah. His costume is dope. Proper 90s callback like you say. It does make him look jacked though. I thought his broad shoulders and chest in that costume looked great. Superheros are supposed to be larger than life.
  10. History will be kinder to him, just like many of Micheal Bay’s films are now seen as classics.
  11. Except Snyder is one of the most distinct and original directors working today.
  12. Nebula is maybe the best part of end game and infinity war...
  13. If it’s not directed by Spielberg and has very little to do with Lucas, is it really even Indy even with Ford? The only person I would trust with this property is...JJ Abrahams. He’s the only one that can make a Spielberg style film.
  14. I kinda found him likeable tbh. He doesn’t come across as a complete dick. He’s just a try hard and wants to be liked and do his part for his country. I read up on his origins. He’s supposed to be the complete opposite of the patriotism that Captain America stood for.
  15. I like those 3 though. Freeman’s problem is that he’s CIA but painted as a good guy.
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