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  1. probotector

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    I thought it was intentional...give it all a stop motion effect...
  2. probotector

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    I can play all the game ones on my N64
  3. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    They could have made a small wave race or fzero game or quick HD remakes for the same time it too for boxboy, a filler game no one will be buy and even less will buy.
  4. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s not?
  5. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    Boxboy looks like shovelware. Im surprised it’s a Nintendo game?
  6. probotector

    Best implementation of the worst features

    Fifa 19 IAP
  7. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    I went into CEX the other day. The switch prices for games were insane. £50 for Mario Kart 2nd hand! Is anyone paying that much? It’s £40 new?
  8. probotector

    Nintendo Switch

    No one buys Nintendo consoles for 3rd party shit.
  9. probotector

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Hopefully he doesn’t choke on his ambition
  10. Who knew Tetris Battle Royale would force us all to play Tetris much more aggressively. The Quest for No1 has forced us to evolve!
  11. I did my first t-spin the other day. i did feel badass
  12. probotector

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Ah maybe!
  13. probotector

    Alita: Battle Angel

    I always thought it was called Battle Engine: Alita
  14. A couple of games, it found 99 players with a second or two. Really impressive. Wonder what the numbers are for this.
  15. probotector

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    Super Mario world 3D once that is on Switch, we can pretend the wiiu and 3ds never existed.

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