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  1. That's what I thought so stopped using resurrection but no it still happens when you die enough, I did die like loads to a certain boss (LB) but after a break went back and did her. The combat is starting to click for me too though it's so fast and brutal that when you get owned you really get owned, more so than in Souls or BB and that can be demoralising and frustrating. There are so many skills to unlock and add to your repertoire that I genuinely am excited about NG+ as I hope that will be when I fall in love with it! Saying that I am now Power Level 3 and it sure makes a difference with the average grunts, I just went through and demolished everyone in the dream place like a rampaging shinobi, apart from those two spear dudes in the woods they can fucking do one. Just met another mini boss, there's so many, I died.
  2. Yeah I'm really not sold on the combat or the world and they are the two main things I love about Bloodborne and Dark Souls, it's a good game but it's really grating when a boss can kill me in 2 hits and when I hit her it takes a little sliver of her large health bar of which she has two. I'm hoping it gets better but after 15 hours of battling away I must say I'm a little disappointed I'm hoping by keeping at it my mind and feelings will change.
  3. Thanks did actually make it just after this post and old horsey boy too can't wait to crack on.
  4. They don't seem to heal much and it's over time too, just like the awful healing stones in DS2.
  5. Lol!! Thanks dude, I did just beat the boss I was complaining about, I really need to get a grasp on how powerful the deflect is, the combat is such a departure from souls combat that I am definitely struggling, Vaati was spot on when he said old habits will make it harder. It's still rather mean though, 3 pathetic heals.
  6. I'm loving the game but having 3 shitty heals to deal with these hardcore bosses who can kill you in a couple of hits is so fucking mean, by this point in DS3 I could have 5 or 6 heals.
  7. Ok so after Ogre and the general
  8. How are people getting a stealth attack on JtD? I creep up behind him and don't get the red death blow icon? Scratch that I did it! Whooo!
  9. Lol, spoilered because I don't want to ruin it but after the mini-boss following the Ogre
  10. I got my arse handed to me if that helps!
  11. Ok so I got him but not sure the spear parry helped as I stealthed him for one dot and then managed to just keep dodging to my right and spamming r1, I died at one point and resurrected and managed to kill him after about 10 or so attempts. It's so hard and actually feels a bit unfair at times due to the amount of damage these guys do.
  12. Yep just managed it by stealth killing the first one and running past the second, some pellets and a mibu balloon of soul and then died to the second one. How are you finding the spear guys? Is it just me or are they insanely hard?
  13. This is the correct way.
  14. Enemies you can parry are fine, it's quite a forgiving system, more so than souls I think. It's the dudes whose attacks you can't parry that are the problem for me, the dodging system is no where near as forgiving or intuitive as souls or bloodborne, you should give it a go it's brilliant though frustrating too!
  15. You met the spear bastards yet? I managed to kill the mini boss version but then there's two of them in these bamboo woods who just absolutely ruin me and can't even parry them, I need to know what they're guarding!

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