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  1. Systems that allow players to communicate without speaking. In Dark Souls 3 gestures are available and the way the community used them to communicate with each other was genius. Then there is Apex Legends and Respawn have really take this to the next level with their contextual ping system, you could spot enemies in Battlefield and it 's just like that but so much more. Highlight enemies, suggest locations to go to, explain what you are doing and where (looting over here), even I need x ammo or attachment, it's genius!
  2. Yeah episode 5 is incredible, so good!
  3. I just want to give Stephen Graham a big hug.
  4. I thought it was passable. Some funny scenes, some horrific scenes and some great performances though overall it was just kinda flat. My main problem was the guy who plays yo-yo just seems to lack charisma entirely, just like his character in girls. I liked all the supporting cast but he bored the shit out of me in this. I give it a solid 7.5 as it’s not bad per-say just not great.
  5. Just watched the first episode. Fucking brilliant!
  6. I can't wait to watch this judging by the impressions!
  7. Well I really enjoyed that last episode I thought it was the best of the 3.
  8. Cool soundtrack though right? Dopplereffekt! Had me stoked and I know you like your electro too (or maybe I confused you with another poster if so sorry!). It is pretty silly at points and some of the things the characters do is beyond absurd even if they're tripping balls but I enjoyed it, Noe is great with the camera and style.
  9. Just watching episode 3, noticed in the background when Ashley's managers are all discussing her
  10. Oops shit, sorry! I thought he was before Horsey McHorse Face, apologies!
  11. How did you fare with the flaming bull?
  12. Minion

    Which Dark Souls?

    I played Dark Souls 3 first (after Bloodborne) and I found it very magical, it has the best combat, the best bosses, the best weapons and gear and builds and is most balanced.
  13. Minion

    Which Dark Souls?

    Get Dark Souls 3, it's the best one by far or Bloodborne but I find Bloodborne is better played in the autumn due to it's gothic horror atmosphere. Sekiro is the same studio but I wouldn't say it's that similar, there are no rpg elements or world exploration or weapon/build variety or even much NPC interaction. Just go for Dark Souls 3
  14. I watched the first episode, it seems just as boring as every other crappy Marvel show. I think I'l save myself the hassle and bin it, there's plenty of better things to watch.
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