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  1. I've got a switch with the pro controller, likewise I can't play games on a phone. I haven't pulled the trigger yet though, just going to try and get back in to Elite Dangerous and see how I get on, I have till tomorrow before it goes up in price but judging by the comments in this thread it's a must buy.
  2. Thanks guys. Yep I kind of expected that, now I'm wondering how all the DLC I bought for DS3 will work, surely I'll just be able to download it or I can move the installs over via a harddrive, Bloodborne shouldn't be a problem as I have the disc and it's the GOTY edition, now Monster Hunter will be interesting as I traded that in and don't have the install but do have my save, well hopefully it will all become clearer in the not too distant future.
  3. I'm going to be fucking livid if my Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 saves do not carry over, there is over 2000 hours of pure From joy in those 2 saves.
  4. How hard is this, I see @smac describes it as chilled is that right?
  5. Good to know for the future, thanks.
  6. This is very true, Bloodborne was my first and that first area with the villagers around the fire took me SO SO long, and I was met with some severe roadblocks with a couple of bosses. After I completed it I went into DS3 and I did the whole game without summoning as I had learnt the mindset and techniques needed to beat these games.
  7. BBCode is gone, you now have to use the little button in the editor.
  8. Damn I'm stupid, thanks for explaining.
  9. Erm maybe, I definitely had to download an app, is that what I did wrong?
  10. I subscribed to pc game pass yesterday for a quid to plat halo reach but once subscribed all it offered me was just over a pound off the price, I thought these games were included? I ended up cancelling and buying it from steam instead. Then my laptop didn’t really like it which was annoying.
  11. Mine too weirdly, but they've delivered stuff to me before and in the my addresses section my full address is there, I'm sure it's fine.
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