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  1. I was actually going to delete the wifi connection from mine and turn off the router before turning it on! I actually use lan but I set up the wifi when I got it to do the transfer from the ps4... I don't know any other way
  2. Wow thats bad, I'm just going to keep my console offline till this blows over I think
  3. Ahh doubling down. Classy. Re: the ship health issue: It does seem unnecessarily mean, they could have limited it to a one time use but refill you back to full health which would have been kinder.
  4. Yeah if you can DONT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE PATCH It's totally fucked and could completely wipe your entire save file
  5. I don't get why in situations like this they don't just release the old patch as a new version, basically a rollback. As a dev whenever I do a deployment I have a corresponding backout to revert to the pre deployment state, I hope they can manage something like that very quickly.
  6. Damn that sounds bad, I don't want to install this patch I wonder if I can delete it.
  7. Do you have a cloud save? Have you tried playing in offline mode? I had a few scouts in the challenge mode but I couldn't interact with them beyond seeing where they died.
  8. I've not had any crashses or issues bar falling through the world once and it just respawned me where I was about a minute later, it's a shame to hear about so many crashes and this new save file thing @imp has, please let us know how you get on with that. For me it's the biggest surprise I've had in gaming since Apex was suddenly announced and launched in the same evening and everyone turning from derision whilst we waited to Oh Shit this game is seriously GOOD. I'm scared to install this patch now.
  9. I don't remember doing that last night lol! I didn't complete the biome maybe thats why? Oh well thanks dude!
  10. Would you mind spelling it out to me please because I can't work it out! lol
  11. Sorry another question for people who've complete it who may be more observant than me, major story spoilers so don't read this please if you haven't completed the game:
  12. Now that we've all learned you can open those gates that the chests sit behind does anyone know how you access certain areas in biome 4 that are too high to jump too and don't have a grapple - there is often a gun sitting on them, I'm very confused as to how you get there?
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