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  1. Dark Souls 3

    Lol wtf has happened to your account Mark?
  2. Dark Souls 3

    I'm doing a Soul Level 1 run, no summoning. But thanks anyway
  3. Dark Souls 3

    My god I hate The NK so much right now. Considering just going to SoC instead
  4. Dark Souls 3

    It's not dumb but it's generally accepted that Knight is a great starting class for beginners. When you say the first boss do you mean Iudex Gundyr? If so consider restarting with a knight as that's basically the start of the game and you get a sweet shield, weapon and armour.
  5. Dark Souls 3

    What class did you choose?
  6. A movie watchers blog

    But he must have seen Oldboy as he mentions the corridor scene?
  7. Dark Souls 3

    Right well I just got the Twin's after trying all weekend, fucked the video though as I did the exact same thing I did when I beat Gundyr and pressed the video button instead of options and backed out, so annoying! It's all the adrenaline that's pumping through me I think, man it was pretty tough the second phase is mental, definitely the hardest fight I've done so far after The Dancer, she still remains the toughest I think. So now SoC and NK are the only main game bosses left. I think I'll try and get some goodies from Ariandel first.
  8. Dark Souls 3

    Woah wtf that's ridiculous - it says this in the description: The DARK SOULS™ III Deluxe Edition includes the full game & the Season Pass So what is this discount price?
  9. Dark Souls 3

    The TP at SL1 is fucking hard, 2nd phase wrecks me every time.
  10. Bloodborne

    If you want a hint in regards to the boulder attack:
  11. Dark Souls 3

    Enjoy! You don't need to have played 2, it's really not very good anyway. DS3 feels like the game Miyazaki wanted to make with DS1. I might start a new character as well for some fun co-op/PvP action, hoping the sale will bring some new blood to the game.
  12. Bloodborne

    Yep, I had to summon @DC to get me through Rom first time, it's a really annoying fight.
  13. Dark Souls 3

    When I first started I had come off the back of hundreds of hours of Bloodborne and I really didn't take to it immediately, my comments are somewhere in these 200 odd pages but by the time I had finished my first playthrough I was smitten and played more and more, loads of PvP, loads of builds and now a SL1 run. I think the more PvP oriented nature of this game compared to Bloodborne really helped as well as the diverse builds and playstyles. Oh and Solaire cos-playing I mean moments like this just elevate the game, I was the Solaire summon (there's also many times you get griefed or ganked but it's all fun)
  14. Dark Souls 3

    I do, it's my favourite game. All personal opinion of course.
  15. Dark Souls 3


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