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  1. So I did a search and couldn't find a thread for this which really surprised me as it's frankly marvellous. Granted I've only watched the first two episode but they were really good. Anyone catch this whilst it was on?
  2. Minion

    Killing Of A Sacred Deer

    I feel like Yorgos Lanthimos is really influenced by Kubrick in the way he shoots this one, lots of wide angled shots accentuating the perspective in the frame. Actors who might seem wooden in the delivery but the effect is a sort of detachment from reality highlighting the medium. I liked this but prefer The Lobster as it felt more original whereas this to me was apeing his cinematic hero Kubrick too much, and frankly no one has done Kubrick better than P.T.Anderson.
  3. Enjoyed this but prefer Mark Cousins The Story of Film.
  4. Minion

    Street Fighter

    Just posting this here in case anyone missed it, a great article about the making of Street Fighter, have a read and enjoy. Van Damme sounds suitably mental. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2018/jul/16/inside-street-fighter-movie-jean-claude-van-damme-kylie-minogue
  5. Didn't know about this, I'll try and catch it on iplayer, thanks.
  6. Minion

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Man I'm so gutted, I just did a lap of the challenge where I was ahead of @spatular all the way right up until the last bridge where I got over excited and totally fucked it, of course his lap was probably just a practice I expect him to improve on it massively. I do love this car on this course though.
  7. Sorry I replied in my online challenge thread. As I mentioned there the season pass is totally worth it, it adds so much to the game that it's a no brainer, not sure what the current price is mind.
  8. Minion

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Hi stefcha, yeah this is the last week of the rllmuk challenges, if there's an appetite for more then after a few weeks break I might start again. If you're brand new to the game though then there will be lots of cars locked away from you at present, I recommend you complete all the SP stuff and get the season pass if you haven't as it increases the content massively probably more than what was in the original game, it's dlc that is actually worth it. Also there's cars locked away behind club ratings unfortunately so you ideally need to get into a club. I'm in rlllmuk Deltas but I'm not the leader and I don't think there's any space, I would recommend posting in the main driveclub thread and seeing if anyone could let you into their club as you will immediately gain that club level and have those cars unlocked.
  9. Minion

    RLLMUK Driveclub Weekly Time Trial Challenge 2018

    Well that was indeed a good challenge I'm glad it was happily received, I love that track and that car, I love Ferraris in general tbh! Congrats to @spatularfor an absolutely incredible time and to all contestants for giving it a good go, good job @PDogg you almost broke the 50 which is crazy! I can't really be bothered to post pics and what not but the leaderboard is available in game and the current league leaderboard will be on the OP very shortly. So for the last challenge I've gone for another point to point, personally I think it's the most beautiful one in the game, so enjoy the final drive mukkers, the car is incredibly maneuverable which is needed for the hairpins here.
  10. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Definitely the best I can remember, loads of goals, loads of exciting games and seemingly great hosts!
  11. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Congrats to France, 2 times World Cup winners so better than England and Spain then!
  12. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Best final since....?
  13. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  14. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Wow. Allez Les Bleus!
  15. Minion

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Stay classy. Oops no too late.

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