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  1. We need some Battletech representation up in here. Sorry it's blurry and also sorry if my paint job is bad
  2. I'd love to be playing this but apparently mines still in the royal mail warehouse in Birmingham...shopto normally are very good with getting things to me day of release, probably covid issues. Oh well I'll just be patient.
  3. First try at zenithal highlight and OSL. Still a lot to learn. Did I get the effect right?
  4. Thanks. I struggle with the steadiness due to an essential tremor linked to my neurological disorders but I have a little trick. Yeah I didn't clean him very well either was too eager to paint. I've got nothing to do stuck in the house so I've been painting like mad. Suppose it's good practice! Thanks for the kinds words and I will try thinning the paints a bit more too. I usually do two thin coats but again was too excited with this sculpt
  5. Wee imperial psyker I resin printed and tried to do a decent job on. Tried.
  6. Testing some new brushes. Not my best but hope it's ok. I aspire to get as good as some of the amazing pics in here but realise I likely won't. Love seeing all your pics!
  7. Keeping my animal crossing island open today for anyone playing friend code is SW-8081-6314-9626
  8. So, my gran died a year ago, this will be our second Xmas without her and she was a MASSIVE part of my life. Not been feeling too festive but I realised that's not how she would want me to be so toget in festive mood I did this.
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