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  1. Tim Follin Friday - Gauntlet 3 (C64) - Title Theme
  2. 2012 maybe (well the first half at least) Early 2000's when Williams BMW, Renault and Honda were reasonably competitive Jordan and Stewart both won races and had multiple podiums (and pole positions) in 1999
  3. Yeah, as this goes on it's looking more likely we wont have one. Hate to say/think it, but I think we'll be without Renault/Haas/Williams next year as well (certainly in their current form) unless things change.
  5. If even “defender of the Jaguar/CDI” @Nathan Wind says something is bad you know it’s terrible. so I fully expect Lorf to embrace it
  6. Mine too. Crazy predictions ahoy: Racing Point will win a race this season
  7. Well in to @bradigor for being a top sport about the whole tattoo thing as well
  8. 25 mins to save the tattoo
  9. The Master System PSG sound is way better than the FM sound ‘upgrade’
  10. it’s the Hyperkin Cable https://hyperkinlab.com/3-in-1-hdtv-cable-for-gamecube-n64-super-nes-hyperkin/ Amazon sell them (well they do here at least) which is where I got mine from.
  11. a wild YouTube video appears! Not the best quality and I promise my TV isn't on the piss despite how it looks, this was filmed on an iPhone wedged between some coasters. Its a US NTSC console on a 55" 4k LG tv. Let me know if you want to see any closeups etc. I think it looks OK considering the cost of the cable and the fact that the N64 always looks like you are viewing on a screen with Vaseline smeared all over it.
  12. I have one of those, its basically just an s-video to hdmi converter. It works pretty well and there is no noticeable lag. I can take some photos of the picture quality if anyone is interested.
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