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  1. I distinctly remember a PC mag I bought previewing this and Messiah. It's scary to think it was 20 years ago
  2. I used to game on PC and gave it up, I just couldn't be arsed with the hassle. You buy a game on release and find that your combination of hardware causes shit frame rates or micro stuttering, and you have to wait for drivers to be released, or fanny about editing config files in wordpad. At least on consoles the worst case scenario is a 30gb day one patch. As for game prices, I very rarely buy games on release. If I do though, The Game Collection sell most new releases for £38, which is reasonable. I never buy digital, those prices are a joke.
  3. Because Novigrad is like a maze, and if I don't use the white dots I inevitably end up on the wrong side of a wall from my destination.
  4. I wish there was an arrow above your head or something instead of the minimap. I really feel like using the minimap has seriously hindered my enjoyment of the game. I can barely remember Novigrad because I was looking at the white dots the whole time. Something like the bar Bethesda use would've been perfect - not at all intrusive, but still gives you a general idea of what's around you.
  5. I've just had my two best moments in the game Both had me smiling to myself, they were proper heartwarming
  6. I did the palio horse racing quest last night, it's the first time I've been properly annoyed with the game. I couldn't see where I was going, and it was an instant mission fail if you deviated slightly from the correct line. One time it spawned me on the sea bed
  7. Knives Out - 5/5 I thought it was going to be more like an old-fashioned Sherlock Holmes adventure, so I wasn't sure about it at the start. It totally won me over though, great performances by all, and some really funny bits
  8. @Talk Show Host I love the fist fights! I expected them to be terrible, but I find them really fun. The swimming is hot garbage, mind
  9. Shopkeepers saying: You don't sell any of those things!
  10. Yeah, once you've crafted a potion, you never need to craft it again. Every time you sleep they're replenished. So meditation actually has a purpose
  11. The last time I started this I didn't bother with potions. I thought what's the point when you use have to keep brewing them I didn't realise it's a one-time thing. I do find potions and oils to be fiddly to use - the quick menu has been done better in other games. I didn't even know how to use my second slot of consumables for the first 15 hours. Trying to hold the dpad down during the heat of battle is a right pain. The lore and world-building are so deep in this, and I love the feeling of peasant villages being nothing but shit and mud.
  12. What happened to Walkers turkey and stuffing? They were the best.
  13. It is a bit budget, they'd only made two games beforehand.
  14. You can switch enemy upscaling off in options.
  15. I read so many comments saying stay away from performance mode on xbone X, that 4K was the way to go. Well it's definitely not, the responsiveness of performance mode makes the game so much better.
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