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  1. You always get offered a hero in the first pass of each of the packs.
  2. I had a decent time with my Switch this year with Dead Cells and Darkest Dungeon. But for me it would always have to be a secondary gaming system. Backing me up when i want to play on the couch while my wife watches tv or on the train but playing second fiddle to my PC or PlayStation because there's just not enough stuff there to keep me busy. I'd be disappointed if it was my only gaming system.
  3. Yeah but there's also competitive draft. One called Phantom which you need a ticket for and get prizes if you can get past 2 wins before losing twice and there's also keeper draft which requires you to have two tickets and buy 5 packs. In that mode it also has rewards but you also keep all the cards you draft.
  4. I think if you're on board with ccgs then Artifact is probably the best value one out there. It's looking like you'll be able to build whole decks for less than 2 quid. And you can also play the draft mode with all the cards for free once you buy the game. But if you're not on the ccg train (which is totally fair because they're not the cheapest) then Artifact isn't the grand saviour.
  5. No worries, I don't blame you tbh the icon depicting rarity is crap. There's a little symbol at the bottom of the card kind of like a head with horns. If that symbol is gold then it's a rare card. The card backs being gold in game I think depicts items that you buy in the shop phase. So if you're looking at your opponents hand you can tell which cards are normal cards and which ones he picked up during the shop phase.
  6. That's because she's uncommon rather than rare and common & uncommon card prices are low because of the amount of them you get.
  7. Yeah I really wouldn't go judging prices by day one. People will be flooding cards onto the market and the only things that will hold any value are the top tier heroes. But even then you only need one copy of them per deck. Prices will drop significantly.
  8. Yeah that's fair. But in the context of how ccgs do operate this one is pretty generous. Also if you want to deckbuild then you can draft for free too, which is what I plan on doing until prices drop so low that I can pick up the majority of cards for like 15 quid.
  9. Axe will be down to less than a tenner in a few days. He's only that expensive because it's the first day. To be fair to Valve it's probably the best value ccg out there atm. Once you buy the game you can play with every card for free.
  10. Zael

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Citation needed.
  11. I'm not sure if this is in the doc or not but her most recent theory is that it wasn't the police who planted the blood but Bobby and/or Scott. She reasoned that even if the police did break in and see a pool of blood in the sink they'd assume it was Theresa's not Averys. Or at the very least they couldn't be sure it was his. Bobby and Scott on the other hand knew Steven had a cut on his finger because he got a plaster off his sister for it. They also would have known it was safe to break in because Steven had driven off with Brendan. They probably didn't go in specifically for blood but instead to look for stuff to plant, saw the blood in the sink and capitalised on that knowing it had to be Stevens. Personally I've no idea. I'm conscious of the fact that Netflix really does just want to give you one side of this. But that's Zellners theory anyway.
  12. Zael

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Having a general disdain for the wider gaming audience is a sign of a well adjusted person tbh. They're pretty horrible.
  13. The gaming community is a cesspool because of people like you. Just full of spoiled, entitled wankers.

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