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  1. Yeah for sure he was brilliant. Maybe I'm being too harsh on the writers and it's just the actors left aren't as good. I dunno, something has changed anyway.
  2. I think the writing has gotten worse since season 4ish. I really enjoy the "talky" bits of game of thrones but for all the praise the last two episodes has gotten there hasn't been anywhere near the quality of a scene like Robert and Cersei talking about their marriage or the Tywin and Arya scenes or the Varys and Littlefinger scenes. It's either fanservice nods to the favourite characters or just middling dialogue at best.
  3. Zael

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Finally got Ascension 20 down. It was a losing run until I got the apparition event and then runic pyramid made sure of it.
  4. Diablo is one of those blizzard games that seem pretty shallow but if you want to get into it there's a wealth of things to learn and improve on. It's a bit like WoW where you only really start engaging with the more complicated and interesting mechanics at the level cap.
  5. Zael

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Ah ok I never noticed anything like that but I'm playing on PC which might be different.
  6. Zael

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Parrys will never break your posture so if you find yourself in that position then timing your blocks will keep you in the fight.
  7. Zael

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Yeah I understand what you're saying I think there was another guy in the thread who is having the same problem. That sounds annoying as hell. Just saying for the, I'd say, vast majority not having the symbol would make things a lot worse. An option to turn it off would be nice.
  8. Zael

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I think the game would be a lot worse without them. There are a lot of different swings that opponents use and having something tell you "this is a move you can't block" is vital. Think about the sweep. Without the symbol on some opponents it would be so difficult to tell that the wind up is going to lead to an unblockable move as opposed to just a normal swing.
  9. Zael

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    The Sekiro conversations I've seen have really opened my eyes up to how a lot of people play these games. There's a lot of cheesing bosses, grinding levels to overpower a boss, summoning for help etc. It kind of pokes holes in the Miyazaki vision line of argument.
  10. Yeah I feel the same way. I'm halfway through NG+ on Sekiro and I absolutely love it but it's a bit shit that others can't enjoy it.
  11. Like I said I'm all for change because Valve have been pretty shit for a long time. I just don't think this is a great way of going about it. But Im gonna bow out of this convo now as it's not great being accused of arguing in bad faith.
  12. Sorry you're right that's what I meant. I'd happily use both if they were comparable feature wise.
  13. Maybe I'll feel differently in a year's time when Epic has a bunch of features that make me want to use their store instead of Steam. But right now it doesn't and that's why I have problems using their store. If it wasn't for their choice to give devs more of the cut I'd probably boycott it entirely.
  14. I'm all for someone to take on Valve. Like I said before they need a boot. My problem with Epic is that they release a store that has no mod support, no cloud saves, an inferior refund system, it doesn't even have a shopping cart. So instead of waiting and building a store front that can at least compete with Steam in terms of features they release it with barely anything and then ensure that people who play on PC have to use their storefront to play certain games. I applaud the developer cut and I hope they bring down the standard of 30%. I'm not going to boycott them or anything but I think what they're doing has a shitty side to it too.
  15. Ok sorry. If you want to play the game that's exclusive to the Epic Store, you're forced to use the Epic Store. I mean, you knew that's what I meant but happy to clear it up.

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