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  1. Serious suggestion I had a while back: One dark and stormy night on a long-abandoned planet, a ship lands amid the ancient remains of a city. The pilot emerges, consulting a tracker and analyser reading of the site. Something is strange: while still ancient, one particular site doesn't match the historical dating of its surroundings, almost like it was transplanted from another time, another place. Not only that, but what the pilot thought was a long-dead husk of a planet is beginning to show signs of life, its core firing up again like a furnace, and numerous heat signatures heading toward the spacefarer. Suddenly, the planet's sun is eclipsed by what can only be described as a cloud of lifeforms, which shoot toward the pilot's ship and surround it for a few aching moments, until they disperse, revealing that the ship is left drained of all power. With no choice, the adventurer follows the heat signatures into the anachronistic architecture. Over the next ten to fifteen in-game hours, the spacefarer in question will traverse the 2D map, taking on twisted alien creatures, and then ancient, seemingly supernatural adversaries as the architecture reveals itself to be older and more infernal than the adventurer ever imagined: the initial, ancient 23rd Century technology giving way to older, and darker sanctums that precede even the combined historical records of the entire Galactic Federation. Eventually, future technology and demonic alchemy meet, as the galaxy's greatest parasitic species come to the attention and under the control of the ultimate demonic, bloodsucking demon lord in a horrific union of future machinery and arcane alchemy. Does Samus Aran stand a ghost of a chance against the ancient Lord of Chaos, the Vampire Dracula? And can she trust this ageless, yet eternally young white-haired man claiming to be his son? Find out, in...
  2. This game (on Xbox) is arguably the buggiest I've ever played. On numerous occasions it's crashed, I've been 'warped' outside of the map, when exiting a room it takes me to a different doorway than the one it's programmed to, I've had a boss not drop a shard or a log entry, the UI and some foreground graphics have begun flashing and flickering at an epileptic rate, the audio from cutscenes hasn't synced up with the visuals, and doors that require keys have randomly unlocked by themselves. And yet it's fucking brilliant and I completed it last night. I also figured out a way (with gameplay mechanics, not bugs) to get infinite money, which I was proud of, but a little guilty-feeling over, too:
  3. I haven't played much Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, but when I first got out onto the streets... My sib's been watching me pour hours into Metal Gear Solid V after completing it themselves, and as the ending credits were rolling...
  4. One of my favourite videogame memories is when I introduced a friend in his early 20s to 2016 Doom and watched as he tried to play it like a regular modern shooter: hiding behind walls, taking the odd pistol shot here and there. When I told him to basically run into the carnage, dodge the bullets and start blasting the shit out of everything, it was magical to watch him work it all out.
  5. Dom: Dominic Littlewood has had it with these rogue traders, and his new brand of justice involves a metric ton of bullets. Dessert Strike: Invade the Gulf on your quest to find the best pud. Astlevania: Jeff Astle has been resurrected, and it's down to you to infiltrate The Hawthorns and take him down for good. Ales of Eternia: He-Man's really gotten into homebrewing. Turtles In Tim: You play as a nurse who has to keep a straight face as a man in A&E explains how he "fell on" his terrarium. Rash Bandicoot: An Australian zookeeper must juggle keeping his job and controlling his fur allergies. Metal GER: Judas Priest visit the grounds of all the teams in the Bundesliga in this Guitar Hero/FIFA mash-up. Etc
  6. I'm playing Metal Gear Solid V for the first time. I've just discovered that you can do two things: i. Listen to Take On Me by Aha in-game ii. Request that your horse be parachuted to your position in the area of operations. I requested said horse while Take On Me was playing, culminating in the sight of the horse floating majestically and heroically into the combat zone just as the song built up to that one high, triumphant vocal note near the end. What a big damn hero.
  7. Ooh, this looks awesome, imagine Arkham Asylum but you're playing as the Predator and you're collecting skulls and exploring jungle and oh wait it's online only.
  8. (Not a game spoiler) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1118981684991528969
  9. As someone who genuinely knows nothing about all of the mechanics, ethics or legalities of emulators, surely the emulator in question was made and released on the internet in a manner that enabled people to illegally play Capcom's games? I'm not trying to play devil's advocate, I'm genuinely wondering.
  10. Seems too good a choice to be true. Can hope, though.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRy3NQYjqKs&feature=youtu.be&t=35
  12. As someone who only casually follows the AC story, did they give up on the overarching thing or are they just ekeing it out until they think of something else?
  13. hey guys remember that time he dressed as a nazi
  14. :O I love the r type aesthetic, music etc but can never get into shooters, however I love a bit of TBS. Gonna have to check that out.
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