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  1. Jed - Fallen Order: Help Millwall midfielder Jed Wallace find out where his pizza delivery's got to. Harvest Moo: Prove to the world that cows can make good farmers in this heartwarming tale of determination and triumph. Just Ance 2020: Two thousand ants. One dyslexic man. A battle for the ages. Blair Itch: Sneak through the house of the former New Labour leader and dump a bucketful of itching powder into his underwear drawer in this stealth action game. Sponsored by Smiffy's. Dré Mario: Dr. Mario is heading home for the day but forgot about his last patient. St. Anger Things: Lars Ulrich abducts people and locks them in a twisted mockery of the real world where St. Anger is the bestselling album of all time Defective Pikachu: What I wanna know is, why when you say "use thunder shock", he has to foul himself.
  2. RJ Badman

    Unable to kill

    Depends on the game really; I can happily cut through swathes of gobby orcs in a million different ways on Shadow of Mordor/War, but there are other games where I really don't want to kill anything. Funnily enough, shaming Orc captains in Shadow of War does make me feel mean, but smashing a dagger through their temple? Fine with that.
  3. Deth Stranding: Having given up the booze and become a god-botherer at the turn of the millennium, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine heads on a pro-life crusade with a weird foetus thing while downing umpteen cans of Monster.
  4. Saw Detective Pikachu on my own when a friend couldn't make it. It had been on a while so mainly empty but a number of couples there. Pic of me watching said movie:
  5. Pico in the Wild Goose for F-Zero, Gomar & Shioh in the Twin Noritta for F-Zero X.
  6. Just tell me that bloke's Wesker and he's back to being his hammy cool-as-fuck self from CVX to Umbrella Chronicles instead of the one-dimensional cartoon villain from 5 and I'll day one this shit. (Although granted, remote control Mr. X - like the RC Nemesis in that one other spin-off - are shite and remove all mystique and fear)
  7. I know nothing about the Epic Store, other than it's apparently Satan incarnate, and it's allegedly paying more to developers than Steam and is helping Oddworld Inhabitants with a sales advance. Is it actually bad, or is it just anti-Fortnite knobbers kicking up a fuss?
  8. When the only gripe I have is that Cherry Hunter sounds like a porn star name, this has to be looking good!
  9. I miss ridiculous looking consoles. Boo for bog-standard black/white boxes.
  10. The thing about Kojima is, writing wise, he's a rip off merchant and a hack. Now don't get me wrong, I love the majority of his games, but it's just weird how he's apparently some MASSIVE visionary because he, say, ripped off blade runner but added a rip off of Sting from Dune, or ripped off Lethal Weapon but IN SPACE, or ripped off escape from New York but with NONSENSICAL SHITE. I mean, rip offs are everywhere, but it's just odd how his are seen as original and trailblazing. It's when he actually puts a bit of his own stuff in that we end up with a disjointed clusterfuck stuck way too far up its own arse. See also Death Stranding. And what's his deal with the Russians, did they kill his dog or something? Fucking leave them alone. He'd make the Russians the baddies in an adaptation of The Animals of Farthing Wood if he could. Still, either way, this looks a bit like MGSV but with a ladder so you can actually climb higher than three feet, so day one for me.
  11. Dexter: Series 1: Great telly. Excellent cat-and-mouse dynamic of one serial killer baiting another, interspersed with Dexter trying to balance his cover life with his other side, with some great villains of the week (Carl from Ghost convincing people to top themselves for example!) Series 2: A great expansion. The main baddie was, admittedly, perhaps too hateable in the wrong way, but this was basically series 1 but with more. Frank Lundy was such a likeable character and despite him technically being the antagonist, you found yourself rooting for him in a way. Series 3: Not as good, but enjoyable. Helped to show that Dexter really isn't an antihero no matter what he tries to say. Series 4: I've said it before, I'll say it again. Fantastic slab of telly. Lithgow is a disturbing and scary villain, not just when he's smashing heads in with a hammer or convincing victims to jump off of ledges, but also when he's got his nice face on. Lundy returns, Dexter has a lot of character growth (admittedly this is where his "I'm an emotionless husk" thing REALLY starts to make no sense) and everything is well-paced. Massive coverage, Golden Globes and other awards, big prspects for cast and crew all at this point. However, this is also where the final two of the original three members of the showrunning/creative team leave the show. And... Series 5: SEX CRIMINALS. Because fuck subtlety! These are POWERFUL BUSINESSMEN who HATE WOMEN and LOVE doing sex crimes in order to FEEL POWERFUL! Such one-dimensional villains who had all the character and articulation of a Wolfenstein 3D enemy. I'm surprised they weren't nazis too, actually. There's a lot of blatant mid-season panicking in the writing too, like bundling off Dexter's stepkids and moving him into his apartment again as if nothing had happened in the last four series. The female lead is so unlikeable too. "What do you mean you won't murder these people? I'm purer than pure, lighter than light - it's even in my name! You have to do what I say!" Yeah, fuck off love. The only shining light is Peter Weller, who plays a wonderfully shady corrupt former cop. Series 6: Yet more panicking and retconning, most blatant of which is the unnerving-in-the-wrong-way "It doesn't matter that she wants to have it off with her brother, it's fine, it's her stepbrother!" which was quickly backpedalled. The baddies were interesting, and the dynamic of good vs evil-but-flipped had legs, but ultimately all I remember from this are a few visual setpieces and Colin Hanks being really good. I want to see him play a T1000 based on this performance. Series 7: The clusterfuck truly sets in! Decisions and attempted retcons result in some outrageously out-of-character performances and it really feels like the show is coming apart at the seams to say the least. Also Yvonne Strahowski was so rage and-or somehow apathy inducing that I was delighted when she died in my first Mass Effect 2 playthrough. Series 8: Dint watch it. Sounds even more nonsensical though. It's amazing how quickly and severely the show went, as Tommy Cockles once put it, "from talk of the town to whisper of the village". You hardly ever hear it talked about now, and Michael C Hall's career, which seemed to be on a vertical trajectory, just kind of... didn't skyrocket like it should have. I reckon if Dexter ended after series 4 he'd have been massive. Like, MCU massive.
  12. Was it by any chance around the ice planet that the story really grabbed you? Nearly everyone I know who played it (me included) gave up for a while after a few hours, but when we came back, it was at that point the story grabbed up and we were hooked in.
  13. Deathtrap Dungeon but it plays like Silent Hill 2.
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