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  1. Can you play the aftermath story without finishing the main mode? Gonna play it on the sib's console, which I don't have a save for.
  2. I remember after 2/waiting for 3 that was a fan theory so popular that many just took it as a given. The real twist was, of course, that there was no twist. Something Mass Effect 3 ran with.
  3. Does this work like a genuine light gun then or is it sort of like a modified ps move?
  4. I haven't started this yet and have no immediate plans to, but might do so now just to annoy grindmouse.
  5. Finished this in one sitting last nite. Loved RE2 but had no urge to play it again, but instantly restarted RE3 this morning. Post-game high needs to settle before I draw in depth opinions but I reckon this might be the most replayable Resi since RE4. A musing regarding the new Nemesis design (but with a little plot talk) :
  6. Oh, I've tried that, it seems that with all their arcade machines they're happy to let them be just knackered enough that people put their coins in, see it's broken and walk away. I mean they even closed off their entire second floor which was a soft play area and second arcade and just built a new play area downstairs because it was "cheaper and easier" than getting the original maintained or removed according to an employee. It's all just sat up there, disused. Machines like The Simpsons, Rolling Thunder and Virtua Fighter. I've offered money and to sort transport but I just get a "nah". Current consensus is they think any enquiries are competitors trying to get stuff off them. Dunno though. Ah, that arcade. Back in the day it had all sorts. Sega rally, RoboCop, Shadow warriors, paperboy, Moonwalker, outrun, laser ghost, a full pinball section...
  7. Why can't they seem to get the licence from Ferrari? Exclusivity with other games, a simple case of not wanting to fork out? Three minutes walk from my parent's there's one of those tragic arcades that has become all about "tickets" and such and they've just let a 2sp machine fall into disrepair. It mocks me.
  8. Yes, I forgot about that! I was also expecting something. There are so many threads like that that just seem to have been abandoned.
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