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  1. Microsoft, Google and now Amazon. All major cloud providers now into game streaming. Will IBM come up with one next?
  2. That's the "as a Service" model. I think if gamers can change to this, it will be a huge shift in the industry. Given how the most popular games the past few years are free to play ones, and how "as a service" is mainstream or has a sizeable presence in other sectors, we might see a MS KO this gen.
  3. PC, and for the first 2-3 years clearing out my PS4 backlog. By then there will a PS5 refresh - quieter, smaller, and a catalogue of next gen games. But PC, especially with Steam sales, humble bundles and Game Pass, will be the place to be.
  4. No-one has asked - will Microsoft actually be making money from Game Pass? Considering all its AAA, first party games are given away, having to pay third parties for games to be on GP, and now an extra 7.5bn for Bethesda games, can they really even break even with GP subs?
  5. Other than the price, what info was dumped that put you off?
  6. This is a great thread for the marketing department.
  7. Football Manager 2020 AND Watch Dogs 2 is currently free! Madness!
  8. Since PS2 I've always waited for the console refresh. Quieter, more power efficient, reliable and by then, a score of next gen games with the launch titles available on budget.
  9. I've never read any of the books and yet this was the most appealing game to me in the showcase!
  10. I agree with Goaty, there is no game that can be deemed next gen to be worth the big spent £450 leap. As a result, the XSS is the one people will go for - UNLESS console gamers have an aversion to not actually owning games, not being able to trade and sell them, which has been the cornerstone of the console culture from the start.
  11. Every annoucement, Sam Fisher is getting more violated
  12. $499, $399. Who knows what £ conversions they will do.
  13. Last level will be like Halo Reach, you know you're going to lose but it's a massive last stand anyway
  14. £499 and £399 PS5 and PS5 digital I reckon
  15. Very nice! shame about the no disc drive, otherwise it would have been a mass seller
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