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  1. Riders Republic looks amazing. Like a huge expansion from steep.
  2. Anyone buy the merch? https://merch.devolverdigital.com/products/devolver-maxpass-premium-access-merch-bundle You get to have a membership card, like the old days!
  3. It was all a ploy to get people to top up their Gold subscriptions for a few years.
  4. Realistically, when will these be available without stock shortages?
  5. Its been over 800 years. In the space of 100 years, in human history we've had allies become enemies we've went to war with, and back to best buddies again.
  6. Just binge watched S3 this week. Fucking loved it. I actually skipped S2 based on how poor S1 was. Maybe it was the future setting that made me more incentivised to like it. All the homages to previous Treks like the new Voyager. It's certainly a different style from previous Star Treks, and has its own brand of cheese which they have toned down a lot since S1. Definitely interested to see how the weak Federation rebuilds itself in future seasons. They've set it up really well for S4.
  7. There's definitely an outcry from my newly installed SSD. "Please, no more games! You haven't even played the existing ones on me yet!"
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