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  1. I'm learning how to stream, how do I play add several sound tracks(stored locally) in OBS? I add a media source but it doesn't work in terms of playing when I want to, audio outputs etc. The only workaround is to play a VLC playlist as normal, then set the desktop audio source as output and monitor. But ideally I want to be able to give the current song info in chat, which won't work with the VLC way
  2. Sadly only partners can make teams. Which is a major annoyance, as teams are a great way of gaining an audience with each other. I've seen tiny streams (around 5 viewers) get propped up by the bigger members of the team, and now they're doing great as well. TEAM
  3. Its got double the VRAM and is more power efficient. If the gamplay benchmarks are true, its worth the extra money
  4. in 3070 reviews they've said it's like the 2080Ti. Worse in some cases. Also the 6800 has double the VRAM and takes up less power.
  5. Incredible how they both set up and had the nerve to do certain scenarios. Interrupting Mike Pence's speech, singing about murdering scientists to a redneck crowd, dancing with period "blood" on her dress to a room full of teenage debutantes*, and of course the Rudy scene. *That bit where he got a father to respond to his bait, and his daughter's response, was brilliant. And this
  6. Damn that is impressive. I guess standby is for those who want background downloads.
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-xbox-series-x-power-consumption-and-heat-analysis Apparently it takes up 29W on standby! Does this effect the quick resume for games if I switch on from cold boot?
  8. The roadmap will only get started after a £10million kickstarter. But for an extra £1million stretch goal it will also be offered in png format.
  9. needs a safety car. The gaps remind me of vintage F1 when the first 2 cars lapped everyone
  10. Which tells us about the way humans are wired more than anything. You got what you paid for. New releases do not diminish from your purchase. It still offers the same power. But people (especially at this end of the market) tend to think more "This is the most powerful consumer CPU out there" rather than "this will handle every game out there in 4k60fps"
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