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  1. 131 today.. Predictor sites reckon mine won't go above 220 this week..
  2. Is that island name a CR reference?
  3. She did also sustain a major injury that almost left her paralysed following a stunt going wrong towards the end of last year.. It's quite possible she's still struggling to recover from that.. But yes.. the abuse from the worst of the 'fans' and MRA dickheads was always mainly focused on her.. Not exactly a huge incentive to stay..
  4. Am away - thanks so much @Flams - got through the second time round.. assume if someone disconnects it must restore everyone there to the last save state..?
  5. Went to a black screen for ages as I exited the Nook store.. Brought up the 'someone quietly left' prompt as it finally put me outside and then went again.. and several mins of 'loading' later has reset me to the airport, turnips unsold! EDIT now hung again opening the doors to the store.. Can't move..
  6. 93 AM, 89 PM - possibility of reaching 190 max
  7. Arros uses 'Disguise Self' again.. thinking surely nothing can go wrong this time..
  8. Seconded, did a couple of cans worth of watering on the west side.. Thanks so much!
  9. As usual there's a stupid expensive version of this art book (£125), but the basic version is at least sub £30 since it's being put out by a big publisher..
  10. 60fps mode.. Didn't really feel any different to me.. (..was already way smoother than the Saturn original's iirc 20fps.) But for those really sensitive to framerate it'll be a nice bonus.. Visually it's a little blurrier/lower res, but it wasn't too evident on the screen on the Lite..
  11. Just played the first stage.. lock on and general responsiveness feels SO much better now.. Reticule can be switched so it's in front of the dragon - like the original. 'Classic' sfx - sounds a bit more like the original, not perfect - but a bit better.. The dragon's flight animation seems much better - slightly losing and gaining height as it flaps.. So far.. a big improvement! Not tried 60fps yet.. All I'd ask for now is the option to put the camera rotation on the triggers (ZL,ZR) instead of the shoulders (L,R).. What their new control method adds is an alternate control where you use ZL & ZR to fire, while still using the shoulder buttons to rotate the camera.. that seems like it would be horrible to use.. (at least on my Lite - not sure about the original Switch!)
  12. Thanks so much @Spleen - you're a gent!
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