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  1. The Hobbit Trilogy

    Last part of Lindsay Elllis' series.. Warner Brothers really did a number on the entire NZ film industry..
  2. MASK

    Slingshot? The only other ones I had were Raven.. which was a pretty cool car -> less cool hovercraft/boat/thing.. and Firefly - a dune buggy/glider
  3. Yes, that wasn't a thing in the first two.. It's nice how they rolled that mechanic (and the dragon morphing into different configs) back into Orta - as well as all the world building they did for Saga.. The whole series just has such a wonderful aesthetic that's unlike anything else.. the music, the creature design, the custom language.. everything! Such a shame we're unlikely to see another any time soon/ever..
  4. Orta is tough.. got through to level 5 yesterday and that's only halfway - it's probably as long as PD & Zwei put together.. some of which is that the bosses generally take a lot longer to bring down and have more forms/patterns than those in the previous games.. You HAVE to get used to using the different dragon forms Base Wing (standard) Heavy (slower, stronger firepower) and Glide (faster, no lock-on..) TBH you don't need to use Heavy that often, but it can deal decent damage to bosses (especially with the berserk super).. but the other two are essential.. Using the boost/slow is really important in avoiding attacks and it's usually vital during boss encounters.. (boosting past can save you from the nasty heavy rockets fired by the Lv1 boss airship for example..) On other bosses, boosting/slowing is needed to move you around a boss, taking up position alongside or in front of them - so you can hit vulnerable points or move out of the path of a heavy attack.. Glide Wing's boost/slow recharges a lot faster than the Base Wing, so it's better for moving around a boss before swapping into another form to cause damage.. Also Glide's standard laser has auto-aim and will usually pick off any incoming bullets.. also vitally important - it's berserk super will heal you.. You'll generally be fine in Base Wing form for most other situations..
  5. Erm... apparently the 360 emulator has had a bit of a patch too.. possibly a knock on effect of effort spent getting PDO working for XBO BC (& they didn't want to have it in store for digital purchase and NOT work properly on 360).. upshot.. the PAL version is supposedly fixed so it doesn't crash on the 3rd stage cutscene!
  6. Wel.. there's standard XBox One/1080p footage out there too in the meantime..
  7. Critical Role - The new campaign

    Episode 14 Also: http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/critical-role-and-obsidian-entertainment-announce-partnership-for-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire
  8. Well he does have previous form in the 'skin falling off/relentless angry skeleton' genre..
  9. You had +9 before and still got spotted twice
  10. We were due a few random encounters after all this time avoiding them
  11. Eh? Has it all leaked.. I thought it was only episode 4 this week..

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