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  1. I ordered direct from Oculus and they dispatched the following day despite saying it may not be until the 20th
  2. Absolutely bloody loved my first night with this! The freedom to move! Thanks for accepting my friend requests guys
  3. Just got my Quest! So far it feels like a step up from PSVR because of the lack of cables. It's amazing how much the faff of setting up the PSVR detracts from the experience. Can't wait to make a proper start on Beat Saber tonight (never played it on PSVR). Mind if I add a few of you folk to my friends list?
  4. That's how to do an E3 conference
  5. Added my details to the Google Doc.
  6. Just signed up to the Google doc on the first page. I lurk more than i post here but I'm excited for SFV and have loved what I've played so far (apart from yesterday's server issues). I'm also shit but willing to learn. Hope to play a few of you in some lounges soon. I'm Sygnar on PSN and CFN.
  7. Why has Xenoblade Chronicles X not been mentioned yet? Some quality Christmas Day gaming right there.
  8. What a massive pile of shit. So disappointed after the elation last night.
  9. Also have the PS4 version on its way. Might join you guys for the championship.
  10. Sygnar

    Mario Kart 8

    So much fun. It didn't seem anywhere as fast as it did when I first tried it last night. I love having to be more technical with the racing as well. Nailing drift braking is sweet.
  11. Sygnar

    Mario Kart 8

    Some really good games going on here!
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