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  1. I'd definitely recommend the big box expansions. There's some more powerful cards, companions make a difference to. Some things make it easier (companions) and some things make it hard (plague). It's still a crushingly difficult game though and if you get bad rolls, you're stuffed. Definitely recommend playing as 2 or 3 characters even if playing solo.
  2. I've played a couple of games with this with various people and I really enjoy it. It's nice and quick too and straightforward. The one thing I keep forgetting is the order in which cards leave your deck when you're shot. For some reason I'm completely unable to commit that to memory.
  3. there's no drop in quality - if anything, they've slowed the pace of the show down as there's no immediate threat to its run anymore. I thought series 4 was great. Not as good as series 3 - but that was jam packed with an entire book condensed into half a series.
  4. depends what you class as complex. BotW sacrifices realism for gameplay purposes. Witcher is a more realistic world. Both are great games. BotW does mapping and general exploration better IMO but in such a way that would maybe feel odd if it was ‘realistic’.
  5. Matt Lees did a great wee youtube on game design for a review of BotW... his whole thing was 'where does the game reside'... where do you spend a lot of your time looking. The minimap is a good example of this. You've got a massive screen and you spend a lot of time looking at the top right corner. I love the game, but it's a fair point.
  6. it's *definitely* worth seeing that story line through to the conclusion... just.... be prepared
  7. I'm continually amazed at how they got this going on the switch - and going so well.
  8. Finally decided to go to Skellige (or Space Norway), really just for a change of scenery as I'm no rush... I'm playing it like I'm Cain from Kung Fu - cuttin aboot, rocking up into town and seeing what's happening and heading off on wee adventures. I usually manage a self contained quest end to end on a single train journey. Like wee telly episodes. Great stuff. I got to Skellige when I last played on PS4 but I was just mainlining the story and not really stopping to take it in properly. It's very very nice.
  9. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm having some trouble with my right joycon... while it works attached or detached, I can't get it to synch as a second controller horizontally for playing Mario Kart. I detached both joycons, hold sl+sr on the left one and it works fine and the wee light comes on... try the same with the right joycon and nothing happens. It's still active, for example, I can use 'b' to cancel... but just can't get it to recognise the sl+sr presses anyone else had this problem?
  10. The boardgame is fucking brilliant btw... where else can you play cards called Jupiters Cock and My Cock Rages on. It also benefits from being a *genuinely* excellent game.
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