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  1. That has absolutely no business looking as good as it does... bloody hell
  2. I’ve made my first level.. 8D2 7G8 P9G I really enjoyed working out a way to use the car to do stuff regular Mario can’t do... like slip through really narrow gaps.
  3. Yay. Finally got this. Just been playing Story Mode so far. I find the actual creation stuff a bit daunting - there *so* much you can do. Some of the story mode levels are absolutely ingenious. I did one this morning on the way to work, Super Mario 3 style, was all see saws in an ancient desert temple thing that I had to work my way up. Genuine puzzle solving. Brilliant. Not one level is the same. Great stuff.
  4. it's why I've bailed from Arkham Horror now. It's a great game - but the thing was running away from me. I've not got the time to dedicate to learning the cards and the options and working through the campaigns.
  5. Seems to be general chat on MCU films in here... I saw Ragnarok for the first time a few weeks ago and I loved it. Great fun. I saw Infinity War before hand and I enjoyed it, but didn't really care about Paul Bettany's man. I saw Captain Marvel at the weekend - well... kinda. I fell asleep about half way through. I thought it was really slow and dull.
  6. Oh I’m sure it’ll be good... you’ll have spent about 700 quid on it within the next couple of years
  7. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Can get one game with my birthday money... but can't decide which one!! Mario Maker 2, Diablo 3, Fire Emblem... too many amazing games.
  8. I'm probably going to pick this up today using some of my birthday money... EXCITE!
  9. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Reckon Nintendo are in for the extremely long haul with the switch... incremental changes to battery, screen, cpu etc... but nothing radical. It's a cracking machine. It's the best console
  10. Am I the only one looking at current ‘hotness’ from gencon and Kickstarter and generally really not caring about any of it... too much content. Too much STUFF. Minis, stretch goals, expansions, new stuff new stuff.
  11. Yeap. Never falling into that trap again. I’m about self contained games now and more competitive.
  12. scottcr


    yeah - it's a 'drumming' game - so you end up creating the rhythmic beat to go along with the ambient background music.
  13. scottcr


    I thought it correlated with the music really well - the difficulty being that you're not sure what 'note' you're going to be busting and there's a bit of trial and error. I played it loads when it came out but put it down on a level I thought was too hard and it did feel very samey after a while.
  14. Doom 3 is a disgusting bargain. Still looks great too.
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