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  1. I reckon the iron throne will get melted...
  2. you missed out Robobran and Cleganebowl though.
  3. IIRC, the 3ER’s sight comes via the trees, that’s his connection to the past. I’m still convinced that Robobran wants the NK at the tree for a reason and it’s not as simple as ‘come at me bro lol’ bait
  4. Dany to Tyrion ‘We need you for your brains’ zombie starks ‘BRAAIIINNNNNSSSSS’
  5. The Night’s King exists but he is a different kind of thing so far... still got two books of about a million pages each to go yet.
  6. Has the motivation of the NK actually been discussed in the show... like why he wants to erase humanity? The children made him as a weapon against the humans who were destroying their way of life - hacking down the weir woods but the weapon proved uncontrollable. Humanity have defeated the NK before but it’s still not clear to me why the NK wants to keep going... i think theres hints hints as well around some things - ‘the north remembers’ is the Stark motto. The Starks built the wall ‘Bran the Builder’. I don’t know where I’m going and I’m terribly confused ... anyway, given all the build up... I can’t imagine that NK will just be a big bad who is defeated. I think there’s mileage in him and Bran being more connected than we think...
  7. Definitely - they're great... better than the TV programme IMO.
  8. I'm conviced that Bran knows that the Night King *has* to kill him. Bran also doesn't really care about individuals any more - so if in doing so, lots of his friends and family need to die - he'll let that happen. I suspect that at the point the NK plunges a spear into Bran - this will take a turn for the strange and metaphysical.
  9. They are definitely missing the character stuff that GRRM would have written over the last couple of series' - but we're now at the same end point that GRRM envisaged (give or take some stuff I imagine) - so I can imagine the ending being suitably satisfying and what we'd expect. I expect some pretty big shockers as well.
  10. but the NK needs to find Bran... Bran wants to lure him to the Weirdwood tree.
  11. His heart is basically dragon glass - that's how he was created... so I think you're probably right. Just like the crypt, they've also massively foreshadowed the 'kill the night king and they'll all die' plan of Beric's a bit much. So it's not going to work. It's all going to be down to Bran. I actually think the Night King will partially succeed - but the aftermath won't be what he expects. Jon is going to fail at Winterfell, the dead are going to make it to Kings Landing - and that's when we're going to get the GoT equivalent of the Battle Pelennor fields. It's going to be fucking awesome btw.
  12. My money is on Arya beating the mountain

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