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  1. scottcr

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Played the Fortuna expansion on the switch last night.... how the FUCK do Panic Button do it?? It's stunning. I still have no idea what I 'm doing really. I need better guns but can't get them... I need to find the bits. I've played it enough to know that I really really don't enjoy the generic excavation missions though.
  2. Yay! Science Victory. I played on a relatively large map. Gets a bit slow towards the end just waiting on turns to go round. After getting to mars, I decided to chuck two nukes at my enemy for lols and rofls.
  3. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah... that only seems to work if it’s not disabled. But once It’s out of VP and I need to eject, I can’t get back in.
  4. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    If anyone is playing DXM - once my mecha thingy is down and I'm ejected... how do I get back in to fix the fucker?
  5. aye - that's what I said. I just enjoyed ALBW more... I'm strange like that
  6. I was late to LttP - I played LA and Ocarina of Time before LttP and the first time I played LttP was on the GBA as well. I definitely enjoyed ALBW more than LttP - although I can totally appreciate that LttP is the more important and influential game, so I'm not going to say it's better.
  7. 45 quid I'd imagine... maybe a cheeky 39.99 online for physical copies.
  8. ALBW is my favourite top-down Zelda... and the music is *amazing*
  9. hahahah - I *knew* you would reply to this one
  10. I'm waiting on someone telling us that the fixed single screen scrolling and item management was absolutely vital to the game experience or something.... I played it on the 3DS a few years back and, old design and technical restrictions aside, I really really enjoyed it. But I'll be getting this.
  11. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Here... that Daemon X Machina is right good.
  12. The UI in this is exactly what it needs to be. I love watching the panels fill up... it’s like one of those massive game shows you used to get. Could make some some awesome e-sports too
  13. scottcr

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    the first level you play through is obviously a small introduction - but the video you get when you're done shows off loads of varied stuff. I loved wooly world - methinks I'll get this too. (and I wouldn't mind a wooly world remaster on the switch just because)

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