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  1. Oh if I played it enough I'd have stuck with it - I just didn't and couldn't keep up. Too many games and other things pulling on my time I got rid of my Arkham Horror LCG collection for the same reason.
  2. It's a great game - but I balied from it because LCGs are just money pits.
  3. I wanted some ancient parts for the bike - so took a wander into Hyrule Castle. What a place. Sneaked round the back of the castle and up into room where Ganon's 'roots' are.. then down into the bit of the Sanctum where you can see Ganon but not trigger the end game.. After taking some photos and having a look around, I couldn't resist and went in to kick his arse. It's such a satisfying and enjoyable boss fight. It's not hard, but it probably shouldn't be at that point as I'm the baddest motherfucker in all of Hyrule and I've got my hawners as well.
  4. I’m really stuck... feel as though I just need to hand someone my console for 5 minutes and they’d tell me where to go... but I’ve no idea. There’s the firemage down in the hell place and boss in the place with all the ghosts... and I can’t beat either
  5. 285 hours in and I just unlocked a new and lovely wee cut scene that was quite moving. THIS FUCKING GAME
  6. Don't forget the Stalnox. Shat myself when I encountered the first one of those just lumbering towards me from the woods at night...
  7. The DLC features the best shrines in the game... I've just recently just gone back to this. I've got all the shrines and the ultimate DLC item, but it's just such a wonderful world to explore. I've decided to try and find the other big monsters and get their medals. Currently searching from Talus' and have found a few. Zooming into the map there were what ended up being really large areas I just hadn't been to, some with sweet loot, loads of koroks and monsters or situations. Like little abandonded miner camps, or an area full of frozen monsters... I found a great thundersword hidden away and I can't believe I missed it. I've played this game for 275 hours!!!!
  8. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    We’re never getting Metroid Trilogy are we?
  9. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    the absolute best football game ever
  10. I've gone back to playing this - after playing hours and hours of Witcher 3, which I love btw, it just demonstrates just how far behind in many ways all other open world games are and continue to be. I have no idea how they're going to improve on this for BOTW2 - I imagine there'll be more indoor/underground type locations - but can they feasibly build an overworld as rich as Hyrule? Unless they re-use it but change it (back/forward in time or something).
  11. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Why is The Immortal SO DARK?!? I can barely see it on the handheld screen in normal light. Telly not much better.
  12. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

  13. will do! It's available on Amazon so I'll check that out for sure.
  14. I've started running Strahd with my group... I'll be following this to see how you all get on
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