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  1. Seriously tempted to take my own booze to the Hilton next year. The prices were too high and the service was *awful*. I miss the real ale stuff they’ve had for the last few years
  2. I’m not a fan of the egg delivery ones and the ones where you need to get so many points
  3. Yeah, scaling sucks. I remember completely cheesing some cave with a vampire in Morrowind which got me amazing over powered loot for my level. BOTW, when you stumble across a guardian or a silver Lynel. There absolutely should be over powered stuff out there.
  4. RISE FROM THE GRAVE Ive had to revert to a guide to know which key quests push the single player story along... how on Earth are you supposed to know which ones to do without using a guide?
  5. Reading impressions of this... it maintains the grid movement of the original and not the updated movement of LBW which is a shame. Apparently for those who have recently played the original (like me) it’s really identical. I’ll end up having to get it anyway for my son.
  6. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch... perfect caravan console
  7. perfect platfrom for those 100+ hour type games
  8. foaming manbabies aside - online response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. That's BotW, Skyrim and The Witcher 3 all on the same box... .and Doom Eternal too. That's fucking amazing tbh.
  9. I was wondering why the video I saw in one of the comparison videos for Witcher on switch had no hanging bodies on the tree - it's obviously because the video isn't rated so anything not suitable for kids is edited out. I saw the original video from CDPROJEKT and there's definitely bodies swinging from the tree. I think this is going to be pretty massive.
  10. I didn’t know anything - so wasn’t really expecting such high concept sci-fi. Loving it
  11. she's awesome... btw - Series 2 does NOT fuck about.
  12. I’m calling it. You play as Zelda.
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