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  1. Finished. Lovely game. The eagle and turtle dungeons are proper head melters for a while and had me stumped for a bit and the ending is *lovely*.
  2. scottcr

    Apple Arcade

    Can Shinsekai be played with a controller?
  3. scottcr

    Apple Arcade

    how on earth do I control this? I keep dying trying to jump right at the start
  4. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    actually looks pretty good
  5. I absolutely can’t wait for this... like Doom, I know the best looking version can be played on my PS4. But this will be the one I play the most. Train and plane journeys will zoom by
  6. scottcr

    Apple Arcade

    I’m going to get a new Apple TV for this... the boy is playing oceanhorn 2 through his iPad on a stand with a PS4 controller, which is nice (Game is pretty awful though tbh)
  7. Seeing Jeff Minter mentioned reminds me that I really really want TxK on the switch.
  8. I quite enjoy Dampe's dungeons.. they're little puzzles in their own right when it comes to placing the right rooms based on what you've got. Great for a train journey.
  9. My son just finished this. No hints, clues, YouTube look ups. Champion. Now I can at last take it to work with me!!
  10. Saw the credits for this last night. The final area and the way it changed the game to was brilliant Surprising amount of post credit missions that I wasn’t expecting
  11. Making the old man fall on his bum then standing beside him as he gets back up, looks at me in anger and I go ‘HONK’, was a brilliant wee gaming moment
  12. Having played this for a while in both handheld and TV mode, the stuttering people were talking about hasn't bothered anywhere near as much as I expected it to. Given that it's to do with loading, you can almost anticpate it.
  13. This reminds me of 80s games like the Wally games, Monty Mole, Technician ted, urban upstart... when games were based on normal mundane shite we dealt with every day. I love it and I want a return to this kind of thing
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