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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Post pics when it arrives! I've cleared Kaneshiro's palace, which wasn't too dissimilar from before, but I rushed in a bit against some stronger enemies, which wasn't the best idea... Still, I've got Makoto and Yusuke in my party now, and they were pretty much essential for most of the original game. Aaand it's still dropping new gameplay tweaks on me, such as Showtime moves* and Fusion alarms** so there's a lot to figure out. I've had some scenes with Kasumi as well, but they seem to happen automatically at the moment; I haven't really found many opportunities where I can choose to hang out with her (maybe one or two phone invites but no physical meetups.) We'll see. Oh, and Disaster Shadows are amazing. Risky, but amazing. * **
  2. The DS one where you drew rainbows on the screen? I know there's an "extra" version playable on MAME and as an additional mode on the Mega Drive, which has slightly shuffled enemies and bosses; that might be worth a look if this wins...
  3. Qazimod


    It isn't as fluid as Platinum's combat but the foundations of melee attacks, unique camera placements and bullet hell are all there (and you have a basic evasive dodge roll) - Platinum just tightened everything up. Oh, and the original game has something called the Word Edit system which is comparable to Automata's plug-in chips, as you can attach various perks and buffs to your weapons... And all of the usual equipment upgrading you'd expect is still intact. There's no hacking either, of course.
  4. Qazimod


    Holy shit. Hopefully this will provide context for those people wondering why Automata has RPG bits in it... https://www.jp.square-enix.com/nierreplicantv1p2/ E: shame it’s not Gestalt though. Papa Nier ftw. E: and they used Kaine’s Salvation theme. All the feels.
  5. Iridis Alpha. Somehow I think I’m safe saying that without ruining other people’s plans! (For reference, one of my last “all time” lists was probably here)
  6. Doom was a nomination of mine when everyone was hyped for Eternal; I don't know if it's as timely now! In terms of my own personal likes, there's not really a bad game in there, so hopefully I'll make time for whatever wins...
  7. I’d jump straight to Royal - from first impressions it seems to do everything the original did and add extra bits. I completed Kamoshida’s palace last night but didn’t hang around to find every Will Seed, so... oops. Also some of the stuff you get from having a vanilla P5 save present will disappear fast if you’re like me!
  8. I think the first game definitely had a bigger cultural impact... but nobody reviewing it at the time had that kind of foresight. The scripted, set-piece driven gameplay is a staple of today’s shooters, but in the 90s few games went as far with it as HL1.
  9. Woo, my copy has just arrived (courtesy of ShopTo). I’m technically still “at work” at the moment but the weekend entertainment is sorted... (Also we’re kind of planning for a house move over here so I intend to binge on as much of this as possible before everything is in boxes... )
  10. I’m nominating Namco’s Metro-Cross: Maybe one of the original auto runners, this arcade game also ended up on some 8-bit micros, so there may be some interesting versions to try...
  11. I haven't really been back to this in a while - distracted with other bits and pieces. Also I think I'll have unlearned a lot of what I picked up earlier! One thing I do notice is that there are a lot of regular enemies that are real bullet-sponges, even if I have a bunch of options and the powered-up shot. The segmented wriggly thing that follows you across half of stage two, for instance - it chases me up to the top of the screen and I die to stuff I can't see I also had a little look at the Game Boy Pop'n Twinbee game, but good luck trying to determine bell abilities on a monochrome display!
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