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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Qazimod

    PlayStation VR

    @MarkN - if you liked London Heist, there's a full game similar to that in the works, named Blood and Truth - I think the release date is still TBC but it might be worth keeping an eye on... https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/blood-and-truth-ps4/
  2. Qazimod

    Best New Music 2019

    The 2018 self-titled album didn't really do it for me, but this has some highlights - that bassline in the title track is
  3. Qazimod

    Greatest PS2 games of all time

    Don't do that to me! I got excited for a second.
  4. Qazimod

    Rocket League

  5. Qazimod

    Project Z - Dragonball series

    FighterZ is pretty amazing. I don't follow DB that much, but it's probably the most immediately fun fighter I've played since P4 Ultimax. Be warned though; there are plenty of killers out there on ranked!
  6. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    As we enter the high school Maya comments on how excited everyone is, wondering if there's some kind of festival going on. Eikichi refocuses on matters at hand and says that we should get to the student council room on the second floor to get to the bottom of these rumours and curses and whatever. We then begin the dungeon and I deliberately walk back and forth to check out encounters and potential negotiations. I try out SK's faithful "discuss manliness" interaction against Empusa and this instantly makes her eager and nets us 12 cards, so the drop rate is more generous in this new dungeon. We proceed to the second floor whilst trying out more negotiations, and enter the student council room. Inside, a couple of student council members tell Eikichi that the student council president is afraid of him, and said president is "hiding somewhere in the school". Talking to him again reveals that the president was on his way to class 3-1, but the one guy in 3-1 tells us that he's in class 2-4 now, and the students in 2-4 tell us he's in the basement. Wheee. When we get to the basement we hear a voice from behind the door: "P-please... let me go... I-I was wrong... I'll never do it again... J-Just forgive me..." I don't know about the characters in the game, but I'm expecting a trap and a boss battle any moment. However, Lisa and Eikichi rush in without the others, closing the door behind them, so we follow. The next screen is black aside from the dialogue box. Eikichi tells the president, Yasuo, to come out, and as SK takes out a flashlight, we hear Yasuo's voice from a walkie-talkie nearby. He tells us that he wants to make the school a facility worthy of his genius, but that this means exterminating the "vermin". Eikichi gets mad and smashes the walkie-talkie, and with no further contact possible we have to explore what the game identifies as the "Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter". I proceed through the door and we enter a new dungeon. There are lots of traps and poison-slinging enemies in here, so I didn't last very long during my first visit! I reloaded and ended up back at Kasugayama High, and found that negotiating with Phantom gets me enough Devil cards to obtain the Poltergeist persona from the Velvet Room, and this persona eventually learns Posmudi (cure poison, single target)! So I've assigned Poltergeist to Eikichi, and I'll be back after unlocking its skills. (EDIT: also, I found while reloading that you can't just go to the basement if you know he's there - you have to do all of the talking again.) Senpai Kun status: Lv10 Playtime: 5h30m
  7. Qazimod

    Greatest PS2 games of all time

    10pts - Persona 4 9pts - Persona 3 8pts - Rez 7pts - FFXII 6pts - Psyvariar 1 5pts - PaRappa The Rapper 2 4pts - Gitaroo Man 3pts - Amplitude 2pts - Mad Maestro! 1pts - Rumble Racing
  8. Qazimod

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Hmm, my only platinum is for Bloodborne but that's fairly do-able if you're into the combat and gameplay. I've 1CC'ed Deathsmiles but again, it's not impossible if you have a good route planned. Given my love for P4 you'd think I'd have done everything, but I often ignore sidequests, drop the difficulty for a superboss and finish with an incomplete S.Link list and compendium. Even so, a lot of my love for the game comes from "mastering" the elemental weakness system and coming up with daft skill and equipment setups so that you flatten enemies in a handful of turns. I was pretty happy when I completed the Viewtiful Joe spin-off Double Trouble on V-Rated; from what I know, the difficulty doesn't go higher than that in the DS game. I think the major differences in the difficulties were that attacks took off more hearts, so you had to make your dodges count - this made succeeding all the more satisfying because you barely got touched. It's hardly the hardest game - most of it's just recognising attack patterns and cues - but dancing around lethal blows is still very satisfying.
  9. Qazimod

    Dark Souls 3

    Thanks! I'll keep the DLC in mind, but I'm going to want to make time for 2019 releases too At present I have a Strength build going on, although I had trouble settling on a good scaling weapon (e.g. I have a Butcher Knife, but don't like its moveset) so lately I've been using a Broadsword (+9) as I prefer the swings. I'm wearing the Lothric Knight set but with the better stats of the Aristocrat's Mask so my character looks a little goofy and Carthus/Cloranthy/Havel's/Estus rings. Also in-between posts I remembered that I still have loads of expendable souls I haven't used, including many boss souls, so I may need to go through my inventory...
  10. Qazimod

    Dark Souls 3

    I picked this up in the January sale (only the base game; no DLC) - I've been dipping in and out of it in-between another big playthrough and it's been quite interesting. My general attitude to the Souls series has largely been "I don't like Souls games - and Bloodborne doesn't count" but I've since completed the base game experience of DS2, and I'm at what looks like the final area of 3. Being the first post-BB Souls game I was curious to see if there had been any influence, and it definitely feels a little less clunky in terms of movement and controls. Also bonfire/shortcut arrangements are more generous than the original, and I welcome the absence of the human/hollow mechanics. Sticking points through the journey so far have been the Abyss Watchers, Pointiff Sulyvahn, Dancer of BV, Dragonslayer and the Twin Princes (and I know there will be optionals I've missed - I'll come back to those in the future) but I've managed to beat all of those without summons so I must be doing something right. Certain bosses can be pretty relentless with their attack strings and it's hard to know when you're supposed to get a hit in (NB: I could counter pretty well in BB but am terrible at parrying here!); others have teleport attacks that make me think the key to winning is to guess correctly or hope the camera plays nice - but in most instances watching the attacks and knowing what can be linked into a follow-up has helped. Generally I'm enjoying it more than 2, but much prefer the gameplay of BB. Time will tell if I can wrap up the final area before Sekiro!
  11. Qazimod


    Chapter 6?
  12. 22% off the Endless Night collection at ShopTo - this brings the price down from £90 to around £70: https://www.shopto.net/video-games/ps4/PS4PE19-persona-3-5-endless-night-collection-inc-shinjiro-and-akechi
  13. I didn't want to say anything during the voting in case @Benny was enraged by any posts that weren't nominations, like some kind of list-compiling Hideki Kamiya, but the effort spent putting these threads together is much appreciated looking forward to the results.
  14. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    With Pixie maxed out and Media learned, I head back into Zodiac, beyond where we saw the rival school students and through a back door into the dungeon proper. I do what I can to fill out the first floor map as it's kind of huge, but there isn't much going on besides random battles. We find the stairs to the second floor and a Zodiac staff member stops us - "Whoa! Hold it right there! Did you remember your mask? You can't get into the party without one." He tells us that if we forgot our mask then there should be extra ones around here somewhere (wow, not the tightest of security in this place if a stranger can be told to look for a mask in the club in order to get in), and so we need to search the club for a mask item. Whilst there isn't one on the second floor, there is a Trish's Spring if I go in a southwest direction. Trish's Spring is a location from P1 where you pay money to get your party healed, but this is the first time seeing it here. We approach Trish and the narrator introduces her - "A greedy, money-loving fairy. She was kicked out of the fairy realm and can't go back until she's done her share of good deeds..." - before we get our menu options. Healing costs 5000, but Pixie is serving us well for now so I decline and continue the search for the mask. As we make it to the third floor, Yukino speaks up and tells us that Eikichi is "calling for us... just up ahead." We move north, east, and back down, and we find the door to a staff room, where we find the key item "Strange Mask" in a box in the south-west corner. This must be our way into the party, so we leave the room and head to some double-doors at the north of this floor. The doorman greets us: "Welcome to the wild dance, my brothers! The smokin' hot party's still going on inside." We open the door... As the scene fades in, we see a Kasugayama member named "Leader" beating the crap out of Eikichi with his goons. The narrator introduces him as Hiroki Sugimoto: the new leader of Kasugayama, and mentions that he'd been "plotting revenge against Eikichi since his humiliation in middle school." He also knows about persona abilities and tells Eikichi "you know what's gonna happen to this chick if you bring out your death spirit". So yeah, Kozy got caught up in this mess whilst following her investigation. Eep. With no persona to fall back on, the Kasugayama goons continue the beatdown and mock Eikichi, but he takes the hits and says that the goons are in for a world of pain if anything happens to Kozy. This continues for a bit, and then Lisa snaps and says that she'll summon her persona. Yukino stops her and mentions that us intervening would hurt Eikichi's pride, and we're given a choice: to save him or wait and see what happens. I choose to save him. Y'know, for the experience. This leads to a boss battle with the new leader, who brings out his own persona. It's only a single enemy boss battle and he's level 9 so it shouldn't be too tricky. The non-healers cast their elementals, SK saves his resources for Media casts, and we even get a few fusion spells in there. We win first time although only Eikichi levels up since he's been out of the party. Back to the dialogue, the beaten "leader" slurs out an apology and Eikichi admits that he's been acting wrongly and using his persona as an excuse to act big and tough and threatening etc. He apologises for his past attitude and says that he's "done being Boss" - he also checks on Kozy but she flees the scene so I guess we'll find her later. Meanwhile, Yukino walks up to the "leader" and tells him to explain why the gang was spreading rumours about the emblem curse. The leader explains that the Kasugayama student council president offered to use Joker's powers to help him out if he ruined the reputation of Seven Sisters. He also explains that if Joker successfully grants your ideal then you have to join a certain organisation, and that he heard there was going to be a ceremony for new joiners - hence his interest in Joker. We let him go, and then Lisa advises us to seek out the Kasugayama student council president. Aaand we're dumped back on the map. I think that our next stop is Kasugayama High, Hirasaka, but this is pretty much where my knowledge of previous dabblings runs out, so future updates will be blind. I'd like to think that the amount of tarot card drops will increase as we enter new dungeons too, so hopefully we'll open up some new Velvet Room stuff in the future! Senpai Kun status: Lv10 Playtime: 5h07m
  15. Qazimod

    Dreams and other game creation tools for amateurs.

    Hmm, back in the day I learned a few things with Flash and a lot of the ActionScript basics are if-else things, so you can make some things there, but I really wouldn't recommend that to a newbie... especially since Flash is kind of getting left in the dust thanks to HTML5 et al. I've messed with TWINE in the past and it's really easy to get on with if you just want to start with the basics. It takes no time at all to create some passages of text and link them together with choices, and then from there you can just grow your creation with more branches and things. I've never tried RPG Maker beyond the early PS1 stuff, but if you like that you may want to keep an eye on Pixel Game Maker, an upcoming 2D game creation thing that's currently in early access: https://store.steampowered.com/app/837510/Pixel_Game_Maker_MV__MV/

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