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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Should all games have an easy mode?

    It'd be cool to see more third-person action games where bosses have some kind of fatigue state after you've repeatedly failed to beat them. (inb4 Bloodborne memory leak lol) Like, right now we have so many games where the player has to continually go back and repair gear and restock on items but that boss is always as capable as ever on each attempt. If you went back to a boss and there were new animations or visual indicators to show that they were exhausted, or the boss had new moves that weren't as effective, you'd know that you would be fighting a comparatively easier battle (in our hypothetical game there would also be someone in the hub you could talk to that would "reset" the state of the boss (maybe your character rests overnight and the bosses are powered up again) if you wanted the true experience.) The main issue with that is that you'd multiply the amount of work needed for each boss - different movesets for different levels of fatigue. As an aside, this thread has gone on for pages with little mention of God Hand's on-the-fly adaptive difficulty, which clearly indicates when the game is getting easier.
  2. Bloodborne and - only after a retrospective reappraisal years after the original review - Dark Souls then. Every From game. All of those Armored Core, Otogi, King's Field games that From released must have been in an alternate reality.
  3. Cover: Dark Souls Remastered (EDIT: if you're after Labo stuff, there's a couple of pages of text at the front in the Knowledge section!) Hype: Disco Elysium Neo Cab Afterparty Noita Heaven's Vault Pikuniku Roundup: Endless Mission, Smash Hit Plunder, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Deathgarden, Spider-Man Play: God of War - 8 Sea of Thieves - 7 Far Cry 5 - 6 A Way Out - 6 Extinction - 3 Scribblenauts Showdown - 3 Minit - 6 Detective Pikachu - 6 Features: Master Crafting - how game remasters are resurrecting the classics Mind's Eye - the evolution and development of VR storytelling Playing The Market - Competitors to Steam's domination Making of: The Signal from Tolva Studio Profile: Bossa Studios Time Extend: Steamworld Dig The Long Game: Splatoon 2 (Steamworld Dig feature is well timed - I'd never played the Steamworld games until this week when I took a look at Dig 2 in my Twitch freebies; it's quite fun! )
  4. Gah, despite my finger-pointing I was actually kind of curious about how this would turn out, but they're making it harder to get behind with each update.
  5. Neo Geo mini coming

    If it is a mini console it'll hopefully be less absurd than the NeoGeo X, which had a £129.99 price tag and received criticisms over button quality and emulation. Wait and see, I guess.
  6. You're saying it wrong!

    7 seconds in: I'm guessing "mod" isn't the hard bit. Anyway, that's only how I say it but it's a random jumble of consonants and syllables so I'm not going to correct people.
  7. You're saying it wrong!

    Any takers? I occasionally see the name in news items and I have no clue.
  8. PlayStation VR

    Ha, I have a mini desk fan somewhere and I thought about using it for the open-top cars in GT's VR mode...
  9. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Buggy starts aside (sorry!) that was lots of fun. Hopefully things will be smoother next time.
  10. WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    Ha, the other day I tried to talk my nephew into trying this instead of whatever Lego game he had with him - I turned assists on and picked an easy low-speed track and despite bumping around a bit he went from disinterest to actively stopping me from switching games when I assumed he'd had enough.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    What madness is this. I'm a little short on credits for a Super GT but I reckon I can get there quickly enough. (EDIT: I have both Red Bulls btw.)
  12. Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    Money. Also, Sega. I drifted away from Yakuza but continue following Persona so I was equally baffled when it filtered through on my feeds. (Also happy release day everyone ) E: store link
  13. Shmups

    Yessssss. No release date or localisation details yet, but I still have my PS2 Psyvariar disc on a shelf somewhere because there haven't been any new games in ages.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I'll try and show but yeah don't wait up.
  15. You're saying it wrong!

    Also this fucker: I'm sorry what? The best my mind could do was break it up into "ang" (straightforward enough) "oar" (you row with it) and "hw" (blowing out a candle). Then SFxT pronounced it "how wrong" or something and I realised, well, how wrong I was.

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