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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Yeah, I came around to that view as well - the games don't get better or worse, it's just our individual range of interests that evolves. One thing that emulation shows is that I can pick up a game from the 80s which I've never played before, and enjoy it today with no preconceptions or nostalgia shades. Sure, a game I enjoyed years ago may be a bit rough today... but again, that's due to our individual interests and expectations. Also, our tolerances change. I could emulate Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on the C64 and wonder what I ever saw in the sadistic gameplay and uncontrollable movement, but back then we had less money (to buy new games) and more spare time (to play what we had.)
  2. Qazimod

    PlayStation VR

    The establishing shots in the hangar and on the runway it's going to be the Top Gun game I never knew I wanted.
  3. Okay, we need more positivity - Phantasy Star Portable 2 was a small marvel and if we're talking about "my opinion vs everyone", I think I was the only bugger banging on about it and "everyone" is a fool for not playing it before the PlayStation Portable vanished. I pretty much ignored the Phantasy Star series until someone talked me into doing the SCHTHACK server stuff with PSO in the late '00s; I can see how it was appreciable as one of the first big online console things, but I was disappointed by the samey encounters and repetitive combat. Whilst I'm not about to claim that PSP2 deserves more kudos, it felt like one of the most ambitious handheld online games at the time, at least outside of Adhoc Party games, and it ditched most of that early-generation jank. Admittedly, you still had way too many respawning waves that attacked in predictable patterns just like with PSO, but it all looked and felt nicer, and it was something you could actually play without jumping through hoops on SCHTHACK. I spent numerous evenings just trying to team up with randoms and run around various zones, but I couldn't convince many gamer friends to try it because they were all busy with DS games or mobile phone distractions. I can pick holes in the game for sure, but none of the flaws overshadowed the feeling of playing an online handheld game with depth, with substance, with an actual community (as small as that community was.) Today I can't think of anything that had a similar feeling of excitement and adventure in an online-enabled handheld title, aside from maybe Freedom Wars (another criminally-ignored gem) or the aforementioned Adhoc Party stuff... and with Idola looking the way it does and the Switch game being Japan only at present, it's quite a rarity - an online enabled PS game released in the west that could be played by anyone who had the console and a wi-fi connection.
  4. Qazimod

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Oh go on then. 15 titles I'd like: Ape Escape Bust A Groove Parappa Lammy Parodius Thunderforce V Silhouette Mirage Incredible Crisis Tekken 3 SF Alpha 3 Bishi Bashi Special Wipeout 2097 Tony Hawk's 2 Tombi King's Field
  5. For me it's more like "the Dreamcast was fondly remembered for a handful of classics that you were lucky to see outside of Japan, but everyone conveniently forgets the waves of crap that filled second-hand stores in the UK." But then no console is immune from garbage.
  6. Qazimod

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Nice! I know I shouldn't bother when you can probably get a PSP-2000 and one of the video cables to play it on your TV, but these mini consoles always look great. It would have been nice to have some kind of wi-fi link to the Store's range of PS1 classics though. It'd be free money! Maybe.
  7. Qazimod

    PlayStation VR

    My nephew would be all over Astro Bot - when he visits the only VR stuff he's interested in is the Playroom content. I can take or leave it, personally - I admire the unique perspective you get with Robot Rescue, but I probably wouldn't buy a full game of it. Oh also Tetris Effect got a date: November 9th.
  8. When I was using hacked Vita stuff it was a temporary thing that got removed once the handheld was powered off; however, it relied on not installing official firmware updates, and I think if you go online to use the store it checks for updates.
  9. Qazimod


    Never Split The Party sounds neat - released this week, it's a four-player roguelike where each player is assigned one of four roles: If a player isn't in the same room as the others or gets separated somehow, the others don't get the benefit of the tracked stat, hence the title. As well as your role there's also a class you can use on top of the role. There's a free-to-play release which only offers one class, but for £13.49 you can unlock the others.
  10. Qazimod

    Recommended game lists

    Overboard? It's quite unique and shouldn't be too pricey.
  11. Qazimod


    I played on Easy and then Normal difficulties, and the puzzles were fine. I loved the introduction of block types and special boss attacks, and the main story sequences are less "one fixed solution" puzzling and more Tetris or Puzzle Bobble-style improvised puzzling, which is always fun. I think if you removed the talky sections and had a straight puzzler it might not hold a player's attention so much... equally, removing the puzzles would have a similar effect.
  12. Qazimod

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Everything else on Daft Punk's Homework is better than Revolution 909. It sounds like it should have been a 45 second interlude, and you could skip to almost any part in the track and it wouldn't sound that different from the previous part you were listening to. EDIT: that said, it's the kind of thing that could be dropped into a mix and nobody would mind. It's just a bit in isolation.
  13. Mm, interesting. The animation (and hitstop) in the video reminds me a little of James Silva / Ska Studio stuff, but without all the edginess.
  14. Qazimod

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    I remember in the main P5 thread I mentioned my the level and playtime of my last save before the credits, and I'd racked up 97 hours. It's hard to complain about there being "too much" game, but man does it keep going...

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