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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. I thought this world be a thread about predicting games that will receive a "medium" review score. As opposed to a high or low one. Oops.
  2. I don’t have a PS5 but I wholeheartedly approve of the push for more Astro through the various one-off demos and full games that have been released. I know that nobody outside of Nintendo really goes for mascot characters anymore, but Astro is definitely one of Sony’s more successful representatives.
  3. Bandai Namco released several betas for Code Vein so that people could see the quality of the game before committing to a purchase.
  4. Play demon-summoning, high-school based dungeon-crawling JRPG Mind Zero and you’ll come away with a better appreciation of what makes the Persona series so good.
  5. Street Fighter X Tekken appreciates gamers’ time and caters for slow connections by putting the DLC on the disc.
  6. I'd do the centipede first and maybe Genichiro last. The centipede is harsh until you figure out the gimmick, whilst Genichiro is one of the more involved encounters.
  7. Hmm, am I going to have to rewrite my OP's install instructions again...? Thanks Amazon. Thamazon. E: made a few edits after going through the process myself.
  8. There’s something weirdly dissonant about the effort gone into capturing the samurai movie vibe with the standoffs and the visual filters and the swirling blossom... only to wrap it around the foundations of the big budget open world outpost-liberating modern videogame experience. I could probably get over it and enjoy it as a fun thing that doesn’t require deep thought, but it is a strange one.
  9. I overlevelled myself to Lv62 (and even then the danger of one-shots was real) and maxed out most of my MP item carrying capacities so that I could use the most powerful moves (“Essence of _______” etc.) However, I only really spent MP to get through the tougher phases as quickly as possible - I’d use cheaper moves up until then. (Especially when most of my party had some kind of move or accessory that recovered a bit of MP for free...) It’s definitely one of the game’s major walls though, so you’re not alone in the struggle.
  10. At least get enough cans to afford the Sega music CDs for the bar’s jukebox
  11. Qazimod


    It's classified as bullet hell so I'm putting it here: Steam description: "A bullet hell fishing game, this. Bop fish with your hook, do not miss. With loot from the blue, a way is paved to, a fishing apotheosis." £3.99. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1457840/Fishticuffs/
  12. Ape notes:
  13. There’s definitely something nice about a “clean” low-poly look where there are a lot of bold colours but it’s not a complete mess. It’s the same thing that all of the kickstarter indie games based on classic arcade racers try to go for, so it clearly has some appeal.
  14. I had to go through a few rewrites of my own text when I read them back and thought they were a bit too sassy. Not all of us have played everything on this list so we kind of have to go by general feel... but if it's any consolation, the above is an improvement over the first drafts I had.
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