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  1. I've tried to get into Daytona in the past but failed. I tried again though when I saw this thread. Admittedly, I do have the Dreamcast version, which is super-twitchy as other have mentioned. I like the oval, that handled ok if you are very gentle on the sticks, but I had a recurring issue in all the other courses.... tha handling, or lack of. I just couldn't get a grip on when the car would slide, or grip, or why it wouldn't brake enough for me - so I spent a lot of time bumping into walls and wondering how all the other cars could effortlessly go around the corner at the same speed without sliding off into the grass. Certainly, I used to love playing the big arcade version all linked up with friends, but it seems unplayable on the DC to me around a regular course
  2. Since last time, I've finished - 8/6/19 - Moss (PSVR) Lovely atmosphere in this game. I'd just come from playing Astrobot, so I wasn't wowed by the VR as much, but this is very cute and the character super-likable. I though it was a bit short - it basically ended when I thought we were just getting going, but I note that the free update has downloaded which gives access to a new area, so it'll be time to return to this soon 11/6/19 - Statik (PSVR) I really enjoyed this one. It's like playing a virtual escape room for your hands. Just trying to work out what everything did and being able to look all over at this weird device locked onto you was great. It was over a little quickly again, but that's probably because I was enjoying it so much. 8/7/19 - Saints Row 4 (360) SR4 was one of those "hey why not" purchases from CEX for £1.50 and I certainly think I got my moneys worth. I've actually finished all the SR games and they've got progressively sillier as they've gone on. This one essentially gave you super-powers and it felt a bit like Crackdown... which isn't a bad thing. Stupid, but fun nethertheless. Previously....
  3. I'm not a collector, but I think I may be a hoarder. I've only ever gone after the games I've really wanted to play - but still had a reasonable collection of DC, SNES, MD and N64 games. N64 were pretty much all bought new but just never trader or anything. I think I might be a hoarder because I seem to have a problem letting stuff go. I spent a long time hunting down some of the SNES classics like Secret of Manna, Super Metroid, ChronoTrigger, to only then go any play them on emulation because it was less hassle on a new TV and I could save the state whenever I wanted... but the games remain on the shelf. Ditto on my N64 and MD where I have Everdrives... I'm still keeping the originals. Weird.
  4. No, there's several downloads for Wipeout... you'll want to play that as well. It feels like your brain is being thrown around all over
  5. Well, I finished Moss last night - which was absolutely charming, but quite short. When it said "end of book one" I expected it to carry on ! Anyway, onwards and upwards. I still am building up my brain to VR, so instead of moving on to a more action game, I picked up Statik on the store as it was only £6.49 or something. What a fun concept - I love a puzzle, and it feels like I've really got my hands trapped in a device trying to figure my way out
  6. AMOS was great back in the day, I actually bought the proper version with the lovely box and manual (before it started appeared free as cover discs) It was always a little slow on the Amiga - I wanted full frame rate, but as I started getting more complicated code going, it slowed down. That said it was a great breeding ground for amateur coders to get going on something fast. I still have my disks in my loft that contains all my work I did on the Amiga which I'd love to look at again, but I'm now missing an Amiga. I remember making some code to let me input sine wave equations, then showing how a bunch of sprites moved in their x and y directions to different sine inputs and then being able to export the pre-calculated sine-waves as nicely packaged dc.w assembly lines (IIRC) I played around with BlitzBasic as well which felt nicely familiar, although the last fun little code stuff I wrote was in Python, using the Pygame library - which was quite friendly, and multi-platform. As much as I'd like to sit down an do something properly in a "proper" language. I don't ever have the time, so bring on something easy to use, which is multi-platform and nice and easy - I don't know if I'll ever sit down and finish something, but I still like to mess about with stuff.
  7. Ok, this years games so far... quite a mix. 6/2/19 - Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One): I got FH3 with my Xbox the year before as a code. Wasn't a game I wanted, but I got really into this and part 4 was more of the same. It's got just the level of driving vs arcade I like. So do you ever complete this game.. not really, but I ended up completing all the of various tasks/races etc. I found the drift challenges by far the hardest but felt good to crack them 12/2/19 - Detroit: Become Human (PS4): I know there's plenty that despise these types of games, but I've really enjoyed them (I really liked Beyond: two souls as well) I actually played through this twice. Once how I would naturally play, and the next doing the polar opposite of everything. It was fun to see the very different outcomes this resulted in. 1/3/19 - Shemnue II (Dreamcast): I know right, I literally had a saved games from 16 years back that I had to try and pickup from and figure out just what it was I was trying to do. I saw that Shemnue III was getting there, so thought I'd better finally finish this off. It felt a bit clunky, but I was close to the end and I'm ready for part 3 if it ever appears. 22/3/19 - Human Resource Machine (Mac): Picked up on a Humble Bundle, it's a neat little game that makes you code little programs to handle boxes that come in one side and have to be sorted or arranged before they go out again. I'd got it a few years ago and only had 2 levels left, but was good to go back and finish 30/3/19 - Doki Doki Literature Club (Mac): I heard about this from watching a Zero Punctuation episode. Like a Romantic Japanese dating game but then goes a bit weird and self-harmy. Fun enough, but there's lots of text to read until you get to the more interesting parts. 18/4/19 - Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4): Bit late to this one. Got really into this and spend 80 hours or so wondering about doing every little quest I could. An epic game 24/4/19 - Her Story (Mac): Another Humble Bundle I'd started by not finished. Lots of people go crazy for it... I found it ok, but nothing special 29/4/19 - Hacknet (Mac): Yet another Humble Bundle game. I quite liked the fun approximation of hacking between computers. At the price it was fine, but again nothing special... sort of a "I've started so I'll finish" sort of effort. 6/5/19 - Castle of Illusion (Megadrive): Played through on an emulator on a weekend away because it popped up on the Retro forum as a game to play through in May. Bit over-hyped I though, but pretty good fun. 19/5/19 - To the Moon (Mac): I got quite into this years ago when I got it in a Humble Bundle, but it kept crashing on my Mac and then I'd have to reply bits. So went back and saved a lot to get through it. Not exactly up there with LucasArts adventures 26/5/19 - Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR): As my introductory game for PSVR, this knocked it out of the park. I would have never had thought that platform gameing would need or even work in VR but this was genius. The end of level bosses were particularly well done as well.
  8. Thanks for that suggestion. I had a playthrough of London Heist last night and it really does pull you into the story. I was having fun just smoking my virtual cigar. It did highlight that my position for gaming might be wrong. Using the DS4 for control I seemed unable to move my hand into the right place occasionally - which is sometimes something that happens with Moss as well. Could be because I'm sat at a desk and I think my hand drops under it sometimes... but also because I'm on a chair which can freely rotate so I'm not always facing the way I'm expecting to be
  9. I'm coming into this thread perhaps 400-ish pages late, but I just got a VR pack for my birthday earlier this month and I'm loving it in an unexpected way. The first thing I tried was the VR Worlds experience. The shark dive seemed like an excellent introduction to VR - but after that I was ready for some more interaction. So then i did the street luge. Not bad, but the lower resolution really seemed to work badly for it, and so I tried Scavengers Odyssey. Ok, FPS but with head movement. It took a while to stop trying to use the DS4 as my look, but after around 30 mins I was suffering from severe VR sickness. Too much movement. So then I tried Astro Bot. To be honest, I didn't connect platformers and VR together, but in researching the games I kept noticing this was very highly regarded and so I got my family to buy me the VR MegaPack which included this (amongst others) . Having just finished the game, I have to just say "wow" it does stuff I just didn't think possible, or would add anything to the experience, but Astro Bot is just a great great game. I loved all the looking around I had to do - it really makes you feel part of the game. With that finished, I was hugry for more platforming, so have gone for Moss. After 30 minutes or so I have to say it's lovely to look at. It doesn't quite have the same level of being within the game as AstroBot, but I'm looking forward to delving in further. I've been dipping in for 30 minutes at a time and making sure I stop if I even get a hint of any sort of weird feeling. I'm hoping this is programming my brain to cope with stuff so I can eventually play the more action-orientated titles.
  10. Sure, I'll accept that I played that game in a certain way that I wouldn't have been able to back in the day. My perception of it being shorter than expected was the fact I expected 1 gem per door, and when I started getting 2 gems (for the last 2 doors IIRC) it felt like I'd been cheated out of a few levels. Back in the day perhaps this would have been akin to the Lucky Dome Caper I used to play through on my Game Gear quite happily instead of a long epic like Super Mario World.
  11. I'd sought out an original cart for my Megadrive (although picked up the US version) with the idea of playing it years ago after a certain amount of hype but didn't really do anything with it and it's just sat there on the shelf. I was away for the bank holiday weekend, saw this thread and happened to have my old Wikipad tablet with me and so played it through on there. I finished it in a few hours (although used save states) so I could have multiple goes at the bosses. I tended to find I needed a few tries just to understand the pattern, or attacks, or generally how to not get hit. It was ok - very nice looking, and very jolly. I was just starting to get into though and suddenly they were giving out 2 gems a world and it came up a bit shorter than I was hoping for. Good enough, but it didn't have the hook that some other platformers did. (for me at least)
  12. Just had a look back through my Amazon orders, it's this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00V2ULHBS/
  13. I can't remember what the switch is - wasn't a silly expensive one. I'll have a check when I'm at home tonight and let you know. I'm using a PAL console - I was pleasantly surprised that it would handle the NTSC display/framerates without a hitch. You do need to get a specific s-video cable for a PAL n64, there's an extra resistor or something in them that aren't there in other cables.
  14. One of my favourite consoles, and the first one which I'd been waiting to launch. At that time, myself and a friend Jon were both working in the same office and they hadn't given us proper Internet access at the time, so we'd still only be seeing the odd screen shot of Mario 64. It looked pretty amazing, but nothing like seeing it move. The rumour was out that a shop in town had an import machine running it (Ross records in Portsmouth for anyone interested in the minute details) I went down there and stared at the attract sequence playing over and over. We'd all been used to seeing pre-rendered footage that the PS1 games tended to try and get you with, but this was real time stuff, and how were those graphics so smooth !? As it was, I was busy getting married in another country when it got released in the UK, so didn't get one at launch. Jon did, so I phoned him up as soon as I was back and asked him if it was worth the wait. It was - so as I was in the high street, I rushed over to Electronics Boutique and bought an N64 with Mario 64. I may have got PilotWings at the same time as well (or possibly a few days later) Those two games blew me away and got played to death. It was almost a shame that the launch games were so good, as there was a bit of a wait for the next high quality release, but clearly Waverace, Zelda: OOT, GE and Conkers Bad Fur day stick in my mind as some of the best memories on the system. At that time, like the rest of you by the sounds of it, and pre online gaming. 4 of us used to meet up at Jon's house and play GE, Mario Tennis, Mario Party and Perfect Dark until are hands had become claws around the controller and it was getting light outside again. Happy days I still love that console, but as many mentioned, it's a struggle on an HDTV. I have had a bit of a resurgence in playing it lately though. I got myself an s-video cable (which my LCD TV didn't like) so on a bit of a whim picked up an S-video to hdmi converter. OMG, it's like light and day. I know it's not like getting a proper hdmi conversion, but it's the best I've ever seen any N64 look on a TV. I also picked up a Everdrive64 and this (finally) let me play all my titles again at full frame/full screen - it's like owning a whole new super-console again... but one in which my Waverarce lap times have improved massively
  15. I bought a wikipad from ebuyer for £50, 7" Android tablet that slots into a controller surround and makes it look like a massive Game Gear. Works really well - couldn't play anything with touch controls, would be awful
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