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  1. I've never been interested in the idea of Gamepass in the past, I like to collect thing on physical media and I'm worried that having access to endless amounts of games means that you just end up dipping in and out and never really going into anything.... but from the E3 presentation and the fact that almost everything said Gamepass day 1.... it's had me thinking. So do you eventually get used to all the games and stop downloading them to try stuff out for 5 minutes at a time? Do you still have the time/inclination to play other games on other consoles etc. I haven't even had liv
  2. 16/06/21 - Super Mario 3D World (Switch) Pretty good fun this one, I started out playing in handheld mode as I was away for a week, but realised my old eyes can't see the screen as well as I'd like. I've been enjoying it more on a TV since I've been back. It kind of went on a bit - in places I felt it had given everything it had to offer, but I was still cracking out stage after stage... and then backtracking a lot because I was 30 stars short to open the first boss part and then another 20 before I got to the final showdown. I'm not feeling a need to go back and find every last
  3. 07/06/2021 - Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) Bit late to the party on this one, having only got a switch for Xmas and the game for my birthday last month. I found it such a different Zelda experience (although for some reason I haven't got beyond a few hours in Skyward Sword - so don't know about that one) I'm so used to the normal - go to dungeon, collect new weapon, use weapon to defeat boss. Repeat in all dungeons until you are completely tooled up and ready to rock. But here's a game that doesn't give you an order, and that you get all the abilities you have i
  4. Yes - I turned 50 last month and my wife wanted to get me a "decent" present. SO I said a new Xbox Series X and a PS5. Then the poor lady spent months trying to get either and failed to get anything in time for the actual day, but a few weeks later we bagged a PS5 from Amazon and then a Series X as a pay and collect from Argos. I typically used to get new consoles from the start, but in the last round I haven't done so much. I think I got the Xbox One and PS4 about midway through their cycle. PS4 for Xmas 2016, Xbox One for Xmas 2017, but only just got the Switch for this Xmas
  5. Astro's Playroom I finally got my hands on a PS5, so obviously Atro was already on there. I would have been jumping in on some other enhanced PS4 titles, but my wife had tried to get me a PS5 for my birthday earlier in May to no avail, and so I'd got in a bunch of switch games (including Breath of the Wild - which I'm playing at the moment) so I dipped into this for a quick 15 minute fix every now and then. Which is just as well as you could breeze through the whole game very quickly. I'd already played Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR which is still probably my best
  6. I watched this last night - mostly being massively worried that my lovely 65" QLED TV had developed two lit pixels, but they tended to move between cuts, so I was mostly hoping it was somehow the sensor in the cameras being used... but then again I thought it impossible that a $90m movie would allow this glaring error to get through, I mean they would have watched it during the edit right? Straight after the movie finished a quick google revealed lots of headlines like "Your TV isn't broken, Army of the Dead is" which is a relief, but just how? To me it would be like having one of
  7. Woot - managed to just pick one up from Amazon. At least it took my money and says it's arriving tomorrow, but I'll believe it when it gets here. One interesting thing is that my wife has been trying to get one for my birthday (which was yesterday) for ever. She got the rumour about Amazon and was refreshing her phone non-stop. It become available and then just error'd when she tried to get it. She shouted at me, and on the computer I was able to add to basket. It then jumped out of the basket when going to checkout the first time, but we managed on the second try. Is it more crap for p
  8. New Super Mario Bros Wii (Wii) Continuing the Mario on Wii theme from last night, I realised I hadn't finished New Super Mario Bros Wii. My daughter and I had played it years ago and actually got up to the last level, but at that point, and many parts leading up to that it was much harder to play with multiple characters on the screen. The last level was a bit frustrating, I spent about 40 minutes messing up and kicking myself until I managed to finally finish it. The overall game was a pretty nice 2D Mario, but the big gimmick it sold itself on (albeit in 2009) about having a m
  9. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) Well, that only took 11 years. I'm trying to go back and finish the games that I got some way in but didn't see through for whatever reason. I've always loved Mario, but I just didn't get on with Galaxy 1/2. I do hate motion controls, but I don't know if it's that or the constantly jumping between planets. Some of the levels were great, and others I found it tricky to line up jumps and things, so I found it a bit of a slog, but good to get through finally. I've somehow got Skyward Sword untouched on the Wii, so I should really get to that one next...
  10. 3/4/21 - Subnautica (PS4) This one in the list of play-at-home games from Playstation, so I picked it up and dived in (pun intended) About 12 hours later I felt completely lost and didn't know what to do - I wandered around for a good few hours trying to discover something before looking at some FAQ's to give me some hints. It annoyed me that I needed to do so, and no doubt some might have relished in the vagueness of it all, but I needed a little more hand-holding to enjoy this. Once armed with some help I was off and running again, but I still needed to return to it to locate
  11. Oh dear, I have a feeling I know what's amiss here. When I bought the game years ago from Amazon, it was supposed to be the complete edition, but was a pack-in European title (with a "Not to be sold separately" badge on it) Obviously I complained about that, and they refunded me and said "keep the game" so i happily played through it and had a great old time. But I'm guess this weird European version (which has blurb in 4 languages on the back and another helpful little badge which says "Playable in English") which has an ID of CUSA07319 is probably very slightly different from t
  12. I just downloaded the complete edition as it's free now. I do already own the base edition, but wanted to pick up the complete to go through the Frozen Worlds expansion. I did hit an issue though in that the complete edition isn't seeing my save files from the base version. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue, and perhaps solved it. I did read some things that suggested that maybe there were fix versions that needed to go onto the base version that would bring the save files in line - but it was all a bit speculative and I'd have to delete stuff to make space for essentially 2 copi
  13. This was always the fear - I think that a regular gamer could destroy the game, but the act of flying is different than normal. I thought I was immune to this, just played through Last of Us 2 and no problem with move/look on the sticks, but just trying out Subnautica today and my mind is screwed up because yaw and roll are reversed and I keep hitting things in the little sub-thingy. But yes, you can remap the sticks - either use the remap button in the radio/joystick setup screen, or go into the advanced page from their and you can reallocate each axis as you go. The no roll ide
  14. I know it goes slightly against the idea of solo efforts, but having all the artistic or 3d modelling prowess of a dead-hamster - I was looking into some Assets to help with content creation and picked up a few in the recent Unity sale. In a poll, the users of my sim said they most wanted another level, so I decided to create a bigger and more interesting cityscape (as my current one has a few sparse buildings) I tried an Asset called Cscape which seems to lack almost completely in documentation aside from a few videos the author made 3 years ago and struggled along with in broken
  15. 26/03/21 - Abzu (PS4) Picked up today as one of the freebies from Playstation. I was up for something quite lightweight after finishing The Last of Us 2 earlier in the week and at just a few hours this certainly did the trick. It's an absolutely gorgeous experience, and I'm a sucker for swimming around with fishes. Was it a game though, not really - just kind of a lovely way to spend a few hours swimming around. Enjoyable all the same, and something I might come back to when I need a fix of chill gaming (or I might just play Journey again). Anyway, onto the next game in the gr
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