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  1. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 I'd heard this game was good, but Christ not this good. We've all been extremely engaged in trying to stay on top and as a result we've had some massive cheers whenn managing to cure a disease, not something I've ever experienced with another boardgame. And then comes the best bit: opening all those boxes, panels and scratch cards.
  2. Flams

    Xbox Game Pass

    My subscription to this ends soon, whats my best way of extending? I've seen this deal for 3 months + 3 months free for £32.99, is that it?
  3. Flams


    Costa Coffee Having a coffee good times
  4. Disney store now has baby yoda plushes up for preorder, £21. As its scheduled to arrive just before my daughter's birthday I must admit I purchased one!
  5. Enjoyed that immensely. The last few minutes put a big smile on my face, enjoyed it immensely. I watched in iPlayer so not sure, was there a "this series on doctor who" type trailer afterwards? Saw the one for the next episode.
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, thanks once more to @JPR, I genuinely look forward to this each year and really appreciate you organising it
  7. Resident Evil 2 Baba is you Reigns her majesty Thank you very much Santa, looking forward to Christmas being over so I can sit down to play them I also note that you did not fall for my cunning ploy....
  8. Flams

    Xbox Game Pass

    I've never been sensible
  9. Flams

    Xbox Game Pass

    I get that, but I don't want to have to download another game just to be able to play
  10. Gift(card)s purchased!
  11. Flams

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just discovered that pes 2019 has been removed from gamepass and replaced with 2020 efootball or something. I figured I enjoyed pes so I'd stump up for the 2019 version rather than downloading the new one but it's "not available" on the store. I have a digital edition xbox, how can I get the game?
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