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  1. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Isn't that Hawkeye on the left of the poster?
  2. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    If they're not careful someone will pick up that infinity stone.
  3. How is that upping the ante? Actually no wait I got it, one handed
  4. Inside No.9

    That was the first episode this series that I've not felt was amazing story wise so far. I agree with the comments about some of the dialogue not being great at the end but my god Steve Pemberton was utterly outstanding throughout the episode.
  5. League of Gentlemen

    I like strangles
  6. xmas steam code giveaway*

    Socks the kitten hiding under the Christmas tree
  7. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    Thanking you Santa! Viscera clean up detail and a couple of gift cards to spend on what I fancy. Don't seem to be able to accept them on my phone, but will see what's happening when I get home from the in-laws. As always thanks to JPR for organising and bringing us all a little piece of Christmas joy
  8. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    Agreed, I've just done my second playthrough (pacifist this time) and I had forgotten just how good it is. Planning to head back for the third time soon.
  9. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    Done. Merry Christmas everyone
  10. League of Gentlemen

    Same here, I poo pooed it almost immediately. Rewatching earlier this year I realised its actually quite good in its own way.
  11. League of Gentlemen

    Yeah they mentioned it when talking about David getting married. Something like 'our father was lucky, he had us to carry on the family'
  12. League of Gentlemen

    Thw League was my show back in the day. After the film I didn't think that this could be any good but I have absolutely loved every minute. This is easily the best of the show, I don't think any of the characters were overused and I can't think of any characters I would've like to have seen, maybe Hillary. I will always hope for more episodes but if this is the last we see of Royston Vasey it's a hell of an ending. Glad it's Christmas time so I have time to rewatch it all.
  13. Batman: Arkham Knight

    I played through on pc earlier this year. For the most part it was ok, but whenever I went outside it would stutter like crazy. Worse in the rain which was most of the game.
  14. League of Gentlemen

    They've just announced a live show too. Tickets go on sale 20th at 9am 25 August Sunderland, Empire 29 August Glasgow, SEC Armadillo 30 August Edinburgh, Playhouse 2 September Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena 5 September Oxford, New Theatre 7 September Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena 8 September Plymouth, Pavilions 12 September Brighton, Centre 14 September Birmingham, Arena 15 September Leeds, First Direct Arena 16 September Liverpool, Echo Arena 18 September Blackpool, Opera House 21 September Sheffield, City Hall 22 September Manchester, Apollo 25 September Bournemouth, BIC 27 September London, Eventim Apollo 28 September London, Eventim Apollo 29 September London, Eventim Apollo

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