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  1. Servers undergoing critical maintenance. Probably something to do with me getting so many kills. Games good. Anyone around tonight?
  2. Two games in and did much better, achieving 3rd place but pretty level on kills. Enjoying it but I feel the guns are a bit wishy washy, the sound affects don't grab me the way the sound fo the AK does.
  3. Awesome! Can't remember who it was but I'll do it next time.
  4. Rush B go fast. First game and I was told to fuck off. I'm bad so far, but by the end of the game I was getting into it slowly. It's so much faster paced than CS, you come in to contact with people so quickly and the rounds are blink and you miss them.
  5. Oh 6am is good. Will pop on around then and see what needs downloading.
  6. Do we know the release time tomorrow?
  7. Does anyone know how it works with meteor showers and multiple residents on the island? Are the fragments the following day tied to each person or are they limited to a certain amount per island?
  8. The discord link does not work
  9. Thanks @evil p. Tip left with the others.
  10. Thanks for that, nabbed the helmet and watered the plants. Also popped in to see Dom for the crafting recipe. Sorry it was a bit in and out but I've got to be somewhere!
  11. Placed items yes, dropped ones no. yes, however best friends.can chop them down I think. No,but you can foster a trading relationship. I'm in a WhatsApp chat where we are constantly buying each other furniture and clothes. Will add you now!
  12. Ahoy! I've just added you, need to come.and get that space helmet! Will you be on for long?
  13. I did but was just on a whim, don't worry. I've taken to just flying in to check peoples shops but was switching off anyway after your island, another time!
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