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  1. Am I missing something with Grand Prix mode, I mean, how the hell do you start it??? Never mind, I thought it was a seperate mode.
  2. I thought they were stopping gear dropping lower than your maximum (did I imagine that) but getting loads of stuff for the scrapped.
  3. Is there any point trying to upgrade your gear anymore, there doesn't seem to be away to get anything I have to 500 anymore.
  4. Well... Tonight I actually realised how the calibration worked and my level has taken quite the jump after a week of 300. Also just discovered with the chem launcher you double tap the shooder button to detonate... Been shooting at it everytime I fired it, IDIOTHOLE!
  5. For me, it's biggest problem was that beta, it was awful. The people I play with all decided, nope not buying this shite, it is dog shit. 11.45pm just before release say, I caved and bought it, bloody hell, it felt like a totally different game than the beta... Everything was just right. My brother was the next to cave after my initial recommendations ... Everybody else was tempted, but due to the low sales they were wise enough to wait 2 or 3 weeks and got it cheap... Of course we all loved it. Pity I couldn't persuade everyone to get division 2 though.
  6. Erm... Duh??? I am sure they will pop up at sometime allowing me to get to do them.
  7. Throughly enjoyed my time with the open beta, damn sight better then the private, still got a few side missions to do but as it finishes at 9am tomorrow I will need to wait until release.
  8. Sometimes your squad are an unbreakable barrier...
  9. I had conquest selected only for weeks which has shown no servers at all the whole time... Today I selected every game type and there was over 100 servers for Europe which included the conquest servers that apparantly didn't exist. I then took out everything bar conquest and all is good, plenty of euro servers to choose from.
  10. If you get the arwing starter pack, do you need to have that ship built to use it? That's why I got put off lego dimensions, had to keep using all those toys which I just wasn't interested in it after a few hours, never even played the Doctor Who pack I really wanted it for.
  11. That's really all I have seen, a blizzard on the mountain (which was spectacular). It was amazing how good BF1 looked in the rain... I am hoping to see some more of that.
  12. Have they ditched dynamic weather this time around?
  13. Not nerfed enough in comparison to how annoying it is to take them down now. I won't play on a server that has no stingers or iglas as a rule so the guy that owns the server can spend the whole round increasing his k/d. Well, I might sometimes. I got booted right after that.
  14. And this thread rises from its slumber... Stumbled upon one of my old Compilation vids today... Boy, the SRAW was something else before they started nerfing the fun out it. Yes, been playing a lot of 4 the last couple of months, and V isn't to going to stop that I fear.
  15. And I discovered I had issues with this vid 6 years ago.
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