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  1. Watching Diagnosis. Really enjoying the premise. I’m watching episode 5 with the teen girls who can’t keep anything down, and I literally feel like strangling her mother. I think she’s going to be disappointed with how she comes across on camera. Coming from a very muddy background regarding medical problems and fizzy diagnosis, I can get the angle her mum is coming from. But my god she needs to take a step back from controlling it all. Anyway, I’m a big fan of the doctor that interviews and works with the families. I like listening to her talk. And some of these conditions are just....mental. Crazy what some people live with. And also crazy what medical science can now do.
  2. When are they going to make Isabelle announce who’s on the island???! Am I right in thinking you can just check your map to see if Redd is at the cove?
  3. Is everyone doing that for the mini season?
  4. Oh no...shit my dad is gonna be gutted. A massive loss
  5. Landooooooo!! Crazy amount of teething problems. Kimi’s tyre was intense. Was it Kvyat’s suspension that went? Looked like he ended up without a rim either. I’ve not seen a replay yet, but the first thing I said after the Albon/Ham incident was “lack of experience?” It’s ultimately fucking shit for him. But I’m glad there are enough good, young drivers there who’ll take shots like that. I can not describe how boring it is to watch Vettel drive.
  6. That post qualifying speech by Hamilton was.....not rehearsed, shall we say? Sounds like he had a lot still fresh on his mind? I mean, it was clearly all about solidarity with speaking out against racism. But sounded very troubled. Part of me wants a list of all the drivers who’d respond with all lives matter... ..is that wrong? Feels great to have it back again though. Weekends are now more normal!
  7. I would love some blue roses to go in my hybrid dinosaur area along the front of the Diplocede! I’ve been improving and beautifying the area seeing as I’ve made so many Dino freaks lol.
  8. The camera now turns when you go down to the diving suit in the museum, and there’s a new sign there. Just decorations?
  9. Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at the lists and see if I’m missing anything I wanted. Collecting swimming stuff is fun
  10. Bollocks. I forgot that I was doing the wedding photo shit in June. Was trying to get all the stuff. Oh well. SWIMMING!!!! Log on, and my second fish is finally a whale shark
  11. Welcome to the world of hyper focus, special interests and boredom I’ve come back around to only being able to watch wedding dress programs during spare time, like I did 10 months ago, before I got bored. I’d love to play again, but right now the thought of loading it up makes me feel sick, like throwing a tantrum, and crying lol.
  12. Okay, finished this. Understand everything except one thing, and I can’t find anything online about it. Who was
  13. Open with code: BSCYR Savannah is here. If she sells the same stuff to everybody then she’s got the lava flooring and cityscape wallpaper. Some awesome summer clothes in Able’s if you’re quick. Deidre is crafting a tree branch wreath. Many plots of flowers to water if you’re willing, mostly in Oldtown by my residents’ houses. Spare cans in my back garden.
  14. With the heart crystal items, do you only ever have as many items as you buy? It doesn’t unlock them for ordering or anything?
  15. I’m open if anyone could come and water me please. Take anything else you like.
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