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  1. Ahh, you’ll love it. It’s pretty foolproof. Keep things you’re not sure if you should sell and see if you can do something with them down the line. Talk to townsfolk at least once a day. You can move items and rotate them once you place them on the ground to get them in the perfect position. Listen for fish biting. Ignore the plips and strike on the plop. Always try and get your cast to land a bit of a way in front of their noses. Shake trees. Always whilst holding a net. Hit rocks multiple times, but with an axe instead of a shovel, to save accidentally digging holes around it (which then block spawns from the rock). Stuff reapawns and regrows. Harvest wood from trees every day etc. Fruit takes longer. Just have fun there’s no real way of losing. If you’re a big collector of things, then you might want to look at an online guide to see when bugs and fish are around (cos they’re seasonal). Hence why people are going on about stringfish.
  2. Oh, thank you! I’d heard USA fixed theirs cos they got sued, and the UK weren’t really doing it. We’re ordering a controller anyway, so I’ll use that in the meantime whilst they’re sent away. I do like the fact your arms can be wherever you want when you play, not stuck in front of you. Also, reaches maximum storage capacity today!! why is that a thing??! I’ve been putting the shit I find during shop closing times in there. Think I’m going to have to drop stuff on the floor around the shop. The tarantulas are impressive
  3. Sorry, my bad. Stupid controller ruining the photos. I got this one. Are you in it?
  4. I made some tweaks to my cobblestone to give less unification.
  5. Have I been to your island? I pick up the beach shells when I visit.
  6. Opening till the shops shut. Code is 65BLK
  7. The daylight savings time issue actually works out pretty good doesn’t it? Shops open at 6am now and close at 9pm for us?
  8. I’m coming to you now I have emptied. @Tetmon that code isn’t working...hmm...
  9. Bubbo at Hullabaloo. You were shut so I’m just sitting outside my shop with full bags waiting to sell. My game hasn’t gone forward an hour.
  10. I was dick shirt, yes. Just finished the back of it like I said I got an error saying connection with the location had been lost. Was nearly on my 200th weed!! I’ll come back to leave a message about your maze
  11. Did you crash @skittles? I got booted out and didn’t get a chance to leave you a notice.
  12. As if you can’t put the turnips into storage!?
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