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  1. It also drives jokes/references into the ground trying to make sure you don't miss them. I've rolled my eyes multiple times at characters flat-out explaining what the joke was, but the most egregious one I can recall is asking you to make a choice related to one of the characters who was in Tales From The Borderlands and adding a little UI reference to the thing Telltale games do, then the character in question immediately repeats the reference in a clunky way which doesn't work at all I forgot why you should never browse the subreddits of games with RNG loot endgames, people who want to no-life grind them are permanently at war with everyone and everything
  2. Monster Hunter: Where? Free blurb: The development history of Monster Hunter is the story of a games company (Capcom) making games about hunting monsters to make equipment to get better at hunting monsters, to get better at making games about hunting monsters to make equipment to get better at hunting monsters, so they can finally make the best game about hunting monsters to make equipment to get better at hunting monsters
  3. I like that buying more space is based on cash now, especially since I picked this up. Just chuck all your grenades into the air and the enemies turn into thousands of dollars
  4. Anyone else getting mad stutter when you aim down sights? I'm supposedly getting 60-90fps but it's clearly stuttering while those frame rates are being reported. Edit: looks like it's one of those games which a) defaults to borderless fullscreen and b) is terrible at it.
  5. The chap who made the Gibbed save editors for the previous games created a source code repository for a Borderlands 3 version a few days ago
  6. Someone just needs to Ravi Drums-ify that GIF and we're sorted for another generation.
  7. The latest chapter is also the video for one of them: If you choose to run away with me I will tickle you internally And I see nothing wrong with that
  8. Your body may be ready, but do you have a minute to talk about how to make your soul ready?
  9. Some unfortunate min-maxing hunters are going to lose hundreds of hours of their lives to the new decorations with multiple skills, grinding the RNG for just-so skill combinations to perfect their sets. At least with previous games you only had one talisman/charm you needed to get lucky with! Also, why is it not January yet?
  10. Stop having fun the wrong way!
  11. I liked Xenoblade Chronicles but I'd had enough of the gameplay by the time I reached the snowy mountain area both times I played it. But… running around to that music again
  12. Anyone else playing this? https://store.steampowered.com/app/508440/Totally_Accurate_Battle_Simulator/ Picked it up for fun vs. battles with the kids and I'm finding the snake archers are too temptingly OP as they spread instant chaos among the enemy.
  13. All my lances went floppy when Zinogre appeared.
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