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  1. Tourist

    Football Thread 2018/19

    So what is the run in for man city and Liverpool now? It's looking pretty unlikely for Liverpool now isn't it?
  2. Tourist

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Thought this was interesting:
  3. Tourist

    What are you playing?

    Is jackbox the console party game that you play with your phones? That is truly terrible.
  4. Tourist

    UK Games Expo

    Gah. Booked a business trip to the UK flying back from Heathrow early on Saturday morning. If only I'd known this was on I'd have given myself an extra few days!
  5. Tourist

    Football Thread 2018/19

  7. Tourist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    As I've stated in the main peds thread, I'm pretty sure that juicing in one shape or form is commonplace in every single top sport. I think people who don't ever set foot in a gym associate juicing with big muscles, but there are such a wide range of drugs that do so many different things. I remember watching an Ireland rugby match in a pub in Fulham and I got chatting to some roided up monster who happened to be there and it turns out he was mates with BOD, so at the very least BOD is socialising and training in circles where drugs are a given; looking at a few photos of a relative's wedding where there were some Ireland internationals present, it was mind blowing to me that any of these guys can keep a straight face while denying that they take stuff. Meanwhile look at the dominant Juventus sides of the 90s and they were characterised by just being able to compete with more intensity and duration than anyone else; but as soon as their key players left they would all of a sudden start getting injured and looking rubbish. Google Guardiola and peds for some fascinating stories about his association with dodginess. I bumped into Rio Ferdinand recently and I struggle to believe that his physique is natural - maybe it doesn't show on TV because he is so tall that he actually looks reasonably sized but he absolutely isn't, he's monstrous, which makes me wonder why he forgot about that drug test. Mo Farah is DEFINITELY taking something (look at the way his career is characterised by a long period of hovering around the edges of success and then a sudden spike in his performances; not to mention who he associates with and his ability to sleep through doorbells etc.). EVERYONE is at it, whether it is drugs to make their muscles bigger, help them recover faster so they can train harder and longer, or to multiply their red blood cells so they can out-cardio the competition, or just a bunch of junk to help them get rid of every last drop of liquid in their body for the weigh-in. They are all at it.
  8. Tourist

    Gunpla: The Thread

    I picked up a free gundam model at the weekend: https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/01/uniqlo-x-gundam-brings-limited-shirts.html My daughter chose the gundam over Char's Zaku. Not sure when we will get round to building it yet though!
  9. Tourist

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Not sure if anybody is following the furore about GMT's Scramble for Africa. Basically they announced the game on their P500 list (their internal version of kickstarter, essentially); evidently there were some complaints that made them rethink whether the theme and implementation were appropriate; they announced its cancellation and apologised for their lack of awareness; and now they are getting it in the neck from everyone. It's a shame because clearly they are just trying to do the right thing; the game itself seems pretty self-evidently problematic (unlike games with a similar colonial theme the game clearly failed to represent the indigenous perspective at all); and GMT relies so heavily on its affinity with its fans. Just feels bad man. EDIT: found this mildly interesting after googling around on the topic, so thought I would share: https://olh.openlibhums.org/articles/10.16995/olh.211/
  10. Tourist

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Love that artwork.
  11. Tourist

    Time Trap (edit: on Sky Cinema Premier!)

    It is £2.73 too much!
  12. Tourist

    Solid little thrillers

    Jackie Brown!
  13. Tourist

    Solid little thrillers

    Does Lone Star count?

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