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  1. A heads up you can get this on Ebeba for £30. It's an argentine code so you need a vpn and change to Argentina xbox store and then redeem code. Never done it myself but the folks over at hotukdeals say it all works a treat.
  2. I think originally they said 2021. But I just assume everything will be delayed.
  3. I'm thinking of selling my T150 with T3PA Pedals and upgrading to a T300. (anybody selling Are the stock pedals on the T300 OK?
  4. They are a shitty company who make some good games and products.
  5. Not played my quest in months thinking of diving back in. Is top golf worth getting? I don't have any friends so not sure how it is in single player. Does it have online matchmaking?
  6. I did this one too. Quite surprised my work laptop was able to even run them but I didn't have any issues with the handful of games I tried (I don't own my own PC)
  7. Gameplay will no doubt be fun but £70? Ha, you must be joking. Nothing about it screams that AAA quality that would justify that price tag. Although no game justifies that price tag imo.
  8. Thanks for this. I'm going to start playing through them again, not buying 3 just yet though. By the time I finish the campaigns for 1 and 2 I'm guessing 3 will be about £10..
  9. Yeah i have hitman 1 and all the base levels are there to play via 2 but i dont have the legacy pack (which is £32) which gives upgrades to hitman 1 in the HM2 game engine. So fuck knows whats going on. There is another Hitman 1 download (which is an additional 32gb) which says it gives access to the opening level or something, and i can install this as well but whats the point if i have access and i dont want the games to take up any more space. At this point im ready to just give up. Hitman 2 already is taking up over 90gb
  10. Im still a bit confused by the whole exporting thing. I bought Hitman 2 on digital but i was thinking of buying the first game on disk (its much cheaper than on xbox store) so can i put the disk in for Hitman 1 and install the game then export it to Hitman 2? So i can then remove the disk and never use it again? Then if i buy Hitman 3 can i export all this stuff as one and i only need to have the Hitman 3 disk in? Its very confusing.
  11. Machine Games have only made First person shooters. Would be a surprise if this was third person.
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