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  1. I tested this last night and I don't notice an issue with aiming. Although you don't make any massive swings like in a dedicated shooter. You are always zoomed in and going for slow precise shots.
  2. New names added to the roster... Sugar Ray Leonard Riddick Bowe Larry Holmes Tommy Morrison Michael Hunter Sebastian Fundora Lawrence Okolie Mark Johnson Kevin Kelley Katie Taylor Delfine Persoon Lucian Bute Murodjon Akmadaliev Israil Madrimov Bektemir Melkuziev Sharkhram Giyasov Dimitry Bivol Julio Cesar Chavez SR Hector Camacho SR Hector Camacho JR Jake LaMotta Wladimir Klitschko Vitali Klitschko Muhammad Ali This is shaping up really nicely.
  3. Played the first hour. The sound design and 3d audio in this is incredible. That opening 10 minute segment... Already know I'm going to love this.
  4. Shocked to pick the version with better performance? Hmmm...
  5. Oh and it seems the NX trick isn't working on xbox. Has worked any other time for me. Weird.
  6. There's one loading screen when you load a save for the entire game. 1 second on Ps5 vs 5 on xbox. If I was to recommend a version it would be the xbox. Performance is king.
  7. Early game you will have to use a bit of cover or run away but after you get the hang of things and the new abilities and upgrades open it's a lot of fun. There's a great flow to the game. I put about 50 hours into it but didn't really appreciate the builds until end of the game (about 12 hours for story)
  8. Thought I would go back to Resi 7 for an end game playthrough from an old save. Compared to 8 the FOV, speed and weapons are far far worse. Its really sluggish. Still great though.
  9. No don't do that. The game is all about your build and abilities. Cover is useless.
  10. Supposedly some people ha e been able to play the digital version early on xbox. I tried last night and had no joy. Suppose I could change my region to New Zealand later and play it early anyway.
  11. Yup. Plus the blatant fan boy shit he talked about can get to fuck. No point getting into a discussion.
  12. Ah. Piss coloured. My favourite.
  13. Series X of course. Got it for free with reward points. Plus the framerate is more stable on xbox according to Digital foundry.
  14. Easy Allies review made me very excited. Can't wait. Game sounds amazing.
  15. That's it! Knew I was fucking up somewhere.
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