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  1. Yeah but the Switch can't roll you upside down
  2. Couple of Episodes in and enjoying it. It's daft but worth it for the actions scenes. But the lead (the son) I just can't explain how much I despise him as an actor. He was dreadful in Peaky Blinders and is probably worse in this. Fuck his half shut eyes/trying to look intense and failing face Edit: saying that watching episode 3 and where he's not trying to be intimidating, he's tolerable.
  3. So I finished this 100% Really enjoyed my time with it. Was fun and not overcomplicated, which I like these days. It's not often I can focus on one game and finish it within days. Although I am annoyed that 2 achievements didn't track.
  4. Is anyone having issues with achievements? Going for the 100% ( nearly there) and a bunch of stuff hasn't popped that I completed hours ago.
  5. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    So you can't play with randoms in Minecraft Dungeons? That sucks.
  6. Enemy - 4/5 The only Villeneuve film I had not seen. Really think he is the best filmmaker in the last 10-15 years Enjoyed it, the score and cinematography were sublime and great performance (as always ) from Jake. It has a sense of dread and atmosphere that makes it feel like a horror film at times. It's a very odd film and not for everyone and a lot of it is open to interpretation. Better to go in blind.
  7. Was looking at these and can't see an option to put specific size. (I think I'm -4.25)
  8. This is repetitive as hell but I still like it. Looks gorgeous at times as well.
  9. I'm enjoying the game but I'm stuck. I'm a teen shark and I have nothing else to do. Need to progress to Adult but I have done every available mission and side mission and still nothing.
  10. What platform are you playing on?
  11. Supposedly the campaign is only 10 hours. I like that. Feel 10 hours is fine.
  12. Still no reviews, doesn't bode well.
  13. Watched a whole bunch the last few days The Professor and the Madman - 3/5 The Current War -3/5 Total Recall - 5/5 The Road - 5/5 Cat People - 3/5 Black Panther - 3/5 Thor Ragnarok - 4/5 Endgame - 4/5 JoJo Rabbit - 4/5 MIB International - 1/5 Oldboy - 5/5 American Psycho (new 4k cut) - 5/5 Zodiac - 5/5 Labyrinth - 5/5
  14. I really enjoyed Richard Jewell. Never thought about the agenda. I thought it was an interesting story. I just thought "the press are cunts." Which they are.
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