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  1. Keiths_Dad

    Nintendo Switch

    It's a run and gun game, not dissimilar to Contra, but most of the game is bosses. Really great looking, well designed bosses. I won't lie, it's not for everyone, and the challenge will turn a lot of people off - but I absolutely loved it. It came along at a time that I wasn't too excited by anything game related, and just gripped me like nothing else had for years.
  2. Keiths_Dad

    Nintendo Switch

    I might have to rebuy Cuphead - comfortably my game of 2017 (I hadn't played BOTW - that would have been second if I had - and I'm yet to play Mario Odyssey), and now (soon) I can play it on the bog. Don't worry about the difficulty, just fucking buy it so they make another one.
  3. Keiths_Dad

    Arrested Development Topic In Cold Brown Taste!

    Apparently the dubbing problems are due to them literally piecing together a lot of the dialogue in editing. The whole second half of the season feels rushed, and whilst I've still enjoyed parts of it, most of the characters are just annoying - particularly Tobias, so much so that I'm questioning whether he was actually good in the first place. Time to kill it dead now.
  4. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Last night then - I don't think it will be remembered in years to come as one of our great European nights, but it was a great result against what is still a decent Bayern side (despite the media narrative of them being fucking cart horses nowadays). Mane took his goals well, but that aside, last night was about a solid team performance rather than what they did individually. They kept the shape well, pretty much keeping James and Thiago out of the game, and isolating Lewandowski as a result. Their wingers were managed superbly as well, only really getting possession near the halfway line, and on the odd occasion that they did get in behind (aside from the goal, obviously), they were quickly swamped and the box was flooded with defenders to nullify the threat. Salah in particular had to sacrifice his offensive threat, but the team defended precisely as they should in this type of game. It was the type of game and performance tailor made for Henderson, so it's disappointing that he had to come off. Fabinho looked sloppy at times, particularly in the first half, losing possession and inviting pressure at a point in the game where Bayern managed to look a threat. To his credit though, he grew into the game and gave the performance required of him - I was already a fan of his, but after last night he looks to have added another dimension to his game. Coming so soon after the Everton and United games, it's encouraging that we had the composure to put 3 away, despite not exactly banging at the door all game. Hopefully something's clicked back into place, and we'll go into the run-in much more prepared for cagey fixtures like this one. As for the draw on Friday - I don't want an English team because it's not as fun as playing the others, but for different reasons, each of the European teams should provide an entertaining match up. Whoever we get, let's just fucking enjoy it.
  5. Keiths_Dad

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    This turd. Given the talent involved, it could have been a lot of fun even with the paper thin premise. What we actually got was a film that looked like a shitty broad BBC sitcom, with a script that could have been from the writer of a shitty broad BBC sitcom (it was actually written by Terry Jones, who had apparently had it knocking about in the bottom of a drawer for 20 years). Despite the strength of the cast, all of the performances were incredibly weak too, as if they knew they were making a bad film right from the start but made it anyway. We walked out after about 40 minutes, after he wished he was on a bus, but then he was on top of the bus outside it (hahaha, very clever). The real tragedy is that this was Robin Williams' last film.
  6. Keiths_Dad

    Stand up comedy

    Some great suggestions above, I'd add Tom Segura who's on Netflix as well. Dimitri Martin is solid too, although he's a bit of an acquired taste, and Bill Burr is fantastic for angry shouty comedy.
  7. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    "Right, we've done old cunts, young cunts, Christmas cunts, spooky cunts, cunts that are playing well, cunts that aren't playing well but used to be good - what other cunts can we do?" "Just... cunts? Cunts with high ratings that have done fuck all for them, for literally no fucking reason. We'll come up with a pun later, something like 'Total Cuntrol', just get the fucking cunts in packs and we'll call it a day" This must be the conversation that took place to justify this bollocks.
  8. Keiths_Dad

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Just a reminder that serial cheat and all-round unlikable cunt Sergio Ramos got himself booked intentionally in the first leg to avoid a potential ban in the later stages of the competition. Not looking quite so fucking clever now.
  9. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    1 point behind with 9 games to go, and people are suggesting it's done. Fucking hell, the negativity in here astounds me sometimes. I bet you cunts watch Rocky and tell him to stay down the first time he gets knocked on his arse.
  10. Keiths_Dad

    Football Thread 2018/19

    A London derby with two huge, well supported teams that looked like it would have a massive influence on the Champions League places, and potentially have an impact on the title? Nah, fuck that - I'd rather watch City roll over some mid-table team for the umpteenth time this season.
  11. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    Hey boys, does anyone remember that season that Dimitiri Payet was better than Salah, Silva, Pogba (insert practically any Premier League player you like here) are this year? No, me either. Fuck off EA.
  12. I'm absolutely loving this. I'm managing to top 10 pretty regularly now, even though I still feel like I'm shit at Tetris.
  13. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    Flashback Luiz? He's always been shit, though.
  14. Keiths_Dad

    Ultimate Team

    I'm going full Steely tonight - I just tried to do it now on the app but couldn't see how to do it. I've already blown all my coins on packs and vowed to leave it well alone, but I still find I'm thinking about it. Going nuclear is the only way to draw a line under the whole thing and be done with it for good.

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