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  1. City haven't been great here - the goal was superb, but since then they've been playing into Leicester's hands. I'm not sure what the default formation is supposed to be for them, but it seems to be a 424, with the 2 being a double defensive pivot, and the 4 all trying to play centre forward. It's just so narrow, Leicester have been able to crowd them out easily, and because of City's high line they look extremely vulnerable when they do lose the ball, playing against probably the best striker to exploit those conditions. They'll come out and win 5-1 now, just to make me look stupi
  2. If you ever need proof that the Tories absolutely can't be trusted with any sort of budget, just take a look at Frank Lampard's Chelsea.
  3. Good thing Chelsea signed Thiago Silva to tighten up their defence.
  4. It's a bit harsh, but his hand moves into the ball's path after it leaves Digne's head. As long as they stay consistent, and so far they have, I've no issue with those being given.
  5. And I felt so smug yesterday having dropped Son for James.
  6. I'm definitely not staying there, but this looks amazing right now. Just going to enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. BBC reckons we're in for Jota from Wolves now, too. We've gone from signing nobody to making all the writers of them finance articles over the last week look like right cunts.
  8. In addition to all of the above, the guy's still only 31. Given he's had limited game time, the guy will be fit as a fiddle by the time his contract is up in a couple of years, and he'll have his choice of clubs to go to in order to enjoy his football for another 2 or 3 years. I don't think rinsing Real Madrid has any indication on how much he loves the game - you only have to look to his record with Wales to see he's still passionate about the game.
  9. It's 0-0 at half time, but Spurs Everton has been a decent watch. Some good performances on both sides, but Hammers Rodriguez has stood out, looks like he'll fit in fine.
  10. Salah was great, Jones looked good, but everyone else was shite. Give credit to Leeds though, they were great. If they can keep that up, and they can cut out some of the errors, they could push for Europe this season.
  11. Your doom mongering last season had very little credibility, so I think we'll be ok. I'm going for a 3-0 win, but I'm basing that purely on the Leeds fans at work not giving themselves any sort of chance today.
  12. It means you'll get no points from them, get them changed pronto. The missing fixtures will double up in a future game week, so keep an eye on when they're rescheduled because players from those teams will accrue points for both games that week.
  13. I've just gone to watch Luis Garcia kick a bouncing ball into the goal against Juventus in 2005 to reassess it now that I know not 'proper' volley goals are all shit, and realised I'd completely forgotten Hyypia scored a volley in the same match. Garcia's goal is definitely still the better of the 2, and still my second favourite goal of all time - the goal he scored against Chelsea in the semi final being number one.
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