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  1. Prices on 82 and 83 cards seem to have spiked for some reason. Get your clubs checked and cleared.
  2. Is that Keane or Yaya Toure in the middle?
  3. Sanchez is one I'm looking at, along with Hernandez and Owen - all of them look to have a good balance of pace, dribbling and shooting. I could probably try them all out this weekend, but I'd be looking at about 100k in EA tax for buying and selling them all. As for wingers, I'm pretty happy with Hazard and Salah, so it doesn't make sense to me to upgrade there just yet.
  4. I reckon I can get to 600k by next weekend easily enough, but I'm happy to downgrade De Jong to his base version as there isn't much between them. Let's say 800k.
  5. I had my eye on RTTF Militao as my next purchase, but having watched him slowly climb to 500k and then suddenly jump north of 600k... nah, fuck that. He's now more expensive than van Dijk, mid Cannavaro and mid Campbell, all of whom I reckon would be better options. So I'm going to make my next big purchase up front. Currently, I'm playing the team below, which switches to 4321 in game, with Firmino dropping into the midfield. Wijnaldum is out as soon as I get Keane from the icon swaps, so my thinking is I can upgrade to OTW Griezmann, or Scream Firmino - or, drop Firmino altogether, bring Griezmann into centre mid, and buy an icon up top. Has anyone tried some icon strikers that they'd recommend?
  6. Coins is the sensible choice. An argument could be made for the untradeable packs depending on how many first owned players you have in the top leagues, however. If you haven't got enough to get through the icon objectives, I'd be inclined to take those.
  7. Epic post. I'm still finding joy flipping consumables, it's pretty trivial finding the price of a chemistry style at the weekend, then picking them up in the week for a whole lot less. You can store them in the club as well, which leaves your transfer list and targets pile free to keep flipping cheapy Premier League players.
  8. I packed the Europa League Lucas Torreira earlier. Untradeable unfortunately, but if Arsenal go deep in the competition, he could be an end game CDM for me. Other than that, I've spent about 200k getting a Brazilian Champions League squad together, so I can nail two objectives at once. If Lucas Moura could hit a fucking barn door, it would be a pretty good team.
  9. @Pants McSkill, I'm currently saving for RTTF Militao, and its bugging me that you have the coins and base Militao in your team. Get him bought!
  10. Check your clubs boys, this TOTW SBC has messed with prices a lot. Daley Blind is selling at 6k, for example.
  11. I got Barella and the 81 guy you turned down in your second pick, so it could be worse. I did pack a shitty discard TOTW and a Hunter card though, so that's 15k cash back at least. Still not worth grinding 22 games of FIFA over a weekend for, though.
  12. I use the Squad Battles objectives to refresh my online squad's fitness, and whilst it's not massively entertaining, it's at least serving a couple of purposes then. I've found playing the AI to be a lot more fun this year than in previous versions, though, so the only real drawback for me is using shitty players because of the Squad restrictions.
  13. I've made a start on objectives, with a Ligue 1 squad with Nesta, Salah, Bellerin and Vardy to make it up to 11 first owned players to get that objective at the same time. I've also set up a dogshit Championship to use as a fitness team and to do the Squad Battles objective with. One win with each so far - the Squad Battles was way too laborious, considering it was against a 54 rated team. Picking the worst league to have on Legendary difficulty was a dick move on EA's part, I might actually have to spend coins on it rather than use the cloggers just knocking around in my club.
  14. @Pants McSkill, I've been using Nesta, and the only complaint I have is he's useless for carrying the ball out from the back. Other than that, he's great. No doubt that Ferdinand would be better, but I'll be able to pair Nesta with Keane, rather than pairing Ferdinand with Guardiola. I'm on 10 from 15 in WL so far, going to play a bit now and try for 14 wins. I've been playing a 4321, with Griezmann playing as a false 9, with Hazard and Salah tucking in ahead of him. It's going well, Griezmann is disgusting with the amount of goals and assists he's getting.
  15. Pep's a bigger crybaby than Kompany.
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