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  1. I've not played for nearly a month, but Christmas Bobby might just drag me back in this weekend. I've switched to 4231 as well, current team: Flashback Sturridge IF Wijnaldum; FUTmas Firmino; pink Oscar Fabinho; pink Renato Augusto Robinson; red SIF Van Dijk; red IF Bailly; Flashback Alves Alisson
  2. Keiths_Dad

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    My brother will be bringing his Switch to my mum's, so hopefully some Smash. Failing that, I'll sneak some Artifact whilst everyone else watches Doctor Who, or whatever other shite is on the telly. Or whatever the missus buys me, assuming there's something gamey in there.
  3. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That's the best we've played this season for my money, save for the finishing. Firmino was rubbish again though, everything was just a little bit short from him. Hopefully it is just a case of lifting his confidence again.
  4. I'd for for it @MardiganX. Normal Kroos is the best midfielder I've used - fuck pink Oscar, CL Fabinho, Flashback Gotze right in their stupid fucking faces, Toni shits all over them then bangs one in the bottom corner before shagging loads of supermodels and all the shit-titted mums you could care to name, and then defeats Godzilla AND Mothra single handedly. 6/10
  5. Keiths_Dad

    Crash Team Racing Remake (rumour)

    I never got the love for CTR - it just took all of Diddy Kong Racing's ideas and implemented them badly. With 2 versions of Mario Kart 8 already out, and a new Sonic Kart around the corner (please be as good as Transformed), who actually wants this?
  6. Best I managed from my packs was some fucking 82 rated keeper. Fucking 90 Dani Alves though, what a guy.
  7. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    After the game in mid week, it was nice to watch a match (a derby match, no less) played sportingly by both teams, with both playing in the right spirit and going for the win. The stupid goal to win it is just the icing on the cake
  8. You can play phantom drafts for free - that is, you don't keep the cards, and there are no prizes.
  9. So I've had a go now, lost the first practice match by going all out way too early, but won the second, and more importantly I won my first online match with the mono-red deck. It's fun, there's obviously a lot of depth, and I can't wait to have another go already, but it seems like it'll be a lot harder to pick up properly than either Magic or Hearthstone. I also managed to forget my Steam password, resetting it has locked me out of the marketplace for 5 days. Guess I won't be playing the expert constructed queues for a little while.
  10. I'm going to be jumping in tonight, as a Magic player I've been keeping an eye on this and it looks great. Sure, the payment model won't be for everyone, but compared to Magic and Hearthstone, it seems like it will be the most budget friendly. Drafting for free is really nice too - am I right in thinking you don't keep the cards, and there are no prizes, but there's no fee to enter?
  11. I went untradeable too, 4 premium gold jumbo and 2 Mega packs, as I've used a load of my dross in SBCs over the last week and need to replace them. I got Busquets, Ederson, IF Luiz Adriano, Saul, couple of 84s and a couple of 83s. Not bad.
  12. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I used to think Neymar was the biggest, cheatiest, pansy cunt going - turns out it's Thiago Silva.
  13. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    We've been pump all game (all season, if you ask me, fuck knows how we're unbeaten in the league), and somehow we're back in this. We seem blessed. BRB, just going to stick a tenner on us winning the treble. How fucking frustrating is Neymar though? He's clearly a great player, but just imagine how good he'd be if he stopped cheating all the time and tracked back occasionally.
  14. I've treated myself to TAA. No doubt I've overspent at 65k (Xbox prices) for an 82 RB, however his max price is 70k, maybe his price is being suppressed?
  15. No, he was overhyped to fuck (including an 89 card in FIFA 10, I think), but he never fulfilled his potential.

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