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  1. I think that's fair comment and tbh was my initial instinct.
  2. I mean would it be ok to advertise on forum for cex cash price? It feels uncomfortable but I'd rather it go to someone decent for less than scalpers.
  3. If I were to sell mine what's an acceptable practice? I genuinely bought it for myself but practically it doesn't fit in my setup...I mean physically rather! It takes up a cupboard space that leaves no room for my series S. I'm going to wait for the slim version in a few years or so. I don't want to 'scalp' on eBay because it was never my intention plus it doesn't sit right with me. Cex will give me £625 cash but I hate those bastards. What a weird dilemma!!!
  4. Set mine up last night. I can't fall in love with it on looks and feel. Massive ugly hunk of plasticy tat!!! A can't believe how massive it is, it's actually making me a bit sad
  5. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Listen man, anyone who samples Scooby Doo deserves GOD status
  6. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    'Sample' is pushing it. He's literally looped it! But still a beaut.
  7. Das

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Can you fucking believe this shit? Genuinely devastated.
  8. Sorry probably slightly off topic but I can't stop laughing at this and didn't know where else I could share the lols. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254722579607
  9. The suggested location is by the IR sensor but technically you can put it anywhere. But yeah, if you put it there the IR sensor still works.
  10. IPS are £28 on AliExpress. #Aliexpress £27.92 38%OFF | IPS Full Screen LCD Backlight kits for Nintendo Gameboy Color ips backlight lcd for GBC Game Console LCD screen with glass lens https://a.aliexpress.com/_d88Ynlx
  11. Don't get ripped off on retrosix! I've probably got some knocking about I can send you for cost of postage.
  12. Retrosix are massively overpriced. It actually annoys me. I understand they are trying to make a living from it but they are bordering on ripping people off with their mods. All the other bits they sell you can easily import from AliExpress for next to nothing too.
  13. He's not working at the moment. Can order parts but not doing consoles. Plus any of these sites (see retrosix also) put on a large premium. Personally I think their builds can be a bit overpriced but I appreciate it can be more reassuring than taking a punt on eBay.
  14. @sir stiff_one go for the one I linked. Mid July is only 6 weeks away and I couldn't guarantee parts would arrive in time. AliExpress give up 50 days in normal circumstances. The mod he has done is exactly what I would do. Looks like an original shell too rather than a cheapy Chinese replica. When it arrives just check for responsiveness of buttons. Some early ones had issues with protruding shell parts hitting the replacement PCB which meant you had to trim it down otherwise buttons wouldn't respond properly unless you mashed them hard. Or message him and check he's aware of that issue.
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