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  1. Yeah but then saying that, I found The Last of Us sewer sections Bioshock-esque but I absolutely loved that game. I think it was because there were genuine extended periods of respite from it all though. Not just a safe room occasionally with a shitty plant and fluffy music. I have absolutely zero chance to play games in the day which makes it worse. Only time I can play them is late at night when I'm on my own
  2. OK gotcha. I guess I never really appreciated the GC version as a genuine remake, more a sprucing up... but point taken, I suppose it was. I may grab the HD version first then before I go for RE2
  3. Nope, haven't played it. Last Resi I played was 6 I think? Definitely played 5 and obviously loved 4.
  4. Also what's all this RE1 remake? That never happened properly did it? It was just an 'HD' version?
  5. Obviously I've played all the originals but how scary is RE2Make or whatever it's called on a scale of wee to poo? I'm not easily scared but too much frantic tension can ruin a game for me. I gave up on BioShock all those years ago because I get fed up of crapping myself whilst trying to fend off some maniac traveling at the speed of light straight at me.
  6. I like the idea that he still uses doors gracefully and fully as intended.
  7. I can't remember much about the original...but did you get some kind of weird noise/signal that Mr Handsome was about to jump out of nowhere and absolutey scare actual shit out of your anus? Or was it a complete surprise? Asking for a friend.
  8. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    Will that entail frantically tapping the screen like some kind of impatient lunatic? Probably not one to play in public.
  9. Yeah see...that doesn't sound good. If you/someone had been tinkering and THEN it didn't boot it could be a short (something touching something else that it shouldn't be touching!). If it's just randomly happened then this sounds terminal to be honest. A chip has probably popped. If it was just a fuse it would likely have been in the PSU but you've swapped that out and still no dice which makes me think this is more sinister. Of course, I could be completely wrong!
  10. I agree with Jei that initially it sounds like a short but be interesting to trace the fault back to when it first occured. You've probably told me before @Camel but my memory is shot! How did it very first happen? Just went to play it one day and it was faulty?
  11. Yeah I could sort this @wev if need be.
  12. I think you are right actually as the only place I could fine a matching controller was via a seller in the US
  13. I've got the Sega Sports version...which seems to be identical to this but with different stickers? Have put GDEMU and UK PSU in mine.
  14. But what about Dreamcast/Saturn/PS2 etc. If I could feel comfortable emulation would supply my fix for these consoles then I'd seriously consider just getting a pc with a flip off massive hard drive....I'd still keep my OG Xbox. Seeing as nothing can emulate the damn thing anyway.
  15. Haha!! I do LOVE a CRT. And I do love just looking at the consoles and occasionally stroking them...sometimes I even have time to PLAY them can you believe?
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