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  1. I could probably sort out some kind of forum supply. They are fairly time consuming but there's hardly any cost of parts (like a knackered DS and a bit of acrylic) His neon advances go for about £500 on eBay but they are for charity and they are extremely slick. If there's some interest I could price one up. Doubt it would be more than £40/£50.
  2. 1) So, so, light. Even lighter than a micro 2) squidgy film removed from the bottom touch screen, turns it into a gorgeous display 3) removes redundant screen if you only want to play GBA 4) cheap, possibly the cheapest way to play backlit GBA as you can buy a busted DS and salvage it for the sake of a tiny resistor (the only actual extra part you need to make this work) 5) novelty value 6) it looks cool as flip
  3. I wanted to make a GBA Macro (a Nintendo DS with the top screen removed and some alterations internally to make it all function properly). So after chatting with a guy called Joeteach on Instagram I've knocked this up. He makes some beautiful versions of the GBA macro which he calls the Neon Advance. Mine is essentially the same but without the LED to illuminate the bubble acrylic bar. I can tell you...this is now my favourite way to play GBA, even beats the backlit modded original GBA.
  4. Das

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Eek! Sure it will be worth it.
  5. Das

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Frustrating! Also let me know if you got stung for customs etc. Hope you get it soon!
  6. Das

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Mate can you let me know how it is when it arrives? I've had one of these in my eBay watchlist for a very long time! Have a real hankering for one.
  7. Careful when replacing the shells. They need to be modded to make the backlit screen fit. You need to grab a hobby knife/pen knife and carve some of the plastic ridges away from the front casing.
  8. Street fighter Alpha on the PSP is so impressive. Surprises me every time I fire it up.
  9. They also have bivert boards which are a damn site easier to solder than the old chips.
  10. Head over to deadpan robot.
  11. Hey man, I've posted a thing in the trading folder
  12. Custom colours I'll need to stick an extra fiver on for the price of the case (and the extra faffing around)
  13. Yeah sorry, this has kind of snowballed! I'll sort that out later today.
  14. I can do you a spice orange one?? Got a few cases knocking about and a backlit screen.

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