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  1. Best Christmas Levels in Gaming

    Christmas in Shenmue always feels special Maybe this time next year we'll be playing Shenmue 3
  2. PlayStation VR

    I love seeing all these new reactions to PSVR and how much you're all loving it, it's like Day One all over again *edit* Also I see Battlezone is in the sale for £10.49 is it worth it if you play single player? I seem to remember folks saying it needs to be played multi-player or that it was too difficult.
  3. SNES Mini

    Yes!! It's on the way from Amazon but no doubt it'll be some time after 6pm tomorrow if they keep to their usual standards, still at least it's on the way, happy!
  4. SNES Mini

    Nintendo have been busy trying to nuke SNES ROMs from the internet, especially first party titles; they're all gone from the popular emulation sites, some no longer list any Nintendo systems/games at all
  5. New issue of Super Play out now!

    My order arrived today complete with the Super Play issue (thankfully); ordered when it was £4.99 (Thurs 7th 1pm) just had a quick flick through, the nostalgia at the sight of all the old SuperPlay text boxes/icons/graphics Smells good too, fresh print. Sorry to all of you who have it missing, it's a pain but at least it sounds like they'll sot you out with one pretty easily once you contact them
  6. Nintendo 3DS

    What are the Nintendo Store like with pre-orders? Are they reliable? I got one in with them for the 3DS XL SNES edition when they first went up but thinking it might be worth going with Amazon instead, I have Prime and their customer service has always been brilliant but with Nintendo you get an extra year warranty for free..hmm.
  7. New Nintendo 3DS XL - SNES Edition

    I've pre-ordered one, I wanted one ever since the Super Famicom version was released, I've no idea why beyond how amazing it looks ; I've got an old 3DS XL which replaced the ugly original 3DS, a New 3DS and now a pre-order for a New 3DS XL I do use my 3DS and have a good a collection of games but still I do realise how daft I'm being in buying yet another version of the console. I can't help myself.
  8. New Nintendo 3DS XL - SNES Edition

    It's just gone up for pre-order at the Nintendo Store https://store.nintendo.co.uk/new-nintendo-3ds-xl-console/new-nintendo-3ds-xl-super-nintendo-entertainment-system-edition/11537758.html
  9. PlayStation VR

    Just got around to playing Tethered properly after buying it in the previous sale. My word that game is quite hard isn't it? The levels take 30-50 mins and I dunno if it's just me but I start to get bored and restless before a level ends, especially if it all goes to pot after 25 mins. Very frustrating. It's certainly not as simple as the demo makes it to be. It's hard to keep a track of what tasks peeps are doing, especially during and after a round of enemies. Levels require a lot planning and resource managing, it's crazy how deep it gets. I might try playing in none VR mode later and see if that alleviates the restlessness I'm feeling but I think it'll lose the feeling of being a God sat up in the clouds ordering these little shits about, that's one thing the game does really well is the feeling of presence. If you play with move controllers you can use them to spin and zoom in real close to the action, it's really ace how wonderful and beautiful the worlds look. I just need to git gud as they say
  10. PlayStation VR

    Pinball FX2 for £6.49, bargain! I bought it at full price and never felt ripped off, you get 3 tables but you're only there for Epic Quest Wayward Sky is worth considering too, some really cool perspective shifts and decent levels to explore. Psychonauts is a really fun experience too, especially if you're a fan of the original. Until Dawn really is a must own for PSVR also a bargain at that price but every one already owns it by now right? Hell of a ride!
  11. Have You All Lost Your Minds?

    I bought it. See I never played it back in the day besides a demo that came with the original PlayStation so I wanted to give it a go. It's actually harder than I imagined it'd be with precision jumping, odd perspectives and instant deaths a plenty. Actually it's bloody annoying how often you'll die. I know someone who bought a PS4 at the weekend just to play Crash, they hadn't bothered with the console before then but this game was the one to sell it to them, crazy how nostalgia works
  12. SNES Mini

    I was gonna double up on pre-orders, I got one in at Amazon last night about before they sold out, so I should be good right? No need to panic and multi preorder.
  13. SNES Mini

    I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon end up dropping the price down to £69.99 before release, they've done things like that before Does the Nintendo shop take the money right away?
  14. SNES Mini

    Just realised I'm buying Super Mario World again! That's SNES, GBA, Wii VC, 3DS, Wii U and now SNES Mini. There's no other game I've bought 6 times
  15. SNES Mini

    And also those tiny cables again from the looks of it Wonder if those Wii classic controller extensions still on sale or did they sell out with the NES mini hype?

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