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  1. Zombait

    ToeJam and Earl 4

    I played the beta on PC back in the summer and it took a while to get used to but after an hour it truly felt just like an updated version of the original which is what a lot of us wanted I think, unlocking new skills with levelling up and hats (perks) kept things interesting. Really looking forward to playing the full release next year, still shocked at how long it has taken but thankful that the dev team kept it going and it didn't become one of those abandoned Kickstarter projects. It was originally just a PC game with unmet stretch goals for console versions (I think), all backers will get the option to change from PC to a console code, PS4/Xbox/Switch for $5 which isn't too bad I suppose. Can't wait!
  2. Zombait

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I had no idea there was a disc version of both Rez & Tetris Effect!! Where did you get Tetris from? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Zombait

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I'm quite disappointed with how this looks in VR, it's so low resolution/messy and it doesn't feel like it adds anything meaningful, compared to Rez that looks amazing, I dunno I was expecting something more.
  4. Zombait

    PlayStation VR

    I forgot all about Astro Bot getting a standalone game, one of my first VR experiences and what a lovely thing it was; just ordered a copy from Amazon, lovely little game to occupy me before RDR2 takes over
  5. Zombait

    The best scenes from Telltale games

    Limmy trying to reach past Kenny to get a map Starts at 1hr 7min 3secs if the timestamp doesn't work
  6. I've been playing this for a few hours this evening and I'm not that keen on it, I mean it's alright and I'm sure I'll get some entertainment from it but having recently replayed the Arkham games I can say without a doubt Spider-Man doesn't even come close, especially in combat and environments, although that might be because I prefer the gritty dark styling of Arkham. At the start it's a bit overwhelming with all the pop-ups, phone calls, tutorials, menu tabs, different tokens, upgrades, skill points, waypoints....it's all bit too much to start with. I'm gonna keep going though and who knows by the end I might think differently (often happens) I wish I'd trusted my own Spidey sense when I was going to wait for a price drop but then I got swept along with the release day hype
  7. Zombait

    Shenmue 1&2

    21st August confirmed!! Only 49 Days to go! Here's the video with the new trailer:
  8. Zombait

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    It looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it but I really do hope the whole game isn't as dark as the first game play vids, I know it adds to the atmosphere/tension but there's only so many times you can get scared by a zombie in the dark before it no longer makes you jump and you just wish you could see the game.
  9. Zombait

    WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    I've just had a go of this and OMG it's truly breath taking! I can sit in the cockpit of a Feisar and I'm there surround by this futuristic world, a pilot of my very own anti-gravity racer as the track stretches out in front of me. The sense of presence and scale is breathtaking and hard to describe but I don't think it's any understatement to say THIS is one of those moments in gaming that you have to experience, you have to be here for it and I'm so happy that I am. I don't know how the developers managed to pull this off but hats off to them, I wasn't expecting it to be quite this good. I was expecting a blurry mess like Driveclub but it's pin sharp & smooth like Rez and it's up there with Rez as one of the systems showpieces. Amazing. Even if I'm still shit at playing it
  10. Zombait

    Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    I hope this has been done by the guys responsible for the original development of Sonic Mania (Christian Whitehead and gang) and not "Sonic Team" meddling. Still it's great news that it's finally getting a boxed release, I'll buy it again just to have it on disc and a pretty box to look at
  11. Zombait

    Best Christmas Levels in Gaming

    Christmas in Shenmue always feels special Maybe this time next year we'll be playing Shenmue 3
  12. Zombait

    PlayStation VR

    I love seeing all these new reactions to PSVR and how much you're all loving it, it's like Day One all over again *edit* Also I see Battlezone is in the sale for £10.49 is it worth it if you play single player? I seem to remember folks saying it needs to be played multi-player or that it was too difficult.
  13. Zombait

    SNES Mini

    Yes!! It's on the way from Amazon but no doubt it'll be some time after 6pm tomorrow if they keep to their usual standards, still at least it's on the way, happy!
  14. Zombait

    SNES Mini

    Nintendo have been busy trying to nuke SNES ROMs from the internet, especially first party titles; they're all gone from the popular emulation sites, some no longer list any Nintendo systems/games at all
  15. Zombait

    New issue of Super Play out now!

    My order arrived today complete with the Super Play issue (thankfully); ordered when it was £4.99 (Thurs 7th 1pm) just had a quick flick through, the nostalgia at the sight of all the old SuperPlay text boxes/icons/graphics Smells good too, fresh print. Sorry to all of you who have it missing, it's a pain but at least it sounds like they'll sot you out with one pretty easily once you contact them

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