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  1. That has to be a concern though doesn’t it, gamepass becomes so dominant (on XBOX at least) that MS start to squeeze the developers on payments and customers on cost. While PlayStation is strong I think it’s probably good for everyone but if PlayStation was to decline or worse then I’m not so sure.
  2. Seems that H3 is still more of a last gen game? I wonder how much of a difference there’ll be between PS4 and PS5, the Eurogamer review didn’t really mention it. I just started playing H1 and I’m really enjoying it but can’t decide whether to get H2 in the sale and the hype is making me want PS5 H3 too but I think the sensible option is just to play through H1 Legacy and see how it goes. There’s so much content and replay-ability of each level that H3 is bound to come down in price prior to me getting to those levels. Reviews of PSVR may tip the balance if it’s good.
  3. I find the key to combat is to keep moving, try and stay in the air and keep an eye on your spider-sense so that you can dodge. I generally only used the Spider-Bot (think that’s what it was called) in the first game.
  4. Only H1 and thus the Legacy pack I think, do you have the full H2 or only the Starter Pack (which is free)?
  5. Hmm that’s a good point, I’ve been thinking about getting H3 but as I’ve only recently started playing H1 this would be the ideal solution. So they probably won’t do it .
  6. Not being able to backup a PS5 save to USB is a ridiculous situation. As a minimum Sony should be moving the files between machines or a least allow the space of the PS Plus user to be used to store any save on the machine until USB is enabled.
  7. I doubt they’ll need to be involved, I expect it’ll be done via an IO account.
  8. A brilliant game to play, especially on a PS5 at Christmas, the new abilities worked well and RT 60 was perfect. A very small criticism is that they cut back on the crimes just had a little too much as I found myself repeating them, all in all a much better paced game though. I’ll come back to it in a few months to NG+/Platinum it.
  9. Have they said how the PSVR version will work on PS5, do you need both PS4 and PS5 H3 installed?
  10. Ownership of the account doesn’t transfer to the hacker just because they can log in. I think the real GDPR issue is @gooner4life details were disclosed not that some probable random address was left on the account, if it was actually the hacker’s or 3rd party who purchased it more fool them, they’ll need to take it up with Sony lol.
  11. That’s very cool and is a good incentive to buy H3 even though I’ve just start H1 (via H2 Starter Pack). Which probably means buying H2 in the sale too. These guys know what they’re doing to make people part with cash .
  12. So with the PS5 version, will the H1 and H2 levels be upgraded to PS5/H3 quality?
  13. It’s just ridiculous that 2FA can be switched off by a bot. I don’t quite get what then happened, because at that point they’d still need to reset the password wouldn’t they? If they changed the email to NTL they wouldn’t have received the pwd reset email would they as it doesn’t exist? Guess we also need to delete any old PSN emails now!
  14. I’d be surprised if they backtracked again and launched on Plus after the Destruction All Stars mess. I do think they should backtrack on the price though. Curry’s are doing Demon’s Souls for £49.99 (with code) at the moment so I’d expect this to be similar not long after release (if they sell it).
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