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  1. Then why are they presenting it like that, that latest video through the streets is virtually identikit Grid, if it had Grid on the Reg plates nobody would’ve questioned it. Surely they see that. Strange marketing to say the least if it has any SIM aspects left.
  2. So close, presumably so far into development by the time Codies saw it that it was too late to change direction. I don’t get why they went with 3 for this, why wouldn’t Codies want to maintain PCars as a SIM, this looks as though it should have been what Dirt is to Dirt Rally.
  3. I reckon the pad controls will be ok, maybe they should have called it DriveCars.
  4. That sounds like fun, I might have to dust off GT Sport again. How long is the race going to be and what tyre/fuel wear?
  5. I’d done the same, was virtually ready to buy a new wheel, base, whole shebang but then the McLaren wheel went out of stock as I’d been waiting on £ to improve lol. Did me a favour though because my old CSR and Elite pedals are perfectly adequate so I think I’ll stick with those until they die. It’s 8 years old now so has done very well, took 3 returns to get a good one though and one replacement power pack.Have a Drivehub too for PS4 compatibility.
  6. Public MP is the same as any other game, too many first corner heroes or down right dirty players. The Safety Rating helps a lot but you need to be in 80+ rated servers and even then it’s not a magic fix. ACC has definitely given me the best MP races outside an organised league though and many bumper to bumper lap after lap battles. Brands Hatch is amazing for that.
  7. Definitely stay away from the unrated MP servers . ACC has a lot of MP bugs at the moment, I think they’re struggling to support it along with e-sports, GT4 dlc and the console releases.It’s not great but hopefully it’ll get back to normal soon.
  8. With a Safety Rating of 20 you’re unfortunately going to get a lot of carnage at the first few corners especially and quick join is likely to mean you’re landing in unrated servers. Best approach with these to be honest is pull to the side and let the field go, most people will be off at the first few corners so you’ll get places back quite quickly. I may have even raised my SA to 50 racing AI, can’t quite remember but it didn’t take long. Your Safety Rating rises when you’re in close racing, overtaking etc., not if you’re basically hot lapping on your own. For ‘fairly’ clean races you need an SA of 80+ but even now I’d rather concede some places at the start than get taken out. The quality of MP is generally worse at the moment, probably due to a lot of new players due to lockdown.
  9. @Varnsen the GT3 cars are designed to run with ABS, so yes you can generally hammer the brakes, however if you can lower the ABS and TC you’ll generally stop quicker as long as you’re in control. As @SneakyNinja mentioned you can adjust the break bias, you can also change your pads, for any race under an hour or so Pad 1 will stop you quicker, however they’ll run out in longer races. You can also close the brake ducts if you need more heat and I’m sure you can adjust the brake pressure too.
  10. Yes I’d recommend switching it on in the hud, even just the colours are a good visual guide that you can glance at. In terms of Pace I’d suggest Hot Stints or Wet sessions in the Special Events, they’re less popular than the Hot Laps and therefore easier to get a higher rating.
  11. @davejm what ratings have you unlocked in ACC i.e. Track, Consistency, Car Control, Pace etc. I think you need a rating of 50 to unlock the next one. Try and unlock Car Control, that is really going to help, showing which corners you’re good at and which you’re not, giving colour coded advice such as Too Slow, Too Fast, Perfect, Very Aggressive, Out Of Control etc.
  12. The circuit guide videos in GT Sport are surprisingly good too.
  13. It doesn’t have old Spa as an official track but perhaps there’s a mod track. It does have old Monza though which is cool. Haven’t played AC much at all since ACC came out though.
  14. Hmm I might have to get PCars2 now if it has the old Spa.
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