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  1. I’d also be sad to see the 60min race disappear, I think that extra bit of time opens up strategy a bit more and it’s more difficult which should mean more mistakes and opportunities.If people aren’t enjoying it there’s little point but hopefully the mix of both in the Championship is a good compromise. Interesting re tyres, was it too dry for wets and too wet for slicks?
  2. Never had an issue with understeer, my driving style must just suit it. I find the McLaren is like that for me, so much so I thought it was broken originally .
  3. lol, what didn’t you like about it?
  4. It can add a lot but equally it doesn’t necessarily make it more enjoyable. I don’t like Laguna Seca anyway so racing on it in the wet has no appeal. Obviously if it came up as part of the variable weather in our Championship then I’d race it. But I have little interest in spending my limited racing time preparing for or doing a full wet race out of choice. Just have to agree to disagree. I’ve done a few full wet races on the Championship servers, one at Laguna Seca, not enjoyable in the slightest but probably significantly heavier rain than we have on our server. I basically stopped racing on the CP servers as they always seemed to be either at night or wet, probably just unlucky timing on my part. Neither of these are a real problem when you know a track inside out but when you don’t it’s a bit of a chore.
  5. I’d say variable weather races can be great, transitioning conditions, seeing how long you can stay out, best time to pit etc. a full 60mins in the wet not so much.
  6. I probably can’t make 10 Sept but I don’t mind if you just go ahead with the race otherwise we could end up with gaps all over the place if people can’t make certain weeks. What we could do for a longer Championship is take something like your best 8 from 10 weeks, something like that so if people do miss a week or two it doesn’t impact them.
  7. 20th is better for me as I’m on holiday next week, although not going anywhere I might not be available to race. I won’t be racing this week either, a wet race at Laguna Seca doesn’t appeal I’m afraid and I could do with a break from ACC for a bit so it seems like a good week to miss before the Championship starts.
  8. If we end up going for ‘Mandatory pit stop, for a change of fuel AND/OR tyres’, is there a minimum pitstop time (30 secs) or is it just as long as it takes to fuel for instance?
  9. 4. I voted to reverse the grid but only in terms of the championship really, I don’t think it would work very well based on practice times e.g. some doing race pace practice primarily, no time etc. 5. I primarily voted based on championship as it can be setup in advance so easier to admin..
  10. Possibly, I don’t know, I expect the car feel would change quite a bit over that time with the reducing fuel load but 65 mins is maybe not enough, although could make it a fuel only stop perhaps **. No quali, 90min race, optional stop might be better. I don’t know how far you can go on a full tank, especially if you used some of the fuel saving modes. I get what you’re saying re mandatory stop but I feel it makes it a bit like two back to back sprint races where you can just go flat out with little worry on fuel or tyres. Just trying to think how to make the Endurance feel a bit different to the Sprints. ** variable weather and time of day multiplier (cooling temps) also adds to the variables around pitting or not.
  11. I’d definitely keep qualifying for Sprint Race 1 but maybe not for Endurance. Another option for Endurance would be a 65 min race, which matches the maximum driver stint in real endurance race, with an optional pit-stop so you can do that single stint if you wish or fuel low & change tyres. I’m still keen to try and get a bit of strategy/unknown into the racing but I know we’ve already voted against optional pits.
  12. I like this idea too, perhaps we could then also push the Endurance races out to 1.5hrs, sorry @Thor .The disadvantage of a longer race is that it would mean an 8pm start and I’m not sure everyone can make that, so that would be a reason not to do it. I enjoyed the Sprint races, although I think 25mins would be ample and allow a bit more time for changeover. Keep the 1st grid based on Quali and the 2nd either reverse or as per championship. The as per championship has the benefit of allowing it to be configured in advance. With either format I wonder if a defined grid works reliably though, from my view in the 2nd race I lined up in 10th with Thor in 11th, I’m not sure if the move around prior to the start sorted things out but I didn’t accelerate off the line to make sure, turned out to be a bit of a blessing with the carnage . How was the position of others on the grid?
  13. @davejm sounds cool, do you have to be a Race Department Premium member to race in those?
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