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  1. Casually opened this thread like four hours ago, and looked at the list. "Threes" never even heard of it, weird name for a game. So I googled it and then got it from the Play store and have now been playing it for four hours straight. I have to get up in the morning. Oh dear.
  2. Hurry up and put it on Netflix you fucking scoundrels.
  3. It isn't any good in general.
  4. In the Soup Steve Buscemi film. Excessively quirky. OK in fits and starts. 2/5
  5. I posted a comment here and accidentally hid the comment. Is it possible to undo it? Also what is the point of hiding a comment?
  6. Watched Bad Lieutenant again. Haven't changed my score since the last time but wanted to mention a line that blew me away. Addressing a hallucinated Jesus: "you got something you wanna say to me, you fuck, you rat fuck?" Fucking tremendous.
  7. Depends how long it is. Haven't read everything he's ever done but most of his shorter stuff that I've read is consistent from start to finish. And everything longer he's done that I've read has started strong and then completely shat the bed. Best possible example is the Dark Tower. The Gunslinger is the best thing he's ever done. It doesn't read like him at all (which sounds like an insult since I've said how much I like it, but I've probably read more Stephen King than any other author), it's like a mad document that somehow made it from that world to this world. Whereas all the rest are ve
  8. Captain Phillips The core concept is terrible. Was the audience really expected to not be rooting for the pirates the whole time? Was pretty bad anyway even without that. The only bit I enjoyed was "I'm the captain now". 2/5
  9. Legend Not very good. 2/5 ----------------------------------- The Dead Zone Mad Stephen King nonsense. 3/5
  10. Hacksaw Ridge Unbelievably dumb. And hacky as fuck, but watchable enough. 2/5 ----------------------- Vice This suffered from being excessively hyped from a few places. Wasn't half bad but was expecting more. 3/5 ----------------------- The Machinist This really creeped me out. That big guy with the weird teeth is one of the most sinister looking people I've ever laid eyes on. I'm surprised he isn't in a lot more films where someone with a creepy/mennacing presence is needed. 4/5
  11. Braveheart First time seeing this in about 20 years. Still epic. 5/5
  12. Sunshine Very nice looking, good music, everything else though was very hit and miss. It was on course for a respectable 3/5 might even have gone 4 if feeling generous and then with like half an hour to go it took a big massive shit all over itself that made me focus more on all the things that didn't quite work rather than what did. 2/5
  13. Done the same a few weeks back. 6/5 And over the next few days I'll be going to see: Pulp Fiction tomorrow. Goodfellas Sunday. The Matrix Monday. Batman Begins Tuesday. Corona cinema is best cinema.
  14. Good Time Annoying. Plot was annoying. Characters were annoying. But worst of all was the score every five minutes oh suspense: dun dun dun dun dun doo doo doo doo doo da da da da da! Do not recommend. 2/5
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