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  1. Cannibal Holocaust - 1/5 Meritless gore porn. If you're into this sort of thing it's on Amazon prime.
  2. Haven't paid any attention to this at all beyond the fact of knowing Bill Burr is gonna be in it, come to find out Werner Herzog is also in it, and Taika Waititi, and Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal (I hope he's a bisexual dick slinging badass basically space Oberyn). That's a whole big lot of good shit right there.
  3. The Boys From Brazil - 56.4 clones of Hitler out of a possible 94 Daft as fuck. And a bit ropey. But well worth a watch anyway if only to put the many times I've seen it referenced in other shit in perspective.
  4. Not a horror film in the traditional sense but this is the most I've been scared by a film since I was a kid.
  5. Fucking wild that there is just no option to legally watch this in the UK. Seems like it would be a good fit for BBC 2. I bet if it was a boring as fuck Scandinavian police procedural they would have shown it already. Fuck it. I'm going to aftempt to find a torrent for the first time in like five years.
  6. Unless she is an actress and her surname is Murphy or Sheen I don't see how that has any relevance to this discussion. Even then it doesn't because she spells it with a y.
  7. It isn't even absurd. No way another Robert DeNiro would be given any credit at all. He'd be laughed out of every audition.
  8. In professional snooker you aren't allowed the same name as another registered player. There are shit players who were registered first who have a name locked down and all time greats who have to use a middle initial. That always struck me as absurd. But it makes more sense than newcomers being able to call themselves Clint Eastwood just because their parents names them after the only famous first name with their surname.
  9. Really, would it be ok for a new rapper to be called Dr. Dre?
  10. I caught it before you said it. I stand by it. Fuck him. And fuck her. Oh I'm Steve McQueen. No you aren't, ya fucking fanny. You just know he never went by Steve as well. Her, I might give the benefit of the doubt to maybe she didn't know. But her management should have told her there already was a Charlie Murphy and despite not being a huge success himself he achieved legendary status through being named in that Chapelle show sketch. These fucking kids today have no respect. I'm gonna file an official motion to have her deported. Real Irish people aren't called Charlotte. Family are all tans if you ask me.
  11. Nope. You fucking can't do that. Stephen McQueen. Absolutely not. I don't even get why you would want to. Comparing yourself to your betters. Just fuck off.
  12. Googled it. Director. Fuck that guy.
  13. He's in a different industry though? I think. If there's an actor called Steve McQueen who isn't a direct descendent he can get fucked. If he is a fashion designer (like I think) that's acceptable while I also think he's a twat unless it's his actual name. Acceptable twattery. But even if it's your actual name and you're not his descendent you can't be Steve McQueen as an actor. You just can't. Call yourself Stephen or something.
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