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  1. Funny. I'm in Italy and had to go to a cinema next to a US airbase to see it in English.. I hate all the clapping and cheering and wanted to get up and tell them to behave Also, we had a jarring 8 minute intermission which started a few seconds into a new scene.
  2. The guy from Sunderland there again
  3. My absolute favorite Christmas movie! Always delighted when other people know it
  4. Did anyone do the one off heist they released? Don't think we ever assembled the old gang because people had got rid
  5. It's 2003 (as seen when Kim went to see Howard about Chuck's will, and Mikes Madrigal pay)
  6. Portsmouth showed that game on a big screen at Fratton Park. It was a live feed of the ..BBC? Sky? commentary. At half time, it stayed with the commentator as he re-recorded commentary. He watched that penalty a bunch of times and re-recorded 3 times or so, each time making it more clear what Pires had done.
  7. Answered in bold in spoiler bit! (Hopefully correctly)
  8. That last scene was breathtaking.
  9. What theoretical prize would we have needed for Poland to get something, lowest points, goals etc? Good work Jamin, looking forward to the Euros
  10. Just one of the Nike templates
  11. I'd be up for a cheeky 10PM UK / 5am HK game of Fifa sometime just to see how bad the lag is. We played Fortnite once and that was fine? on my end.
  12. Petey pretty much got it right! Sorry for taking up some of your memory with that story Petey. First week at Uni, two Toms. I was TomTom and the other was Glasses Tom (this was before I got glasses). We didn't see other Tom pretty much beyond the first week but TomTom became Satnav. I'm pretty hopeless at actual directions so the video was luls. (Other nicknames given to me by the same friend during Uni were Sir Truffle and T Sizzle)
  13. Good work @Jamin Poland though.. (P.S. Your recollection of my name is completely wrong )
  14. Wouldn't mind more trailers, but it's nice to get there 5 mins before it's meant to start, and then pretty much straight into the movie, rather than like 25 mins of ads + trailers (I remember being annoyed going to watch Force Awakens at a midnight showing, then waiting till 12:30 for the thing to actually start)
  15. Mine's pretty good. I go to the fancy screen, which they call the 'Oval Office' Can get a bit distracting, as each chair has a button to call a host for drinks etc, but really comfy big reclining leather chairs, good screen, only 1 movie trailer showed before the movie
  16. Huh. I saw it today for the second time and liked it even more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what would you guys say is a good recent movie in this genre? I've seen people compare it to Star Trek 09 for instance
  17. I'd seen that, but until I see it on announced by Lucasfilm or such like Same author, both exclusive and I know there's been more rumblings about Obi Wan recently: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/obi-wan-kenobi-star-wars-film-planned-director-talks-1030505
  18. Confirmed so far is Ep 9, Rian Johnson trilogy, Game of Thrones people film (trilogy?), new cartoon tv show, new live action tv show? Rumored is more Solo, Obi Wan, Boba Fett?
  19. Had a good time! Would happily watch a sequel but don't think they will do it.
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